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Humanity has been feverishly searching for a solution to get at "Real happiness". It is aware of the fact that the Consciousness at individual and collective level has to rise to human level (Altruistic) prior to any further evolution towards Divinity and was utterly helpless. Responding to this SOS call of humanity the Divinity in its infinite compassion ushered in a New Era with the Advent (Rev.Lalaji) and structuring of Special Personality (Pujya Babuji) with the formidable task of transformation and spiritual regeneration of man.

The blessing of divinity has taken the shape of the 'Natural Path' and methods of 'Pranahuti Aided Meditation (PAM)'. The system of Natural Path and methods of PAM are simple, but not easy. Everything in these is scientific, pure, vibrant and dynamic. The Spiritual wisdom that is flowing down the memory lane needs to be grasped, understood, digested, lived and expressed.

The veil of simplicity has been opened up and made available to humanity through the writings of Masters, methods and support of pranahuti for the willingly seeking and co-operating aspirants. The Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness, Hyderabad, India - in the spirit of 'Bodhayanthi Parasparam' is sharing the 'Divine Resource' and spiritual essence with all the willing and is hopeful and optimistic of their dynamic participation in the Divine endeavour of restoring and regaining balance.

In the book on "Meditation" Sri K.C.Narayana discusses many aspects of meditation, purification and prayer. All the topics have been dealt with in a lucid style, leaving no room for any ambiguity and are wholly based on his personal sadhana, experiences had and imperience gained in letter and spirit of Pranahuti Aided Meditation generously bestowed to Humanity by the Great Master of the day, Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur (U.P.), India.

Sri K.C.Narayana being a dedicated and serious practicant of the system of Natural Path for over Five decades under the guidance of his Master - Sri Ramchandraji and preceptor -father Rev.Dr.K.C.Varadachari - an Intimate of the Master and a most renowned Philosopher. Sri K.C.Narayana is a qualified Psychologist and a philosopher with Master's degree in both with Honours. In addition he has got deeper insights of sanathana tradition. He has been training the aspirants following the Natural Path for over Four decades and is dynamically serving his Master day in and day out to fulfill the mission of the Master - The Transformation of Man. He has been specially entrusted by the Master with onerous responsibility of educating, training and doing research in PAM by virtue of his courage and competence. Truly, Sri K.C.Narayana is an efficient doctor practicing "Spiritual Therapeutics" and a wizard in spiritual remedial education. This is my conviction out of experience and that of many co-travelers. The talks, discussions and writings of Sri K.C.Narayana reveal a blend of Agama and Nigama traditions.

He aptly, adequately and appropriately interprets the tradition in terms of Natural Path to give clarity and understanding of the subject. He being a trainers Trainer is proficient in the skills of navigation and guidance during voyage in the silent waves of sea of wonder. I am intimately associated with him for more than two and half decades and am under his training and guidance.

Coming to the book proper, it is heartening to note that many aspects of Pranahuti Aided Meditation are explained, elucidated and discussed - all backed by the inspirations from the Masters works. The flow of wisdom from the Great Master Sri Ramchandraji of Shahjahanpur ; Revered Doctor K.C.Varadachari - Master's Intimate ; Pujya Sri Iswar Sahayji - a very close associate of the Master and the author of these talks/articles -Sri K.C.Narayana, my most revered guide, philosopher, mentor and love is evident as one goes through this book.

All the practicants following the system of Natural Path are aware of the need to set a goal ( spiritual ) for oneself, its clarity, the need to have firm determination for which one should be prepared to 'gird up loins' are covered in Master's works and are elaborated, discussed and explained clearly all from practical angle. Commandment -1 of Natural Path which is foremost is dealt with in detail. The unique aspect of purification process is clearly explained which is a very important component of PAM.

As always, Sri K.C.Narayana exhorts everyone to offer prayer at 9 P.M. as given by the Master for larger as well as individual good in terms of evolution of consciousness.

In the article 'Transformation' - A reality through PAM which was an address during celebrations of Master's Birthday - the vital need of pranahuti influxes in Sadhana, the understanding of renunciation- the attachment and trusteeship concept are clarified for the benefit of practicants. This article is a marvel. The author covers excellently all the ingredients of prayer and its dimensions. How this Divinised Human being has been responding through prayer to most of our self created stresses and complex situations in life and spent /spending long hours at times even burning midnight oil with loving concern and compassion with a crying heart to the Great Master for our relief and assuage is known to many who go to training to him and seek counsel/help and others not known to us, but known to his heart. The instrument of prayer is very important in Sadhana. It is in fact 'Key of the Dawn ( for morning meditation)' and 'Lock of Night ( bed time prayer)'.

The dynamics of meditative process, its progressive evolution to higher states are explained. The intentional consciousness, its dimensions and domains in Sadhana are really revelatory. The topic on 'Proper motivation' is illuminating to seekers and cautions from the author to resist negative motivation is very useful in Sadhana. This is of paramount importance .

Sri K.C.Narayana exhorts people to develop pure motivation intentionally and advices meditation on Pt. 'A' regularly with love and conviction.

The author's authentic explanation and interpretation of Lord Krishna's teaching and Sri Aurobindo's teachings vis--vis Natural Path is educative and delighting. The topics of 'Antyakalasmarana' Resourcefulness, The Unknown and other presentations in the book are masterly in content and spirit. The Jnana derived from these along with assiduous practice of PAM is bound to enhance the quality of Sadhana, practice and eventual transformation and expression of Divinity in the spirit of 6th and 9th Commandments of Master so that world regains its True Glory.

My profound gratitude to my most revered guide - Sri K.C.Narayana for enabling me to write this Foreword to this compilation on 'Meditation'. I am confident and hopeful that Humanity would reap the benefit from this and practice of PAM.

With Billions and Billions of Salutations to Masters

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