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69. పరభక్తి (Parabhakti)


It is bhakti towards the Divine and unless this develops it is difficult to come out of Bhagavat Vyamohamu. Para Bhakti involves not only attachment to the Divine but also the Divine accepts the person. A stage of initiation.

Saint Mirabai is well known for her love and devotion towards Lord Krishna.

In para bhakti, the bhakti is more to the Divine i.e. it is not connected with you but is something more. In bhakti, it will be as you want it. You want to enjoy it here. In parabhakti we try to get attached to the param. Goal is not replaced now. Instead of one form, we try to go above.

Parabhakti involves not only your attachment to the ultimate but the ultimate also is yawning towards you. You know that the Divinity wants you. You have the vyamoha to the Master but the vyamoha is lost the moment he accepts me. No more vyamohamu because I have reached him. Actually this is the state where a person gets initiated. You must get into that state of vyamoha. Once nychyaanusandana and vyamohamu get crossed, then we will accept whatever he says. When bhagavadvyamohamu becomes my manopravritti, then bhagavan accepts me, that is the parabhakti. Its a state of initiation.

Though the awareness of the goal is there, there is no contact with the goal at all. People can delude themselves that they have got the contact from first day, there is nothing wrong. Nothing prevents his world. You have got contact only to the guru, guru bhakti must start. The person who is training you, has to be given the proper place, in your heart, then that becomes the bhakti. The gurunishta spoke of earlier matures itself into a state of parabhakti. At that time, the guru also says I am prepared to accept you, that is the state of initiation and the atmanivedanam that we have talked about, has to happen first to the guru, then it becomes one of doing it for the Divine because the Guru has already offered his atma to Him, you also along with him offer. The purusha sukta which talked about the purusha medha actually, where the God himself comes out as many, ekoham bahushyam, as Babuji puts it, happens at the stage of parabhakti. i.e. the divine yawning towards you, it accepts you. The two way process, till that time it is a one-way process. So, the nivedana can either be before or after, though in our map it has come after. It does not matter much. Then this comes into a state of paramabhakti. i.e., even the master whom we have got, we know that he is there, and we have offered ourselves to him, but we start feeling the presence of Divinity. The breeze of Divinity starts, that is the state that we get at a higher plane which matures itself into a state of prapanna. This paramabhakti becomes prapanna gati later on. It transforms itself into that condition. So, till that time, the Divine infatuation that we talked about earlier, is only infatuation, vyamohamu. Atmanivedana happens and it finally turns out into parama bhakti, where not only He becomes, God himself becomes a matter of adoration for us, everything that He has created becomes a matter of adoration.