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Cleaning practices for all the Aspirants  


The following processes are recommended for the daily practice and should be done by every aspirant regularly in the manner advised to him. The aspirant should follow one of these methods as advised, but not all at a time.

  1. Think all the impurities to be going out from your backside in the form of smoke or vapour and in its place the sacred current is flowing into your heart from the Master's heart.
  2. Imagine Divine light to be present in the top portion of your head having its connection with Eternal Divine Store. Draw some of it downwards, allowing it to pass gently through the left arm taking out all impurities with it and then go out from finger tips. Repeat the same process taking up right arm. Do it again making it pass through left side of your body right upto the toe and then do it for right side of your body.
  3. Imagine yourself to be merged in the ocean of Bliss, the waves passing through your entire body, washing away all impurities and grossness therefrom. This process may be advised to those who require drastic cleaning and should be practiced daily in place of the evening meditation.
    Note:- In all the above processes it is absolutely necessary to apply the force of will to throw out impurities and to finish the practice with a feeling of confidence that it has been efficiently done and the impurities have been driven out.
  4. When a man feels depressed or exhausted, he should connect his thought with the point, commonly known as Bhanwar or Whirl which is the meeting of Maya and Purush and where immense power exists. He should then make a passage for the power to run into him. This when effected will remove depression.
    Note:-While doing this process it is necessary to presume the condition of the Whirl to be static so that the effect of the vibrations may not enter in. The process is to be done only for a minute or two. Though every one except those who have reached up the Parabrahmand mandal, may not be capable of practicing it efficiently yet it does not debar any one from trying it and deriving as much benefit from it as he can.
  5. Gloominess is very harmful for spiritual pursuit. If it comes in; it must be immediately removed. The following process may be applied.
    • Fix your attention on the point known as Bhanwar (Whirl) thinking that the condition of the place is entering in and removing the gloominess. It should be done assiduously.
    • Transmit yourself on face avoiding the eyes and imagine that the Central force in you is driving out gloominess and bringing cheerfulness of the heart.


To feel the Master throughout is constant remembrance.

To remember Him when away is easy; To remember Him when we are with Him in Sadhana.

Most of us, while feeling transmission get into a state of enjoying the flow and tend to forget the Master. To remember Him then is the Real Sadhana