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Publisher's Note


We are glad to bring out this volume of the transcriptions of certain talks of Rev.K.C.Narayana delivered on various occasions.

The subjects dealt with include primarily the various practical aspects of sadhana

Sri. I. Chalapathi Rao, Smt. Sudha Chintapalli, Sri. T.V. Rao, Sri. Satish Reddy, Sri.V.V.Avadhani, Sri. S.S.Reddy, Dr. M. Janardhan Reddy along with the able assistance of Imperience staff helped us in getting this work done and we thank them for their efforts in making it available at such short notice

We appeal to the abhyasi brethren to make good use of the material by properly understanding the concepts clearly and thus improving the quality of their sadhana

Basanth Panchami 2011 R. Radhakrishnan