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Satsangh – One and Many

One of my satsanghi brothers has enquired me about the meditation of one and many and many and one. In fact he has not understood the hidden meaning. These are two types of meditations. I remember that the person who has enquired about this had it unknowingly on different times and in different ways, but he has forgotten it or they have not been clearly disclosed or not disclosed in detail and the conditions were expressed only briefly. It is also quite possible that the feelings which he had could not be attributed for him self due to incomplete technical knowledge of absorption. If the tendency of his mind can not be turned towards the detailed knowledge of these technicalities, he is made to satisfy its acquaintance by the daily application of this method. Think deeply about this example.

When there is a congregation of people or satsangh, the person conducting sits at one place and gets oriented to the people sitting in front of him and puts single thought in each and every person at the same time and they accept that thought individually. This application has to be viewed from two angles: 1) a single person has distributed a single/one thought among the many and different people and those people also diverted their attention to a special point. One person has become many ie. one person’s individual attention is linked to many and on the other side twenty five or thousand person’s individual attention has come to one point and jointly accepted one person. This is the secret of organization and it is more effective. But now a days, people are inventing many superficial methods. It is possible that they may be effective. But as per my thinking, it will not be so effective. Alright, our attention is now towards one and many but not towards controversies. I will write about the five meditations given by Lord Buddha to His disciples at the time of initiation. Satsanghi brothers are requested to read them and understand them. Our object is to make the world better with our heart, work and thought with these meditations and not to limit our selves only to think with out implementation. Some disciples enjoy the condition from the meditation but do not implement externally. Example: he sees him in every particle or sees himself in every atom of the Universe, rather sees the entire creation in him etc. But all these matters do not give any happiness until those conditions become effective knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally.

Example: you find a boy shivering with cold while walking along the road and he has no clothes to cover. Therefore he is weeping and you have two rupees and you wanted to purchase a photo immediately, for Diwali. In that situation, according to my view, if your artificial or individual condition does not permit you to purchase clothes to the boy and only to purchase the photo, there is no value to the condition obtained by the practice or meditation or knowledge from the books. There are thousands of examples like this. The net result is that the habits must be according to the education, knowledge and conditions and the works must be unintentionally according to those conditions.

There is an allegation against the people of other castes that they are with out any spirituality. But I have been observing that they neither tell them what they know nor reveal them practically and do not prove by giving lectures and they are habituated for such work. There was a lady doctor working in the Fategarh hospital. She had dedicated her heart, body and her life for the public service. She used to serve day and night freely and with out any motive. It may possibly called Nishkama karma. People used to say that there is some motive behind it. Even if there were to be any motive, it might be in her heart and she is serving freely. Is there no motive of job, salary, interest in caste, religion etc. in government hospital? They also get the salary. Every patient does service as per his capacity and also does flattery. We belong to one caste and one country. But your heart knows better about the scenery of help you get in government hospital. All right it is total poverty. By this, you can asses the uniformity in education and its application. Now you can think about the five meditations of Lord Buddha and their success. Lord Buddha‘s saying is that any person who is caught in selfishness and do not practice meditation, forgets real five Tattvas of life.

First meditation: meditation on love. In this a disciple does upasana in his heart for the welfare and betterment of the entire creation, including the welfare of his enemies. This is called total maitri and also pray to God for the welfare of all.

Second meditation: meditation on compassion. In this they think that the entire creation is in trouble and they draw an impression of the sorrows on their clean heart, with their will power. This is to feel pity and compassion in their Atma for the creation.

Third meditation: meditation on happiness. In this they think the welfare of all and they feel happy when every body is happy.

Fourth meditation: meditation on dirt. In this they think about the consequences of bad results of selfishness and sins and diseases. Generally, how the temporary happiness is Thucch and how its results are harmful.

Fifth meditation: meditation on peace. In this they do not care for love and hatred, tyranny and injustice, wealth and poverty and having courage over health and in every condition, are grateful to Paramatma.

The disciples of Lord Buddha, practicing these meditations, acquired the real knowledge. In fact search of real knowledge is important. Some time in future, while writing about the matter of having faith in one God, the details of it will be mentioned. Now it becomes necessary to pay attention towards the method of practicing these meditations. It is to be known that the details of these meditations will be given to the public according to their condition and need; but permission to practice will be given after seeing the disciple’s strength to bear and strength to accept. Because every person will not have same ability and every disciple will not have similar education. There are also abhyasis of different types and different temperament. The stage of admission will be decided after examining every body’s condition and according to their interest. As per my experience, if the permission is given for the specific practice of meditation for all the people according to the principles of external conditions, there will only be loss than profit and waste of time. My concern in not giving permission is not because of small heartedness, but it is necessary to follow the principles of doctors. If an operation of cataract in the eye is done before it is matured, can it be called a successful surgery. But in my opinion, patient will be frustrated for rest of his life. People joining in the external regions know that there is a special arrangement when a follower of the external wants to pass on the benefit or effect of any meditation to another follower. In addition to keeping this arrangement in order, there is a necessity for special spiritual courage and application for these external matters. One sided courage is not only useless some times but also harmful. Therefore it is fit for the readers to inform the brothers of their region that for producing the effect of any special meditation, they must engage their attention and courage. God willing benefit will happen.