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62. పరనింద (Paraninda)


The attitude of obstinacy to one's own faith generally leads to criticizing others with or without cause. Denouncing others is a very bad spiritual quality that develops because of one's awareness of one's own supremacy. The attachment to the Master and the method with sincerity unfortunately gives a boost to the ego resorting to indiscriminate criticism of others. All religious fanaticism has led to this unfortunate consequence.

The previous cell 59 of religious fantacism may look similar, but there it is purely related to one's own self. We do not bother about others, we do not hear others or go after them. Here it is worse, which is what christian missionaries do. We do not mind that someone is a fanatic christian. Why should he come and criticize somebody else?

We are all also firmly sticking to our Hinduism. We won't change because Hinduism is not a religion at all. If anybody considers Hinduism a religion, he does not know what he is talking. To accuse somebody else is against the spiritual principle of respect to others. Spirituality means respect to others, another fundamental spiritual truth

This attitude of finding fault with others is not restricted only to spiritual facets of life. Once this trait develops it becomes universal and in all aspects of life you find fault with others.