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It is with a feeling of profound gratefulness and a humble heart I am writing this foreword for the most monumental and masterly work of my Revered guide Sri K.C.Narayana who has authored the book titled "The Path Of Grace". This revised edition has been enriched phenomenally in many aspects compared to the first edition released during the year 1996. 'The Path Of Grace' is essentially a commentary on the book 'Towards Infinity' by The Great Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P.,India.

The Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness established in the year 1991 at Hyderabad is in the 'Service of Eternally present Supreme Personality' - H.H.Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P. India through Revered Dr.K.C.Varadachari Order. The Institute is spreading the message of the Great Master in its purity of content and practice and has been working methodically, systematically, scientifically and dedicatedly. The inspiration behind this Divine endeavour is Sri K.C.Narayana. This 'Love Personified' has been consistently and persistently working for the transformation of man for over four decades untiringly and courageously as a worthy son of The Great Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahajahanpur - "The Love Incarnate".

I am under the training of Sri K.C.N.. for over two and half decades and am intimately associated with him. This marvel child of Revered Sri K.C.Varadachari is a very serious sadhaka who attained the pinnacle of spirituality by the Grace of his Master is an adept in spiritual training according to the system and methods given by the Great Master. Sri Ramchandraji entrusted Sri K.C.N. with the stupendous task of educating, training and doing research in the system of Pranahuti Aided Meditation (Natural Path) and he is at it and is carrying on the task of fulfilling his Master's wish of 'Making masters'.

The author of the book Sri K.C.N. is a highly qualified philosopher, and a psychologist with Master's degree in both with honours. He is an eminent educationist too and is the architect and executor of the concept of 'Divine Resource Development'. He is the 'Father Figure' of Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness , Imperience - The Centre for training and Research in Pranahuti Aided Meditation and Sahaj Seva Samsthan - An Organization dedicated to spread the message of the great Master Sri Ramchandraji through selfless service with a commitment towards a Hormic (Holistic +Harmonious+Integral) approach to life.

In the spirit of 'Bodhayanthi Parasparam' Sri K.C.Narayana has been sharing his spiritual experiences, understanding and wisdom with all and has authored many works. He is very compassionate, kind and generous but strict disciplinarian as for spiritual training is concerned and a proven competent and dynamic administrator during his government service who held very senior positions in the department of Employment and Training , Govt.of A.P. India.

In this book 'The Path Of Grace' the author in the chapter 'Introductory' forementions about the need for a commentary on the Unique work of the Great Master Sri Ramchandraji of Shahjahanpur "Towards Infinity". In fact the chapter is prefatory and covers many related aspects of Yoga psychology, Shatchakras and also makes available to humanity the nature of 'Kundalini' etc. as revealed by Sri Ramchandraji and his experiences. The information on Chakras of well known psychologist and a spiritual worker Suzan Carroll in duly abridged form is useful for serious aspirants to understand physico-psychical, psycho-physiological and resultant mental states vis-a-vis shatchakras. This knowledge is useful to trainers also to understand the problems faced by men in general and aspirants in particular and arrive at an appropriate spiritual remedial action in the willing so that one can move on the path in a courageous way.

The author by virtue of his immense understanding of the tradition and his own anubhava (Imperience) at the very outset excellently explains the relationship of knots, kosas and senses etc. while discussing about knots of Pind-desh. The nature of the knots, movement within the knots, intricacies and the unique support of Pranahuti along with individuals dedicated participation in the endeavour of transformation are explained very lucidly. Further the relationship between the knots of Pind-desh and the Ten Commandments of Sri Ramchandra are solely the contributions of Sri K.C.N. for the benefit of humanity. The much neglected but most important need of following the Commandments of Sri Ramchandraji in letter and spirit for continuing progress and stability in the higher regions is envisaged. This revelatory disclosures am sure help the seeker to 'Gird up the Loins' and move on the Path Of Grace.

It is a well accepted truth that 'Humility' is the greatest virtue and not only this, it is in a way the portal of entry into realms of Negation and beyond. The practice of Tenth commandment in all sincerity phenomenally helps the aspirant in the development of humility. It has been well explained and it is a matter of experience that all of us who are associated with him are aware of his repeated and untiring exhortations to follow the Commandment and offer bed-time prayer right earnest everyday.

The author's statement "When we say the Pind-desh is a replica of the Brahmand there is only half truth. In fact the individual Brahmand is a replica of the conditions in the Pind-desh we form. We should understand that we think with only a small part of our past, but it is with our entire past including the original bent of our soul, that we desire, will, and act." This is a very useful hint given for the seekers as well as trainers in the serious pursuit of transformation of man. Further, he says "The Pind-desh may have any number of defects but it is only here that our fate in the higher regions is formed and we should remember that 'The virtue of angels is that they cannot deteriorate; their flaw is that they cannot improve. Humanity's flaw is that we can deteriorate; but our virtue is that we can improve'." This is not only a caution but also an encouragement.

Sri K.C.N.'s experience that the journey through the 64 knots or points after the 10th knot is easy or difficult according to our having owned up the conditions of Pind-desh. These 64 points are connected with 5 Kosas. Because of this axiomatic truth, 'The Imperience' is appealing to the practicants to evaluate themselves according to the Pind-desh scale provided and also with reference to the practice of Commandments. Therefore, it is to be understood that the owning of the conditions in Pind-desh have a tremendous bearing on the evolution of consciousness to Divine realms. Meditations on Point'A' and point 'B', Bed-time prayer and regular influxes of Pranahuti through individual sittings alone can help one move to higher planes. This paradigm shift in the evolution of consciousness from animal through human to divine is a matter of experience and fulfillment of the purpose of life.

While explaining about the Pind-desh the first 5 Knots have been explained along with 4 sub-stages of Layavastha. The nature of feelings and thoughts at each sub-stage have been eruditely explained. The first Knot, the primary Knot of consciousness was elaborately discussed and the need of journey in this plane several times in order to have stability and to become deserving for further approaches on the spiritual ladder have been well highlighted. For instance the need to develop attachment to the Divine and not detachment to the mundane, attitude of Trusteeship, Practice of moderation, non-possessive nature, development of noble quality of sharing etc. A note of caution to all the trainers is given here while performing Yatra in this Knot would be of immense help. While talking about Second Knot the author explains about the connection between the Second Knot and Chit-lake and the flow to Atma charka through Point 'X' which is to be understood and utilized for effective training. Likewise, all the other Knots of this region are explained with precision. In a way this throws light on the method of meditation on the heart and the aspects of psychology of heart. Another profundity is the disclosure of anatomical positions of these Knots on the chest which are not to be found in the original work of Great Master. The need to follow discipline ( yama and niyamas) and the connected evils with the Knots is revealing. This information would be of immense help to all the aspirants.

The Knots 6 and 7 which are in the realm of Brahmand are explained vividly. While talking about 6th Knot 'That lot of restlessness is felt by the abhyasi along with a feeling of shadowy darkness (impressionlessness)'which are criteria for access to Brahmand is both educative and assuring. The 7th Knot is extensively dealt with. Keeping in view the ordinary, the advanced and also those from traditional background. The author's concerted effort to make clear understanding of this powerful Knot is really praiseworthy. It is a blend of Revered Master's book 'Towards Infinity', extracts from the autobiography of the Master, his own experiences and that of tradition. The sequence of thought, the style in which the essential nature is conveyed is delighting. A note of caution for the aspirants not to get trapped here out of charm for power and the means to overcome this difficulty would be acknowledged with gratitude by all. The author's explanatory clarification with reference to the thoughts of sensuousness is bound to remove the ambiguity of understanding of the system of Sri Ramchandra (Natural Path). The anatomical positions of Knots 6,7 and 8 and their continuity in terms of consciousness is a revelation based on experience. The concept of 'Aham-Brahmasmi' and the real nature of such feelings are covered clearly.

All the spiritual aspirants in general and the disciples of Sri Ramchandraji wherever they may be in the world would be immensely benefited when they study and understand the paragraphs concerning the phenomenon of Supreme Personality / Special Personality. It is my earnest appeal to all the readers to understand about the powers of this Special Personality, His domain and the nature of that Consciousness practically. Sri K.C.N. talks about D3 consciousness too. Further, the nature of Chit-lake, thoughts and feelings while traversing the point of Saraswathi have been explained in detail. The 8th Knot from where the realm of Para- Brahmand Mandal starts is discussed eloquently leaving no room for any confusion. Those who moved sufficiently / moving in the 8th Knot are aware of the puzzling intrudes of thoughts pertaining to sex and sensual pleasures are sure to have a sigh of relief after studying about this Knot. It is really invigorating. Sri K.C.N. discusses extensively on Knots 9 and 10.

The descriptions of the conditions of Prapanna Gati, Prabhu and Prapanna Prabhu Gati are splendid and delighting.

Now comes the masterly contributions of Sri K.C.Narayana concerning the 64 Points and journey through them after Prapanna Prabhu Gati. This research material is a boon to humanity. Though these 64 Points are the discoveries of the Great Master Sri Ramchandraji, the Master did not elaborate or discuss much on these Points except in the case of Dr.K.C.Varadachari which are published in the book Event Horizon. The information in the book is also limited. It is the sole contribution of Sri K.C.N. based on his own experience and training that a detailed account of all the points and feelings thereof sheathwise / Kosawise are revealed. Some of the advanced aspirants under his training do have the experience of the states. The presentation of information in a tabular form and the basic characteristics of the 64 Points is very useful for all the aspirants of spirituality. The loving exhortations of Sri K.C.N. to speed up Yatra in these Points and the need to practice discipline and the practice of Commandments 1 and 8 for overcoming the clutches of Annamaya Kosa; the practice of meditation on point'A' and Point'B' and Bed-time prayer for smooth yatra for the journey through 13 points connected with Pranamaya Kosa; and his repeated appeals to study Master's works, listen to CDs of Master and participate in the service of the Master - all aimed at the purity at Manomaya Kosa and Yatra in the 13 points connected with it.That the necessity to own up the overall conditions of Pind- desh is the crucial factor for crossing these points and experience transcendence from the binds of Kosas is a pre-requisite for entry into Central region has been explained with lucidity and courage.

The realms of Divine are discussed in detail purely from practical angle and are entirely based on imperience. Another illuminating area in the book is the chapter on the rings of Egoism. Every aspirant is enabled to find out what is barricading his movement into the simpler and purer realms of Divine existence and also how one is progressively led to the Realms of humility and mere identity in order to become a dynamic instrument. All the information is from experience and his observations while training others. The rings of Maya and rings of Egoism are formidable barriers which needs to be overcome before one is enabled to enter still finer realms of Ego in the Mind region and through rings of Splendour before one enters the Central region in real sense. This has been the experience of some of us that it is the sheer Grace of the masters of the Order along with untiring and determined efforts of my revered guide Sri K.C.N. to have been bestowed with such experiences of superfine spiritual states. The psychological nature of these rings of Egoism and rings of Splendour as contrasted from the meta-physical points of view is unique splendid and masterly in exposition. No worker in the field of Psychology or Spirituality or both has contributed such in-depth understanding on this unique yoga system of Sri Ramchandraji purely based on practical experience (Imperience).

The additional material made available through appendices -1 and 2 The five kosas - Role in sadhana under PAM and methods for reading the conditions of the aspirants ( training manual) would be very useful to all seekers. In fact the subject material on Kosas which is not available in such detail anywhere else and it is the monograph on this subject from Sri K.C.N. to humanity.

The 'Game of Life' is the research work of Imperience. For the first time the nature of the buffers and the intricacies are revealed so that one can guard himself against falls and develop the needed dependency on Master for further progression and development of individual into transpersonal and transcendent realms of consciousness.

I personally feel that all aspirants need to seriously participate in forgetting themselves and remember more intensely the Divine in order to carry on the message of the Master displaying contentment, moderation, simplicity, humility and balance leading finally to true fraternity. This noblest commentary "The Path Of Grace" comprehensively is covering all aspects of sadhana, development and growth of consciousness into Divine realms.

Once again my profound gratitude to my revered guide Sri K.C.N. for giving me the opportunity to write the 'Foreword' to this 'Marvellous Work'.

All glory unto the masters. Billions and billions of salutations to them.

Dr.A.Subba Rao