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The subject of Liberation

The means of attaining liberation is this:

Guru-bhakti in one life,

And chanting the Divine name in the second;

Liberation in the third life,

And in the fourth, the Goal is gained

That is: —

Continence in the first life,

Householder in the second,

Go to the forest in the third,

In the fourth, the goal is reached.

Guru-bhakti means only worship. Spend some time in the company of the Master and get your doubts cleared. Then internal practice, i.e. chanting the Divine name and silent muttering of it for some time. If this practice is continued for some time one will gain liberation. This is called the condition of 'Liberation during one's life time', or Jivan-Mukta condition (Jivanmukta Dasha). Enjoy this condition for some days (period) and you will automatically reach the real destination, from which there is no return. Liberation is not the goal or the ideal of the way of saints called Santhmath. It is achieved in the normal course of the process of worship; and in the process of the law of habit the Satsangi attains liberation during his own life time easily. The superiority lies in the knowledge of our own real form which we already have from the very beginning. Due to illusion, we are unable to gain real knowledge. Worship and devotion make it clear. This is the original thing. That which is the cause of bondage, when reversed, helps in attaining liberation. There are three causes of bondage: —

(1) Remembrance, (2) Meditation, (3) Bhajan.

When the practice of these three is associated with ex­ternal things, the result would be birth and bondage. And when they are practised at heart internally keep­ing the goal constantly in view, it will result in freedom from external and surface bondage.

(1) Remembrance means remembering again and Again, (2) Meditation means having the idea, (3)Bhajan means contemplation or continuous meditation. Reverse these according to the instructions of the Master. There should be resistance to outside impressions, and the inner veil should be removed. Then gradually the meaning of liberation will become clear and liberation will be attained.