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Publishers Note


It is with great pleasure we place before you the first edition of "Hinduism" before you. This compilation contains three parts namely 1. A Handbook of Hindu Religion written by Dr. K.C. Varadachari, 2. Essentials of Hinduism which is a gloss on the various aspects of Hinduism. and the third part is a compilation of sayings by various famous personalities. These sayins have been classified according to the commandments and different qualities of spiritual development according to the system of Pranahuti Aided Meditation. All these sayings have been collected over a period of time by Sri K.C. Narayana and have been classified accordingly by Sri S.S. Reddy. We would like to extend our heart felt thanks to them for the same.

This compilation has been prepared keeping in view the necessity to have a clear cut understanding of hinduism vis-a-vis the system of Pranahuti Aided Meditation and we at Sri Ramchandra Publishers hope that this will help the trainers and abhyasis to have a collective view of the same.

Yours in the Service of the Master,

For Sri Ramchandra Publishers