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Wisdom Classification: Surrender


Sayings of Pujya Babuji Maharaj:

♦ While doing a thing, think that you are not doing it for yourself, but for your Master, or rather think that your Master himself is doing it for himself. (BWS 255)

♦ If one can sell his heart, i.e. make a gift of it to the Divine Master, hardly anything more remains to be done. (SDG 137)

♦ Self surrender is nothing but a state of complete resignation to the will of the master, with total disregard of self. (BWS 258)

♦ Whatever act you do, do it in the thought "It is the Divine’s command and therefore it is my duty to do so", so that the state of remembrance should continue steadfast. (SDG 128)

♦ When surrender is perfect the idea of surrender itself is gone, and it becomes completely natural. (SDG 50)

♦ When we surrender ourselves to the Great Master we begin to attract a constant flow of the highest Divine force from Him. (BWS 258)

♦ The best way of surrender which I have stated is to "Feel Dependence Upon God". (SDG 50)

♦ How do we know that our Surrender is complete? It is when we begin to know that the abhyasi is surrendering naturally to all humanity. (SDG 50)

♦ It is really the state of self-surrender in which one, as a true devotee, surrenders himself completely to the will of God, the Master, basking in the sunshine of His Grace. (SDG 101)

♦ To effect the surrender of heart in the easiest way, only an act of will is required. (SDG 138)

Inspirational Quotes from Various Sources:

♦ We should surrender our intention to selfishly seek merit and recognition for our merit, and instead simply plant merit and cultivate wisdom.

♦ Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done.

- C.S. Lewis