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All seekers have struggled to understand the path and achieve the complete mergence in the Ultimate. In the process of such evolution some were satisfied with marginal understanding and some others continued in their search ceaselessly for a perfect understanding by personal experience so as to help other serious seekers also.

We find one such serious aspirant in Revered Sri K.C. Narayana who has all through his life given utmost importance to sadhana. It is no wonder that the Master Sri Ram Chandraji bestowed on him various benedictions as detailed hereunder

25-03-1967 Permitted to give training.

11-01-1969 at 10.42 PM crossed Brahmanda Mandal.

23-06-1969 Grown Dynamic in spiritual life.

28-09-1969 3/4ths yatra in Para Brahmanda completed.

15-12-1969 Crossed Para Brahmanda.

18-04-1970 Master writes, "A greater responsibility of the Mission lies on you.

07-01-1971 Preparing for Central Region.

29-04-1971 "The burden of work of your father (Dr. K.C.Varadachari) has also come on your shoulders.

22-09-1971 Master writes to others that he is an able Preceptor.

15-03-1975 The highest point

22-10-1979 "I have great hopes from you".

Sri Ramchandra publishers is pleased to present the completely revised edition of the book "The Path of Grace". As can be seen from the above chronology of events this commentary on the book "Towards Infinity" of Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj could not have written by another person.

The purpose of this book is to explain in detail by practical and personal experience the journey through the various knots and of what every one is likely to experience at various stages of progress.

This presentation also incorporates the "Game of Life" which again is a presentation of the various stages of progress in one's spiritual evolution.

The publishers would like to thank Sri. V. Sreekant Reddy, Sri. S.S. Reddy, Dr. B.V.S.K.Sastry, Sri. V. Krishna, Dr. M. Janardhan Reddy, Sri K.C. Murari and Sri K.C. Srihari for having gone through the material diligently and providing valuable suggestions in the presentation of the book. We would like to thank Sri N.V. Raghava Rao and Sri I.Chalapathi Rao for having assisted in the development of the "Game of Life".

The title design of this book tries to portray that creation is beginning less and endless and is based on a painting by Sister Spencer Kimball in the year 1971 when she visited India.

We hope the sadhakas in the Natural Path of Mahatma Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahapur make full use of the material herein and are benefited from it.

Yours in the Service of the Master

R. Radhakrishnan