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Meditation on the form of the Master

Remembering the form of the Master, His actions, capabilities, ways of living and habits and meditating on them is in vogue, among the Sufis and disciples of Sant mat and sadhaks. It is called Shagal Rabtha or Barzak Peer. This is effective in developing concentration and it works like a magic. It makes the work easy and nearer in many ways. But on the condition that the Master must be complete(Poorna) and He has the status of a Guru of Sant mat and purified and crossed the limits of Maya; other wise the sadhak will be chained in the net of Maya and develop the qualities of a satan. Therefore it is necessary to be careful in selecting the person for meditation. Therefore some Elders have completely prohibited it. In this system, it is advised to concentrate on the face of the Master, in between the eye brows, in the beginning. The site and the method for the internal practice will be explained to the sadhak, as per the need and convenience. It is generally prohibited to notify/publish it openly, because people of less understanding may use it inappropriately. They land in trouble and make others also land in trouble. Some of the elders of the other systems will not permit Shagal Rabtha, till there are intense feelings of love and he develops so much ecstasy that he starts remembering the form with out any body telling or hearing about it. If this excessive love remains even when the form is not there, then it is a demand from the Divine and the direction of the wave is towards the flow; other wise it is an obduracy and comes in the limits of idol worship, if it done forcibly. The result of such forcible practice will be similar to the method of putting fingers in the ears or plugging the ears, to hear Anahad, as practiced in some systems. The sounds are heard temporarily and there is also the possibility of a disease. The philosophy and meaning of this practice is deep and subtle and it is trouble some to prove it, at this juncture. But it is sufficient to tell in short that the Barzak is a means of uniting two things, a medium to unite with Paramatma. It may be understood as a mirror to see the face, a book as a means of learning, teacher as a means of learning a skill. Idol is a means of remembering Paramatma. In the same way, a living Master is a means of getting nearness with Brahma. The form of the Master is a living and wakeful means between the sadhak and Brahma, without any doubt. The habits, wisdom, restraints, worldly dealings and effects of spirituality of the Master will enter and influence the mind and heart of the sadhak, like a lightning and blow the new/fresh spirit always. This practice is useful in removing the difficulties on the way. When a sadhak develops this on his own accord and does not move away or cannot be moved away forcibly and he cannot understand the reason for it, he moves so fast that neither he can understand nor the observers and they begin to wonder at the change.