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90. పరమ భక్తి (Parama bhakti)


At this stage not only God becomes adorable, but also everything that He created becomes so. Here good is seen as good and bad is seen as bad but the state of mind here does not try to distinguish between good and bad. Ethics get transcended. The consciousness here is incapable of finding fault with any thing. The breeze of Divinity starts resulting in reverential attitude to everything.

Every creature in the creation is seen as superior to oneself. Here ahimsa is matured, astheya is total and brahmacharya is established. The will of the Master is one's will, no questions are asked and there is implicit obedience to the Master. It is beginnings of the stage of muni i.e. one who silently obeys the Master.

There is beauty in paramabhakti. What is called soundarya lahari, the beauty of God comes here. To cross this we need gurukrupa which pushes us out. The question that is relevant here is, is there any thing like ugly? For a person in the stage of paramabhakti, there is nothing ugly. One moves out of soundarya lahari. Lahari is water. Soundarya lahari is the gross distortion of the nature of the Mother. The mother is never ugly, which factor is known to every human being, he never judges his mother by her beauty. The mother may be the ugliest woman in the world but still it is the mother that one loves. The soundarya that is granted to the mother by the soul is always beyond soundarya. The Mother transcends the concepts of beauty. It is something more.

Paramabhakti means everything in the universe is treated as divine only. It is not intellectual, not even a question of awareness, the attitude is bhakti. To know that everything is Divine is one stage. 'isavasyam idam sarvam…' sounds alright but that is not the stage here. It is not just the awareness of isavaasyam. The awareness leads to this tendency in you of reverence to everything - bhakti. There is nothing irreverential here, it is a stage where you can get into a state of avadhoot also, that is the misfortune.

Paramabhakti has also got a negative factor. A person in paramabhakti may again and again want to come back. Babuji Maharaj also says that he doesn't understand why saints want to come back again and again. The feeling is to serve the Lord again and again here so that you can be useful. Behind that there is an ego, that only you can do service to Master. You are assuming that you will be given the same task. In this life, you are given an opportunity to serve others. When you come again, what is the guarantee that you will be given the same opportunity? So, by saying that you will serve again, you are already dictating a term to God saying that you should be given a opportunity to serve Him.