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84. ఓర్మి (Ormi)


To be ever waiting in attendance on God for getting entrusted with work. Here one should have patience. The degree of perfection in the state of Ormi is dependent upon the extent of surrender.

Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu is ever ready with his wings open to take off immediately at the call of the Lord depicting the quality of endurance and patience.

Ormi is another attitude of fortitude. It is a peculiar state where God is there and around God umpteen number of saranas are there. You will find God entrusting the work to some person and always only to that person. You are also a competent person according to you, you are also a person who surrendered to him but no work gets assigned to you. So you lose your balance. At that time you should maintain your ormi, that is the point.

We get envious also as to why only the other person is given the job. That is when we have to maintain patience, we need ormi. An incompetent fellow does not have ormi, he will be sitting outside. A peon also will be sitting patiently outside the office from morning to evening, but a compentent fellow will be unable to do so. Majority of clerks in the office don't stay at their desks because of this reason only. They are capable of better work, we are testing their ormi.

To be ever waiting in attendance on God even though work is not entrusted to us is Ormi. It tests our patience actually. This you could have seen several times with the Master also. Some one in his presence get up all of a sudden, there won't be any work. He will say he is getting the hookah. The person who gets the hookah is different. You become restless, impatient, because no work is entrusted to you. You are competent, you are surrendered, you are available for work but no work is given to you, you have to wait. That is where lot of people lose their patience.

This is where we find some humourous situations. You would have gone out thinking the master is not giving you any work. Exactly at that time, he calls you and you are not there. Apart from Master the co-disciples also test Him.

Ormi is waiting in attendance though there is no call. The person has single pointed orientation to the Master only and anything else is not visible to him, though work may not be entrusted to Him. He has to wait for his turn on divine attendance.

The person having ormi has let go of all emotions, come out of the consciousnesses and has come here. That is possible only when satatasmarana is there, nischalachittamu is there and the mind is steady.

An example is Garuda who is ever waiting, always in attendance, always with his wings open. The wings of Garuda never close as we see in temples. He also has single pointed attention towards God.