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Wisdom Classification: Commandment 1 (BASICS)


"Rise before dawn. Offer your prayer and puja (Worship) at a fixed hour preferably before sunrise, sitting in one and the same pose. Have a separate place and ‘asan’ (seat) for worship. Purity of mind and body be specially adhered to."

Sayings of Pujya Babuji Maharaj:

♦ Our first and the foremost commandment relates to the proper observance of Sandhya and Upasana. (BWS 130)

♦ It is a scientific principle upon which the division of the timings for puja and Sandhya is based in accordance with the natural effect of the time. (BWS 122)

♦ Performing of Sandhya before sunrise is stressed upon for the reason that the external heat and other influences, which have been driven out of the body, may not creep in again by the effect of the sun which would prevent our deriving the best advantage of the time. (BWS 125)

♦ ‘Awake, O sleepers, it’s the hour of the dawn’. (SDG164)

♦ It is better to sit in the grey of the morning for meditation. (IPAM 54)

♦ One must be regular in the abhyas.If interest in meditation is created, half the work is done. (SS 21)

♦ ’I’ consciousness remains far and near, and it disappears also, if we do our abhyas devotedly (SDG 161)

♦ In fact it(Reality) is all the sphere of Tam and Tam alone. This is the only thing worth achieving for a true yogi. (BWS 122)

♦ The state of negation which one craves for and which is the real life, abides in it (Tam) and all activities cease before one reaches the point. (BWS 123)

♦ People have lost sight of the true Reality which is beyond both light and darkness. (BWS 124)

♦ Satyapad is itself a science for which one may not be well fitted unless he develops the capacity to perceive Nature with his inner eyes. (BWS 124)

♦ When one resolves to do a thing, the connecting link between the thought and the work becomes intensified, and one begins to draw power from the real source in accordance with the strength of his thought. (BWS 125)

♦ For picking up the pearls one must oneself dive deep into the ocean. (BWS 125)

♦ In principle the devotee or abhyasi should present himself before the Master in the same manner as a soldier does at the time of parade. (BWS 128)

♦ Under our system of spiritual training, the teacher at the very outset weakens the downward tendency of the Abhyasi by the effect of his own power, so that it may get automatically diverted towards the Divine (BWS 132)

♦ When his (Man’s) downward tendency is checked, the thought of reaching the Origin automatically revives in his heart. (BWS 131)

Inspirational Quote from Sri K. C. Narayana:

♦ The Dawn is always fresh and young; those who see it everyday however grow old and tired!