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Wisdom Classification: Commandment 2 (DEDICATION)


"Begin your puja with a prayer for spiritual elevation with a heart full of love and devotion."

Sayings of Pujya Babuji Maharaj:

♦ The reason why prayer should be offered with a heart full of love and devotion is that one should create within himself a state of vacuity so that the flow of Divine Grace may be diverted towards them. (BWS 135)

♦ By prayer, we come nearer to our goal because we come in contact with the Being. (SDG 67)

♦ In prayer we stand before Him as an humble supplicant presenting to Him our true state and completely resigning ourselves to His will. (BWS 210)

♦ Constant practice brings a man to a state in which he begins to feel himself in prayer all through. (BWS 135)

♦ The state of prayer is that of a devotee and it is strengthened by love and devotion. (BWS 136)

♦ At the time of prayer we adopt supplicant mood and becomes very near to surrender. (SDG 52)

♦ No particular time is fixed for the prayer. One can do it when he feels inclined to it or else he should try to create a disposition for it when required (BWS 136)

♦ It is also sheer folly to pray to the Great Master for worldly gains except in most special cases. (BWS 137)

♦ Prayer remains the most important and unfailing means of success. (IPAM 59)

♦ When a man creates in himself a strong craving for the Absolute, he is indeed in a state of prayer and it is for everyone to strive for it. (BWS 144)

Inspirational Quotes from Various Sources:

♦ While praying, listen to the words very carefully. When your heart is attentive, your entire being enters your prayer without your having to force it.

- Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

♦ Prayer is not asking for what you think you want, but asking to be changed in ways you can't imagine.

♦ Learning must be sought; it will not come of itself.

♦ To ask is not to pray and to pray is not to ask.

- Sri K. C. Narayana