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Dear favorite friends know that delusion and suspicion are the givers of miseries and produce daily new miseries. Any work done carelessly, with out thinking and understanding will definitely produce results, but they will get the opposite result. Thus only one in thousand will achieve his objective. As long as the work is done without understanding and all the limbs work without proper understanding, do not hope to achieve the purpose. While doing any work, there will be many other related matters which have to be attended, along with the original work. There are more number of societies who do not know the Truth and its nature and do not make any effort to know It.

There is a definite way of reaching the Truth/salvation. But the people, who are entangled in interesting and fearful disputes, start their journey with hope and reach the South Pole instead of the North Pole. It has to be accepted that people traveling the path get many powers and conditions which appear to be profitable to the body and give attachment to the world. If no attention is shown towards them, they will help them turning towards Atman. If they consider them to be their object and pay attention to them, they instead of helping them to progress on the spiritual path, make them go astray and help lower spiritual centers and Devatas related to body and they will have to loose their powers and have to repent.

As is the thought so is the result. We are going uphill with a load of the bundle of worldly hopes on our heads, becoming breathless and the legs are staggering. There is fear of falling in a dark gutter. Let us find out the way, even now if the load can be thrown away and start going carefully. What is the aim and what are the means to achieve it and what are the differences/secrets in the aim? We have to know whether we are going thinking means to be the aim or aim to be the aim. Then the secrets of the path and the Tattva of the path is that there should be no craving in that.

i. In that started knowing the initial and later conditions and there should not be any Siddhis and by seeing them, his greatness may spread among the people.

ii. There is no promise in this system that the wrongs will be pardoned or relinquished in Pralaya.

iii. There is no promise that worldly matters will be settled.

iv. Nor dangers (gandas) will be averted by Taviz or litigations will be successful or promotion in the profession or diseases will be cured or coming events will be informed.

v. It is not proper that the disciples’ mistakes may be corrected with out their knowledge, by mere attention of the guru.

vi. The idea that Prayer and Sandhya will be done of their own accord with out the intention of the disciple and the capacity to understand dharmashastra and Upanishads will improve automatically is not correct.

vii. There is no fixed term to experience internal conditions of bliss during the time of prayer or always.

viii. It is not necessary that he should hear any sounds or visualize any light during japa or meditation.

ix. There is no obligation to have good dreams and correction of experiences. There is no wonder in having them, if God’s grace is there, but they should not step into the system with such hopes.

What is the real aim? It is to know how to keep God happy and what are the means to follow His will? His will is in our following the rules of dharma and His orders. Some of these orders are regarding the external things, such as:

i) puja and Sandhya, upasana,

ii) vrtam, charity, sacrifice, yajna, japa, pilgrimage,

iii) marriage, children, man and woman, brother and sister, wife and husband and

iv) dealings with relatives like, monetary transactions, court cases, witness, succession, division of lands,

v) blessings, eating and drinking, sleeping and standing, guests Etc.

All these are as to be done as per the dharmashastra such as loving God, fearing Him, remembering Him, reducing love towards the world, Etc. Be happy with whatever is given by Him or what He wants, do not be greedy, do puja and Sandhya with attention on the heart, helping needy with pure heart, not to consider any body mean, no self liking, arrest anger, Etc. All these things are called Salook or Panth.

There are orders for doing internal things, just as for the external things. Due to a bad heart, the external body works are also not done properly. For example:

i) when the love towards God becomes less, laziness sets in towards performing puja or done quickly and not properly

ii) there is no courage for pilgrimage and charity due to stinginess

iii) Or due to ahankar and anger commit tyranny on some body or taking away the rights.

Even if the external things are done carefully, it will not continue for long time, if there is no control over the mind.

Therefore control of mind is essential for correcting these things. But these defects are not understood properly and even if they are understood also, the method of correcting them is not known and even when the method is known, implementation becomes difficult due to the fickle mind.

Therefore in accordance with these requirements, an ideal guru is suggested who will understand and have a watch and suggest the methods for improving the mental state and giving strength to the methods, teaching some practices, japa, sadhana.

The abhyasis have to do two things:

i) following the external and internal orders as per dharma,

ii) Practice of external or internal japa.

By following these orders, willingness and nearness is achieved with Paramatma. By the intense practice of japa, more willingness and nearness is achieved with Paramatma.

The following things have to be done after joining the system to achieve the goal.

i) The advises written in the small books presently existing and new ones which are going to be published, have to be read word by word and followed.

ii) All our habits must be according to those instructions

iii) If it is not known whether the work which has to done is proper or not, it can be done only after consulting eminent persons knowing dharma.

iv) Sandhya and upasana have to be done observing the rules. It is best to be done with satsangh. In spite of having satsangh, any bad thing happens, that person is answerable with out any excuse. He has to repent with shame with out any excuse, if it is due to negligence.

v) If he is having sufficient money, he has to give for charity, from that money.

vi) In the same way he has to give from his gardens and agricultural produce. He has to consult regarding the amount of share.

vii) If he can afford to do pilgrimage, he has to do it with out fail.

viii) He has to take care of his wife and children, tell them about the rules of dharma. The easiest way is to read out and explain books, from the beginning to the end, by sparing some time during the day or night and repeat again and again till they get them by heart. If the person is uneducated, he has to learn from a Pandit and tell them to his family members.

The following things are prohibited.

i) Clothes with zari border of more than 4 fingers should not be used for himself and also for his children,

ii) gold ring of more than 4 masa,

iii) mail dress and high heel shoes or small or thin clothes which expose the body for ladies, the dhoti or pajama not below the feet so that drops of urine may not fall on them

iv) or wearing the dhoti with a possibility of exposing the body,

v) seeing any male or female with an evil eye,

vi) mixing freely with ladies and boys,

vii) Staying of a male alone with a lady or other person’s wife in the house,

viii) Or moving of a lady with another person with out necessity even if he is a guru or a relative.

ix) Unnecessarily opening head, side, wrist, and throat is not good.

x) Lady moving freely with males wearing good clothes and jewelry is very bad.

xi) Males and females have to leave the habit of laughing and talking in excess.

xii) As for as possible any work done for exhibitionism has to be avoided, like lavish party in marriage functions.

xiii) Exchanging money etc. have to be reduced.

xiv) Should avoid such unnecessary expenditure or observing formalities regarding the clothes as a matter of pride and showiness.

xv) Should avoid weeping loudly over the dead body or while performing 10th, 20th day etc.

xvi) People coming from distant places on such occasions should not stay for a long time.

xvii) Should avoid not giving anything for the boys

xviii) Government servant should avoid harassment of the poor, or filing of false law suits and

xix) Maintaining dogs as a hobby Etc.Etc.