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65. మైత్రి (Mytri)


The qualities of Daya, Prema and Karuna developed earlier bring in the state of maitri. This is where it is possible for a man to live in a consciousness of brotherhood with awareness of common origin. It is the real consciousness of brotherhood. Attachment to divine alone makes us live in the consciousness of fraternity.

In the Upanishads, two golden winged parrots are shown as perched in the branches, one in the upper branch watching and the other in the lower branch eating a fruit. The relationship between the two representing the Brahman and Atman was sought to be explained as friendship or Maitri. Though the Divine has no interest in the worldly fruit, it keeps a close watch on the other parrot till it finishes enjoying the fruit of this world so that they can fly off together.

These qualities (daya, prema and karuna), which we have developed at the third knot, develop into a state of maitri and this is where it becomes possible for a man to live in the consciousness of brotherhood, real consciousness of brotherhood, not just speaking, which is possible at the stage of daya, vatsalya and karuna. You can talk about brotherhood there also. You must come over those states and get stabilized in bhakti, then only it becomes possible. Bhakti towards divine, attachment to the divine alone makes it possible for you to live in brotherhood.

Swabhimanamu goes with maitri. Somebody should help you. When he helps, he becomes great. Now, If you are aware that you are great, your consciousness is great, you will never yield afterwards. You have to yield there. Naityanusandaanamu becomes an impossibility for a person on the path. It requires a Master to help us, we cannot move ourselves, that is why surrender is not a joke.