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Raghupati raghav raja ram

The spiritual meaning of a line from a famous song in praise of God is written briefly, for the benefit of the readers. It is hoped that there will be a feeling of bliss, when it is contemplated with attention.

I hope every body knows the straight meaning of “Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram, patit pavan Seetaram.” But there is a deep philosophy hidden in its bottom. It is known to every body that one thing that keeps the Creation durable and alive is worry/care/concern (Chinta), which is hidden in the whole body and works in two ways. If that is not there, no being can be called a living being.

A flow emerges from Zaat Hakheekat ie.Sat Lok at the time of Creation, in an Aksi way. We call it as a flow of consciousness. The downward flow is of two types. One is name and the second is form. I am not going to deal with name at present since the matter becomes difficult and big. Therefore I will try to explain the reality of form.

Light and heat settles in two forms. Light, splendour, Tajalli (irradiation), light rays on one side and heat, warmth, strength, shakti on the other side. Vivekshakti, gyan, intelligence, warmth, strength and shakti, appear to be working together in the jeeva. The body will be dead, if they are not there. In the Brahmand, Sun is considered as the biggest being, which is a store house of light and warmth. It is beyond explanation that every thing in the Creation has light and warmth, against that Moon has darkness and cold.

Human being is the best in the Creation and a person having more strength and intelligence is called a Raja. Kshatriya dharma not only needs strength and warmth but it is also necessary to have firm knowledge.

After so much preface, I will come to the main subject. Tajalli (irradiation), splendour(Prakash), ray of the light, gyan, intelligence, viveka are called Raghu. Among the Kshatriya community, who ever became a Raja from the family of surya vamsh, are called so because of their internal relation with Prakash and gyan and they became famous as Raja Raghava, for having these qualities. They were Raghupati ie in addition to the light and warmth, they had deep relation with Brahmavidya and they were authority in that. Raghav is an embodiment of gyan and strength. He not only knows about gyan and strength, but also takes work from them. It is not a perfection to have a quality and keep it in custody, but it has to be used for the good of others and to lift the down trodden is the human perfection. It is not wrong to call a Kamil (poorna) man as Raghav. In reality, the goal of Creation is a Kamil person. The goal of a Kamil person is to develop all the external and internal organs to a balanced state. Even now, if Raghav progresses, he can be a Raja or Vali and Mahatmas.

A Raja is a one, who can dominate over all the gyanis of his kingdom and his Will power dominates over all. A strong person is called a Raja, when no particle in the Brahmand is empty and his light and strength works all over and all the work stops with out that power. This Atma shakti is called Raja Ram, which is in every nerve and playing its role.

A wrong doer is called Patit. Wrong is darkness and it goes away with the coming of fire and light and in the company of a Stitapragna, it becomes weak and useless and dwindles. Such a personality, who can absorb the wrong, is called Patit Pavan. Now, think over as to who can be a Patit Pavan. The answer is, one who is having strength/power. Whose will power is strong and firm and can move the mountain. Who is having own light and nearer to spirituality. Whose heavenly light can destroy the thickest darkness. These are the attributes of a Raja Ram, who is in himself an embodiment of light and power/strength. Along with Him, there should be His true helper Seeta ie.Shakti, firm will power. Our Namaskar to Ram, the embodiment of light and His strong and firm will power Seetaji and their established place i.e. the pure Personality (Manushyatv) of present Guru Maharaj.