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Supreme Bliss or Brahmanand

Attainment of Supreme Bliss is the ideal and aspiration of human life. Only the bliss of the Brahman is supreme.

Action is the means of expression of existence, and real existence is that which expresses itself in connection with desireless action. Knowledge is the means of knowing the reality of existence. The real knowledge of existence is that which is not verbal but factual real (as it is). Upasana is the means of achieving happiness of existence, and it (upasana) should be such that one should be merged in it and should not ex­perience sorrow at all.

God and the soul are no doubt one in principle. That which is Brahman (God) is also the soul. Brahman and Jiva, the two are the same. Remove the greatness from God and the smallness from the soul, then the reality of both, which is movement and contemplation, will remain one and the same. Atma means movement, Ath, and contemplation, Manan. Brahman means bruh, expansion and Manan — contemplation. This is their characteristic. Movement and expansion mean the same thing with a difference of degree or measure. Just as the Brahman has its own world, the soul too has its own world. The difference is in omniscience and limited knowledge, in being great and small. Both of them create their own worlds and destroy them. Brahman also wakes and sleeps just as the soul does, and goes into the state of deep sleep as is evident from the names Vishwa, Taijasa, Prajna which are the characteristics of Jiva; and Virat, Antaryamin or Avyakrita and Hiranyagarhha which are the characteristics of the Brahman.

When the disposition is fixed on the Brahman, the Jiva will have the knowledge of Brahman, too; because knowledge is obtained by the oneness, identicality and unification of the disposition (Vritti), relation and equality, and this very knowledge is converted into the Supreme Bliss or Brahmanand. When such knowledge dawns, even the idea of the settling and unsettling of the disposition fades away, and the Jiva enjoys happi­ness, and happiness alone. Being one with the Brahman, it floats as a drop on the ocean. Misery will then not remain even in name because Brahman has no misery. Misery is in the part and not in the whole.