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Wisdom Classification: Spiritual Training


Sayings of Pujya Babuji Maharaj:

♦ Spirituality is a sort of feeling or consciousness of the Highest.It is the doorway to enter into Divinity pure and simple i.e. the Highest Evenness all along. (SDG 157)

♦ The main purpose of training is that a man should begin to imbibe within him as much of godly attributes as possible. (BWS 231)

♦ The preliminary step in the right type of training is that the aspirant’s tendencies of mind be directed towards God. (BWS238)

♦ The real spiritual training is that which makes our mind disciplined and regulated, restores moderation in senses and faculties and creates lightness of spirit. (BWS 241)

♦ Demolition of the Past is a chapter in Natural path (SDG 162)

♦ We should try only to build the future and not waste our time in thinking of the past. (SDG 38)

♦ I may say here that Reality is not the field for cowards. Lion-heated men alone can dare approach Reality and men are made so, by Natural Path. (SDG 27)

♦ Under the Natural Path system of spiritual training, the action of senses is regulated in a natural way so as to bring them to their original state, i.e. just as it was when we assumed the human form for the first time. (SDG 11)

♦ The Natural Path provides a system in which, while living a normal worldly life in the way that all our actions may become penances themselves, we try to achieve our highest Goal - The Ultimate. (SDG 69)

♦ Our ancestors had sought their ways of realisation in the forests. We under the Natural Path system try to create such an atmosphere around us in our homes so that they serve the purpose of forests. (SDG 142)

♦ The training under Natural Path starts from Karan Sharir (causal body) where the impressions are in seedling form. (IPAM28)

♦ Under the system the dormant energies of the Centre and sub-centres are awakened so as to enable them to function properly.(SDG92)

♦ Subtle force is very strong, and if an abhyasi tries to go further by his own effort, he is pushed down because he cannot get at the subtle force. (SDG 51)

♦ The world will soon realise that no nation on the surface of the earth can survive without spirituality as its base. (SDG 84)

♦ The end of desires means the stopping of the formation of Samskaras. (BWS 201)

♦ Accepting turning towards the spiritual life is the beginning of life, and the highest state of it is ‘Life in Life’ which lies hidden in life itself. (SDG 104)

♦ A man should have the desire of drinking the whole river of spirituality. (SDG 36)

♦ Acquiring mastery over a certain condition is nothing but merging in it just like medicine which gets dissolved into the body of a man. (BWS 325)

♦ If we really want our transformation, for which we should come forward like a warrior in the field to test our own bravery for the task. (SDG 135)

♦ Whenever you think of anything, the idea comes first at ‘A’. Whatever you think repeatedly, located at the point ‘A’, you will form your fate accordingly. (BWS 59)

♦ If the practice is systematically done on both these points (Pt.A and Pt.B), desires will soon begin to bid farewell. (BWS 60)

♦ The merits of a thing can be rightly judged only by direct experience. (SDG 139)

♦ It is really the practical experience only that can help one to realize himself. (BWS 73)

♦ The divine experiences are the perceptions of the conditions relating to Divinity. (SDG 27)

♦ Really the path nearest to yourself is the path nearest to God. (SDG 137)

♦ If the aspirant begins to feel himself lighter and lighter, it means he is progressing. (IPAM 58)

♦ Waiting is also a sort of intense remembrance which is greatly beneficial to spirituality. (SS 315)

♦ In our sanstha, Reality is infused at the first stroke of will which serves as the seed in the long run. (SS 312)

♦ I believe He can better be sought for in the midst of one’s own heart. But for that purpose, the spirit of the Spartans is necessary. (SS 530)

♦ Let the light of the Real, shine in the heart of everyone so that we may rise up to the expectations of the Divine! (SDG 123)