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45. భాగవదాపేక్ష (Bhaagavadaapeksha)


It is the stage of development of dependency on God and interdependency in life. Every devotee appears to be a worshipable entity. The concept of Bhaagavata is derived out of this idea. All saints have got this quality.

The Bhaagavatars following the principle used to do namaskaram to anyone who was going to the temple.

There is no way to serve the Master directly. By serving you, serving another Bhaagavata, what happens is you are in His consciousness. Here is a person who is making somebody turn his attention towards me. What is it a person can do? If you remove idolatry where there is a possibility for service to an idol, what is the other way by which you can serve spiritually? Spiritual Bhagavad Apeksha or trying to please God, would only mean service, nothing else. Service to seekers is the essential service, that is why Babuji puts it saying spiritual service is the greatest service. The way by which you can get Bhagavad Apeksha is to do the work of the Master and not go on saying that 'I am not capable of doing any work for the Master Sir'.

We must display that we have Bhagavad Apeksha. The work done to get the grace of God is Bhagavad Apeksha. If one has to display that he has Bhagavad Apeksha, there is no other way except to serve. People who try to think that they will please God, by putting a few flowers or few grains on an idol, they can only fool themselves, they can satisfy themselves. They will not be in a position to fool God because by that you are not going to get anything. We offer clothes to God. It is ridiculous that the man who is giving you the clothes, you are telling Him you will give back to Him. What is it you are going to give?

ambarame thanNNeerE sorE aram seyyum

emperumAn nandagopAlA ezundhirAi--- (Tiruppavai, pasuram 17)

So, the sky is given by Him. Ambaram means cloth, not only sky, it means protection. The sky is a cloth for all of us. It protects us from enormous radiation from other sources, it is a cloth. He gives water, what is the advantage of giving water to Him? We want to perform abhishekha. By all means, do so but don't think you will please God. Say you will please yourself. If you want to please yourself by saying that you need something to do, by all means do so. It is not a state where you have already got the attachment, you seek that attachment and how to get that attachment is just like when you go to your boss's house, try to please the dog. You go to your boss's house, you try to please the dog by giving biscuits. You tell him he has a beautiful dog and such, he may think something, similar to that. You should have some humor also in life, why should we always be serious. What is the way to please God? To serve his people. Except the love of God, you don't seek anything else. Not for any material reward, no other motive.

Bhaagavadapeksha means serving the devotees of Master. We must keep the story of Vipranarayana in mind. Bhaktha-angri-renu, one takes the dust treaded by the bhaagavatars and applies to this forehead. In tamil it is called thonda-adi-podi. Thondar means devotee, adi mean feet, podi means dust. In sanskrit, bhaktha-angri-venu. In the case we know of Vipranarayana, he worships the bhaagavataas as more important than God. So in SriVaishnavite tradition, when someone says 'daasan', we are supposed to say 'daasanu dasan'.