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77. స్థిరచిత్తము (Sthirachittamu)


At this stage, it is a balanced steady state of Mind.

The Sun depicts this stage perfectly. He is steady, does not swerve from his path, is always on duty and commited to service.

The steady state of mind is a reflection of the chameekara. When we study the chit lake, if it is steady then it is sthira chitta. At that time, the type of light that we find is the reflection of the chameekara. Chameekara means Surya. The Sun is steady.

Sthira chittamu is a condition. If we want depict to someone who has this, it has to be Lord Hanuman. The funny aspect is that it is the so called monkey has got it. Another depiction can be of Lord Shiva, of whom Anjaneya is a reflection, who is always in the remembrance of Lord Narayana and has sthira chitta. Of the 16 arts that he has, Shiva has kept the steady one on the head and left the unsteady. That is what is our waning and waxing.