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71. మధము (Madhamu)


One of the five makaras that comes in the path of spirituality. It is supposed to get increased in a person who feeds himself with a lot of fat. The greatness of the person both in form and trait makes him ignore others with a nonchalant attitude. It is a mental disease that comes out of opulence. In the field of spirituality, religious intolerance has shown its head earlier and if that was not cured by assiduous practice of cleaning and removed by Master's Grace then it may result in the development of this character.

A person with money will have this, as also a person who has a large build. Spiritual growth also gives arrogance. The feeling that you are nearer the Master brings about a feeling of arrogance, resulting in paraninda and brow beating. The flaws of oneself also will be dumped on others.

Banasura is taken as equivalent to veerabhadra because he had so many qualities. Siva has to protect him. So the fight is between Krishna and Siva. Siva gets defeated there and Banasura is about to be killed. Parvati then comes and interferes saying that she has accepted Banasura as her son and asks Lord Krishna not to kill him. Krishna removes all his hands, except two saying that he is arrogant because he has so many hands. She accepts and the makes Baanasura equivalent to Nandi and he becomes a Veerabhadra.