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Additional Practices 


Aspirant's self effort:

9 P.M. Prayer:

Everyone should meditate for about 15 minutes at 9 P.M. sharp every night regularly so that devotion and true faith for the Master is developed in him, as well as in all the other satsanghis.

Note:- This is very important and should not be ignored in any case. In case of difficulty to meditate on the Divine Light in the heart

Three point Japa:
Think of the Divine Light to be present in your heart. Pull some of it to the crown of the head where the word "OM" is to be recited mentally. Then bring it straight down towards naval point reciting the word "TAT" as we pass through the chest. Proceed on and come to the naval point with a slight jerk of thought reciting the word "SAT". Take three rounds of it in one breath. It should be done in a way so as to form a continued circuit.

Four point Japa:
This Japa covers recitation of four words. "Hari Om Tat Sat" each of which is to be recited mentally at a fixed point as detailed below, together with the thought to be associated with each.

Point 1: Two fingers width from right nipple towards the centre.
Point 2: Two fingers width from the left nipple towards centre.
Point 3: Top most part of the head.

  1. At the point 1 recite "Hari", think of God as the giver of Bliss.
  2. Then come to the point 2 and recite "Om" thinking of God as the giver of daily bread.
  3. Then to point 3 reciting the word "Tat" thinking of God as the giver of higher approaches.
  4. Come again to the point 2 and recite the "Sat" thinking of God in the same sense "I surrender to Thee".

Take 3 rounds of it in one breath, applying a slight jerk of thought at each of the points.

This Japa is very useful for those who are heavily encumbered with effect of adverse samskaras.