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Stomach is a palace for food. The power of dhyan will improve, if the food is purchased with legitimate earnings and remembrance of God will be hidden, if it is eaten in a sorrowful state. If the food is purchased with unlawful earnings, dishonesty and crimes will increase. Food is digested in the stomach and then it goes to liver for becoming blood and then it travels through out the body and it assumes the essence of animal. If the food is purchased with hard earned and legitimate earnings, sattvic qualities and devotion to God will improve. If it is eaten in a sorrowful state, the straight path is closed so that discrimination for Sat and Asat and right and wrong is lost and there will be no knowledge of which work is good and which is bad; which has to be done and which is not to be done. By eating the food which is impure and prohibited by the dharma sastras, dishonesty and crimes will increase. It is dishonesty to do anything in spite of knowing that it is prohibited and it should never be done and it is against dharma; but knowingly to do the same thing and doing it repeatedly without any fear and not repenting afterwards and not doing atonement and doing without any fear and lastly thinking it to be correct and showing others, twisting his whiskers, and becoming proud and try to prove that whatever he does is according to dharmashastra, is called increase in crimes.

One day an elderly person was slapped by another person, while going on the road. When the elderly person turned round and looked at that person, he said that the Sufi should know that he slapped him with the order of God. Elderly person said that he knew that it is from God, but God has selected you for this hard hearted and untimely work, therefore He got this work done through you. The person who slapped with the order of God, was also a Sufi and a special devotee and an obedient person, but the work which was entrusted to him was very bad. This special work was entrusted to him because he was a Sufi, but his heart was impure as he had eaten bad and doubtful food; because of that such service was taken by him. Was not Ravan a devotee of Lord Shiva? But his mind was not pure as his food was earned by oppression and he has done what kind of works. This shows that the fire wood, water and utensils also to be purchased from well gotten money and the cook should be a devotee and remembering God and offer the food to Him. The food must be eaten with respect and care. This is the foundation for manners and morals and contamination. Therefore the food prepared by a brahmin only, is considered as proper. If there is any other person available who is really having the qualities of a brahmin, where to get a person who can prepare better food than him? Any person who can prepare food with care and offers it to God, can be a brahmin.

Now a days, these matters are lost and reached the stage of annihilation. There is no other way than taking work, if such a person is available. He should educate himself and his children in manners and morals and knowledge of legitimate and illegitimate. It is being observed daily that the state of the manners and morals of the sudras and persons getting the water. Their fingers are full of menstrual discharges and they fill water and knead the flour. The ladies cook the food wearing dirty clothes and dogs sit on the clothes of poojaries and many people take them in their lap. They put their mouth in the vessels and lick them. The hands and clothes are becoming dirty by the saliva from the dog’s mouth. There is a need to write a separate book in this regard.

The food must be eaten with respect and care. This is the reason for taking food with out talking. Even if the food is taken without talking, their minds are full of dirty thoughts, since they do not have respect in their hearts. Even if there is no respect, they should at least eat with a suggestion that their thoughts are pure. Careless eating will produce smoke, which close the doors of benefit. Careless eating will open the holes in the heart, of the lower side and respectful eating will open the holes of the upper side and the flow of Amrith comes from above. When there is rising of smoke, the upper holes are closed and flow of Amrith stops. In addition, it is to be known that the flow of Amrith comes from pure Atman, when the connection is with such Atman and the benefit comes mostly, through these Atman.

If there is love and connection with the Elders of their Order and when they are remembered constantly, benefit will come from any one of them at a time, by facing His Atman and heart. But the Atman will become indifferent, if the heart is not pure and do not come in front of their heart.

Therefore there will not be much benefit. People of weak mind should eat food, which is suitable to their nature and give strength to the mind. Example: If a person of weak mind starts eating bread, dryness will be produced in his mind and closes the way of benefit. There is a special benefit which comes into the mind, but it will not come when there is dryness. Therefore the food which does not suit the person’s nature, has to be avoided. It does not mean that spicy Chat pat and sweet and sour things which are liked by him, are to be eaten, but it means that if the disposition is phlegm producing, cold producing things like lemon juice should be avoided. If the disposition is dry, tea etc. should not be taken more and hot and dry food should be avoided. Excessive eating will weaken the mind. The meaning of this advise is that more nutrient and Muraggan food should be avoided, because they produce gas, as they are difficult to digest and gas goes towards the mind and the people practicing Kashaf, have to be careful because of dryness in the mind, mistakes may happen in the Kashaf and due to the dryness of the people, there will be a doubt of mistake in their experience.

One person has enquired, about the reasons, for the present day gurus ordering their disciples that they should not think about the teachings of the previous elders or gurus, but they should only follow the instructions given now. The teachings of a vali, elder, guru and Avatar, who are no more, should not be paid any attention rather should not think about them. Then only benefit will happen. You have answered that, it is not like that, I have advised the seekers to be interested only in me and not to pay any attention to the other elders and elders who are no more. On the other hand, the truth is that people come to me with interest in this benefit and not with any other interest. Now, after training a person in a method, is advised to follow this method and that person goes to a second, then third and then to fourth teacher and wants to follow the matters heard in their company, then, is it possible to give benefit to him, as desired. It is said that a person who is at one place is every where and a person who is every where is no where. The condition of having one interest/aim, is the rule of the method. If a method is selected, it should be followed and do not hope to reach the goal if many methods are followed. In addition, there is a change in the conditions, events, bringing up, education, of the previous elders and the climate, customs, disposition, health, of those times also have also been changed. In that case, if the practice is done according to the present times and it does not suite his health and disposition and it leads to a loss instead of profit, it brings bad name to the guru, unnecessarily. Therefore, if they are not restrained to sit in the company of others, there is a possibility for them to become unscrupulous. Nowadays, there is predominance of selfishness. If a person changes his company to other group, they will try to remove his faith from the roots, due to the jealousy and enmity and they find defects in a wink, even though there may or may not be any defect in their education. Persons of less intelligence can not understand that they are being ruined. Therefore let it be according to their wish, as nothing can be done. There are plenty of persons here also, who are in the company of such people. They are hoping to get benefit from all, but in fact they are wasting their time. These people are an example of a goat which is made fatter by giving plenty of fodder and it was shown a wolf in the night. The goat which became fatty by over eating during the day becomes thin during the night due to fear. These people made clever by intense efforts, ruin them selves by going to other places. May God be kind to such people and open their eyes.