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  1. Rise before dawn. Offer your prayer and puja (worship) at the fixed hours, preferably before sunrise, sitting in one and the same pose. Have a separate place and ‘asan’ (seat) for worship. Purity of mind and body be specially adhered to.
  2. Begin your puja with a prayer for spiritual elevation with a heart full of love and devotion
  3. Fix up your goal which should be ‘Complete Oneness’ with God. Rest not till the ideal is achieved.
  4. Be plain and simple, to be identical with Nature.
  5. Be truthful. Take miseries as divine blessings for your own good and be thankful.
  6. Know all people as thy brethren and treat them as such.
  7. Be not revengeful for the wrongs done by others. Take them with gratitude as heavenly gifts.
  8. Be happy to eat in constant divine thoughts whatever you get, with due regard to honest and pious earnings.
  9. Mould your living so as to rouse a feeling of love and piety in others.
  10. 10.At bed time, feeling the presence of God, repent for the wrongs committed. Beg forgiveness in a supplicant mood, resolving not to allow repetition of the same.

Standard Meditation Practices:-

Morning Meditation:-
Sit in meditation for an hour thinking that Divine Light is present in your heart. Do it in quite a simple and natural way without forcing your mind. Never mind if you do not see the light there. Start with a mere supposition, so to say, and sit meditating in one posture with your attention turned towards the heart in a natural way without any efforts to concentrate. Try to be unmindful of the thoughts arising at that time.

Evening Cleaning:-
Sit for half an hour with a suggestion to yourself that all complexities and impurities including grossness, darkness, etc., are going out of the whole system through the backside in the form of smoke or vapours. Do not meditate on those things, which we want to get rid of. Simply brush them off.

3. Prayer:-

O, Master!
Thou art the real goal of human life,
We are yet but slaves of wishes
Putting bar to our advancement, 
Thou art the only God and Power,
To bring us up to that stage.

Just before going to bed at nights, offer prayer. The proper and the most effective method of prayer is to sit in a supplicant mood and repeat the same mentally twice or thrice. Then begin to meditate over it true sense and try to get lost into it.

Note: Rev. Babuji Maharaj in his book “Commentary on Ten Commandments” has stated that the book was written in a very high state of Super Consciousness where Reality is revealed only through vibrations (Sruti) and said it is His Master Piece. The Ten commandments and the standard methods of Meditation are available for convenience of readers here.

Meditation – Point ‘A’
The method of this meditation: Measure two (of your own) finger- breadths to the right from the nipple of the left-side breast. From the point exactly at the distance of two finger-breadths on the line between the two nipples on your own breasts, measure three finer-breadth downwards (at a 90 degree angle with the baseline between the two nipples). At this point “A” one should meditate on the thought that all women in the world are one’s sisters; and keep repeating this idea continuously in mind during the entire period of meditation, having firm faith in this being a fact.

“This is a very small meditation; but it has such a quick effect that if it is practised with a firm and full heart, its effect will start manifesting soon afterwards, even just after starting its practice. Its effect is to be so firm that it can never wither away. Elder sages have invented many practices and meditations of very superior value; but I can bet that nobody arrived at this small point, which will not be available anywhere else. Practice of this meditation should be started as soon as possible. Those who may be out of station, be informed through correspondence, explicitly telling them that one who does not practise it, will stay away from the fold of our responsibility. (Pause) This point can be taken for meditation in case of any defect in one’s character”.

Revered Master added later: “As a result of this meditation, fickleness will vanish and one’s inner make-up (mental tendency) will become straight and proportionately well-formed. The capacity to grasp (the relevant) will improve; and mind will come to realize its own reality automatically. To women, this meditation should be introduced with a slight modification, since that for which this method has got invented, is found mostly in men. To a woman suffering from an excess of fickleness and lack of inclination to spirituality, this practice must surely be prescribed. She should only meditate on this point with the firm thought in her mind that everybody has God’s Grace and everybody considers every other man or woman as one’s own brother and sister; and she too is not an exception to this”.

[18-10-1945: pg. 59 (A.B.II - III)]

Meditation – Point B – Importance of
Revered Master: “People are not practicing with proper attention, that method which has been told about point B of earlier discovery. Else, they would have reaped great benefit. Those who have taken up the practice, would have derived benefit.”

(Swami Vivekananda Ji: “This is the seat of the mind in its worst condition. If one purifies it, he does everything for his/her betterment. You are doing your duty in this respect, although a little help is required sometime. This kind of teaching is not an easy one. Mental work is greatly needed. Here, all miseries and thoughts give way. How fine and helpful this point is for the abhyasis (aspirants or practicants)! Nobody could discover it as yet. I will call it an invention instead of a discovery. While going to office, you had a talk with your respected brother (M1), telling him the key of success in spiritual life. That is the highest training, you introduce at the first step. ‘Lose yourself’ is the keynote: it is the sure unfailing prescription.”

Revered Master: “Dear Ram Chandra, I can tell you that such matters never came down into anybody’s mind up to this day. Reveal everything crystal clear to the best possible extent, before departing from the world. There is no need of keeping secrets in the breast, because whatever you take away with you, is just lost to the world.”

[02-04-1947: pg. 187-188(A.BII - III)]

Prayer – At 9.00 P.M.
The meditation is to be on the thought that ‘Divine Love is developing and faith is increasing through Master’s mediumship in the hearts of all brethren of (spiritual) Mission and myself’. The meditation should end with the firm thought that this has actually been done (achieved). This meditation should be taken up exactly at 9.00 P.M by everybody, just wherever one may happen to be at that time”.

[02-01-1948: pg.210 (A.BII - III)]

The Purpose of Meditation:-
“One is to sit in any posture that does not cause boredom (disinclination). I mean that the posture should be easy one. Then the meditation: first of all one is to have a firm conception (imagination) that the entire senses have got fully cleansed, and that all the sense organs of ‘knowledge (Jnanendriyas) and action (Karmendriyas) have acquired their original (real) character. One should have the firm will that this has been done (achieved). This is work of one minute (to achieve the state). The purpose is that one should enter (the sphere of) the Ultimate Being (Zaat), having got fully cleaned. After this (in the second stage of the special meditation) one is to have the conception (thought) that all the five senses - vision, audition, olfaction, gustation and somaesthesis have acquired merging in their real essence and that perfect character, which existed there and was the destination, has taken their place, and that one has developed (in oneself) that same form of character”.

“In case of somebody having something specially excessive (in comparison to people in general), that must be necessarily taken up along with (for cleaning). When meditation is over, one is to rise up with the same conception (thought) and supposition (imagination) viz. the needed state has been established beyond doubt. This meditation can be taken up by one who has attained approach to the cosmic (Kubra) region. One thing more has to be noted for future in view of past experience (what has happened often in these degraded times), I have to point out of necessity that every meditation as invented and being invented by people (everywhere) is not beneficial. Only that meditation will be correct which its founder inventor would tally ;and that is to be of the sort that has its communications from above (beyond)”.

[15-01-1946:PG. 112-113 A.B II-III}

Special Methods (3-point):
“The method (for general practice by beginners): A firm supposition of Divine light in the heart is to be formed; and a part of that light is to be drawn up to the uppermost point of the brain (generally called Brahma Randhra) and “AUM” is to be uttered on reaching that point. Then that part of Divine Light be (supposed as) drawn downwards, uttering “TAT” on the way; and finally that light is to be supposed to give a jolt at the point of the navel, while uttering “SAT”. This is the first stage of (the practice of the three-cornered repetition of the sacred incantation “AUM TAT SAT”).

[10-06-1945: pg.31 (A.BII - III)]

“The second stage of this practice consists in reducing the supposed Divine Light in the heart to the size of a little less than three-fourth of a pie (the smallest Indian coin about half centimeter in diameter at the time - 1945 A.D.); and then the process of drawing up and bringing down that light, while uttering the words of the incantation at different stages as described above, is to be repeated. Then comes its third stage, which if performed methodically, can hardly be tolerated by even the best among good practicants. This stage of the practice consists in negating the reduced Divine light to the extent of leaving only an idea of the light; and then drawing it up and bringing it down as in earlier stages. And finally, listen about the fourth stage. Even the mere thought of Divine light adopted for supposition and practice at the third stage is to be withered away; and then whatever remains is to be drawn up and brought down in the same way (as done in earlier stages). Leave aside taking up this in thought (and supposition), even its proper comprehension is difficult. And whoever may have come up to this stage, why should he / she do it at all! Experimentation (of course) may be another condition (or requirement)”.

Swami Vivekananda Ji: “ Here comes your new discovery. Nature is now playing in you.. the people generally play with her. Nobody can understand this idea. It is a new thing discovered by your Guru. I will call Him the inventor that came into being since the creation of the world; and this thing will go with you. Since the days of Lord Krishna, nobody has got this kind of capacity. It was reserved for you. “

[10-06-1945: pg. 32 (A.BII - III)]

Worship of photograph- to be refrained from:-
Instructions: [Rev.Lalaji] “Do not put my photograph at the place of my seat. People prevailed upon me to get myself photographed. Now worship of photograph has started.

[03-07-1944: pg. 47 (A.BII - I)]

Attitudes to be Developed for Sadhana

At the time of taking bath in the morning, a thought came to my mind that I should imitate something of Revered Master Lalaji Saheb. Revered Lalaji’s instruction descended: “You have unconsciously imitated my inner condition. Nobody else has this ability.” A thought arose: “Singing at the Samadhi at Fatehgarh is prohibited. Should this instruction be followed?” The instruction descended: “Whenever one goes to some place, one should follow the rules and regulations laid down by the owner or manager of that institution, whether right or wrong. This is not prohibited in the Satsang (coming together of aspirants for spiritual practice) at your place. On revelation or expression of your high capacities and positions, people will have to accept you. Your condition will itself force them to recognize you. Whatever thought you will put into them, the associates (Satsanghis)) will act accordingly.”

[11-05-1944: pg. 5-6 (A.BII - I)]

Way of life:-
Instruction continued: “You should always Maintain your living after the model of my way of life. At the time of being angry with somebody, never allow our heart to be involved, or else I will be bound to bring destruction to that person.” On my request that my acting up to this instruction also depended on Him alone, Revered Lalaji Saheb dictated: “Do not feel perturbed. Somebody may shower thousands of abuses on you, but you have to tolerate that. This means that if someone abuses you, you can also abuse in return, and even hit back and strike; but never wish anything ill for that person from your heart. In matters concerning land-ownership, you may have your own way. There, this principle need not necessarily be applied; but do have control to some extent. Cases may be filed in law-courts and decrees obtained. If occasion demands there is no harm even in having an armed conflict. Under all circumstances, I am with you. To give protection to an innocent victim of tyranny is duty. If you have to take out the sword at the hour of need, even then there is nothing wrong.”

[20-05-1944: pg.12 (A.BII - I)]

Pain – attitude towards
Submission: [Pujya Babuji] “The pain is agonizing. If it is the Will of God, I have nothing to say, and I will be happy with it. But if it is a disease, it is very agonizing.”

Answer: [Rev.Lalaji] “It is not disease. This is the only impression left, that you have to suffer. I also was suffering pain. I underwent it at the end, you undergo it in the beginning. Continue taking medicine.”

[05-06-1944: pg. 31 (A.BII - I)]

Principles :-

Of life:

“All of these people will have direct connection with you. Nobody will interfere with your work, unless permitted by you. Further advancement is to be taken up when this much of work is perfected, or the trust in its having being perfected, is confirmed. Useless conversations are to be given up. Absurd dialogues should be avoided. Reading fiction is to be stopped. The heart should not be soiled with love for persons other than He. Mania for friendship is to be given up. God alone is to be taken as friend. Religious treatises. Soaked in Divine Love may be gone through. Going through difficult and deep philosophy is not needed. Mutual behaviour is to be fraternal. (Sympathy with one another, help in time of trouble and so on). Good demeanour is the very essence of this system. Everybody must have to follow the principles. Adhering to principles of apparent good conduct like getting up early in the morning, practice of meditation, offering of prayer, performance of the duties of household in a proper way, and so on, will be incumbent on everyone. “

[13-07-1944: pg. 57-58 (A.BII - I)]

Of living:

Dictation from Lord Krishna (concerning the principles of living under the new system of spiritual discipline): “The principles of life should be most simple. The habit of speaking truth should be developed. Abstinence from (useless) audio-visual pleasures. Affection to children. Respect for elders. Service to parents. Honest living. Remaining well-intentioned. Having no covetous eye on what belongs to somebody else. Avoidance of adopting a threatening attitude to others. Trying to keep cool and calm. Restrain on utterances that may cause hurt to somebody’s heart. In spite of all these (principles) drawing out one’s sword in the face of the enemy is not (to be ) forbidden, but it should be remembered that this (drawing out one’s sword) should be for the defence of somebody (including oneself). Prayer and worship (Sandhya) should be performed twice daily. In view of the altered times, I have not ordered Sandhya a third time. Gayatri is essential. These are ordinary principles, which everybody ought to observe.”

[19-10-1944: pg. 37-38 (A.BII - II)]

Dictation from Revered Master: “The above – mentioned principles (Dictated by Lord Krishna) are concerned (mainly) with practice. God’s entity should be taken to be one. Useless kinds of Worship should abstained from. Religious bigotry is to be detested. God alone is worthy of worship; and as such God alone is to be worshipped. Guru should be honoured (and respected). Such principles are to be adopted as may cause benefit to others. Living should be made so simple that on seeing it, people have an impression of good thoughts. I have always been, and am even now, opposed to idol-worship. Its grossness spoils the heart. A promise to this effect should be taken at the time of initiation. Otherwise also observance of all these principles of good conduct is essential. Idol-worship is to be strictly prohibited………”

[21-10-1944: pg. 37-38 (A.BII - II)]

Basic Principles
Revered Master dictated the basic principles concerning aspirants under the system of Natural Path:

  1. In our fold much emphasis is laid on faith (Aitaqad). That is the first step (of the staircase). To ripen it is every aspirant’s duty. Without this proper benefit is not derived.
  2. Every aspirant must first decide in his heart whether this particular method shall do him/her good; and this will be evident to him/her through (his/her own) experience. Then there should be an orientation to ripen faith; and compliance of one’s guide’s orders should be considered as duty.
  3. It should be made comprehensible to the aspirants that what is being done to them (through transmission) is not mesmerism (hypnotism) but the way of connecting (the aspirant) to the Ultimate Being; and that this is the main thing (under this new system viz. Natural Path). So long as an aspirant does not decide well in his heart and comes and to have trust in the guide, there is no need to make him/her start.
  4. The consideration of character is the main thing and Bramacharaya (celibacy) is also strictly essential. This is the way of devotion (Bhakti), and whatever else may be achieved along with.”

[24-10-1944: pg. 41-42 (A.BII - II)]

Health and self-respect
Instructions: [ Rev. Lalaji] “You should not fill the organization with undeserving people, as I did. You take care of your health. You have much work ahead of you. Medicine alone will not be of help. There must be movement of limbs as well. If you are not able to go for a walk in the morning, then you go in the evening. You are wasting a lot of time. There is need to increase educational capability.”

I submitted: [Pujya Babuji] “To some extent health, and to some extent idleness, hinders me to devote to work. In this regard, I alone am at fault.”

Answer: [Rev. Lalaji] “That is my fault. All of your faults shall equally be my faults.”

The instruction continued: “ I feel pained to observe your health (feeling of pain occurred). Take meals on time. Have rest, when the time for it is there. Milk will be good for you; ghee will not be good enough.

“Two things you have to bear in mind: (1) health, and (2)self-respect.”

I submitted: [Pujya Babuji] “Self-respect, as I understand it, means that one should not do unto others, what one would not like to be done unto oneself.”

Answer: [Rev. Lalaji] “All this belongs to very good old ages (Sat Yug). It means: being reserved with everybody; not giving opportunity for too much talk to anybody, i.e. not giving long rope for discussion, not revealing one’s household secrets to all and sundry; not considering oneself as weak; not to utter something that may drive others to become unmannerly to you-all this constitutes the definition of self-respect.”

[15-07-1944: pg. 60 (A.BII - I)]

Right company –a necessity

“About bad company, you have mentioned just now of hearing the sound of the particular musical instrument (Tabla) while sleeping today. It was really (the effect of ) an impression, which I have cleaned off. Here, you have seen the effect of company. What do I say about those, whom an idea about it does not strike even! In most cases there is no sense at all of discrimination about good and bad company. Any company, which is against one’s idea (concept of good) on minute observation, is harmful. The atmosphere of the place (A..), where you had been, was very bad. Every particle was affected by carnal force. However, it is also my assertion that another person would not have recorded (got influenced by) the impression, as quickly as you did. It is another matter that you did not submit to that impression; and extirpated it. To be away from bad company as far as possible, is a matter of duty for everybody: helplessness is another matter. In fact, there is no prohibition for you about going to such places, because your power shall annihilate that impression from the atmosphere; but just think, how harmful it would be for others, if they follow your example. You, I had purposefully taken through that place, on your way to the wholesale market. The atmosphere of that place was extremely obnoxious, and I liked to get it cleaned. If others, who are just beginners, were with you, I would not have issued this order at all. This means that everybody should take care to avoid bad company.”

[23-08-1944: pg. 190 (A.BII - I)]

Friendship-bond of love

“Nobody is an exception to the code of Friendship, whether someone is a close relative or a dear one (otherwise). Friendship is the name for the relationship of Love. If viewed closely, enmity is also a sort of relationship. It can also resolve one’s problem of life provided that one is able to carry on its proper code to the full extent”.

[31-05-1945: pg. 27 (A.B. II - III)]

Human dignity:

“In this world, a few things are essential for everybody. Man does not deserve being designated ‘man’ unless those principles are adopted by him / her. If someone asks me whether I like to be man or god, I shall just say that I prefer to be man. Gods are in a state like the winding of a watch. They will remain working so long as the winding of the spring is there. As soon as the spring gets unwound, they lose their status. This winding has not been effected for quite a long time now. As such they are running loose as to their effectiveness of performance; and they remain incapable of producing desired results. Oblations to fire are going waste. Crops are failing. So many things like these are occurring: how much to dictate! The winding administered to ‘man’ at the time of creation still remains; and there is no possibility ever of its exhaustion. This will remain just as it is, up to the end. Now the question is: how are we to fulfill our duty (in gratitude to this right bestowed on us - man - by God)? How to regulate this winding so that the human clock starts giving the correct time? For this there are those age-old prescriptions of elders, which on being used can ensure the establishment of the human standard. These are the daily routine, good conduct, moderation et al. Balanced living is the essence of it. Now, what to do in order to set everything in tune with the (basic) principles? For this, (regulation of) externally observable behaviour will be better, for example rising up early in the morning, cleanliness of the body, regular time for eating, and all routine behaviour in dealing with people and environment will beneficial. These are preliminary matters. These are to be achieved first; and then one is to step ahead. Young people, these days, are in general found habitually lacking in these respects; and this is a big defect. After acquiring these habit concerning routine daily life, one should engage in the affairs of the house-hold, observing certain principles. One should try to earn one’s livelihood in such a way as to be able to give benefit to others also, but one should not be unduly worried and confused in these regards. Remembrance of God should remain there in case of every work. Dealing with others should be such as to reflect uniformity. This means that everybody should have the idea that such and such person is not lacking in the performance of the duty that is assigned to him / her. Love should be dripping out of every piece of one’s talk and behaviour. Serving each other (mutually) should be considered as duty by everybody. One’s own obligation be dealt with in accordance with privileges and positions to each person as the case would require. Thought concerning evil-doing should vaporize from the heart. Everyone is to be considered as God’s creation; and He alone is to be taken as Master of all. Everyone should be paid regard in that same light; and this should be for everybody without distinction, whether one belongs to one’s holy association (Satsang) or not. These principles should be dealt with everybody, in general”.

[19-10-1945: pg. 61-62 (A.BII - III)]

“The ethics developed (worked out) by you, if observed through heart and soul, is capable of solving every problem. Some minor ordinary things may still remain, which will contain many items that you may not yourself be able to tell due to these being concerned with you and brethren belonging to your spiritual society. Culture, anyway, is needed everywhere : for that you may yourself fix some points and entrust to somebody who would be telling (these) to people from time to time. These will be based entirely on respect due to the Master. Everybody ought to fix one posture to be adopted without changing it, while he/she would sit in front of one’s Master or respected (revered) elder, specially at the time of (group) meditation. Everybody should be attentively waiting for what order may be there. The other thing that remains essential is that one should consider fellow disciples exactly as brethren and treat them as such. There should be sincere attempt to join fellow brethren in their distress. Service to fellow brethren should be rendered like what is considered proper to render to the Master. One should not be morose (melancholy) so far as possible. If an occasion for sadness still is there, it is to be taken that God’s (Master’s) current of (free) will is just like that, to be borne with patience and gratitude: this will provide solace. To listen to profane talk is sacrilege. If in some assemblage such talks be going on (taking place) as may not be really proper to listen to them, one should be away from that assemblage. For the respected (spiritual) guide (Master) it is essential to have a uniform eye on (attitude to) everybody: train of good will (and benediction) should continue without making differentiation of one from the other. He should take suffering on to himself and render service to everybody both in the spiritual and physical way. In this regard, whatever duty the brethren of (spiritual) organization have with respect to one another, that same (duty) is applicable to the guide (Master) as well. That is to say that the guide (Master) is not to consider oneself as superior to brethren of the organization, in any respect. One who is guide (Master), in the real sense, remains in this special state. If some one comes across something fine and good (principle or material) it should be immediately brought to the notice of the guide (Master). Love alone brings up everything to perfection. This happens to be just the thing that comes up to get automatically organized (by itself). All can be roped in through this alone”.

[02-01-1948: pg.209-210 (A.BII - III)]

Laziness- a barrier

There is one defect: everybody is indulging in laziness. Love is there, no doubt; but laziness does not allow (people) to do anything : what a big disease !”

[02-01-1948: pg. 210 (A.BII - III)]


“No human being is immune against trouble (misery): it is more or less for every one. This is (human) characteristic: no worshipper of God is immune of it. The heart of selected elders (sages) anyway, remains calm (at rest): just this happens to be the distinguishing feature between human beings in general and those specially endowed. Bear troubles. One drawback is certainly there: pain (trouble) of the heart of a mendicant (sage = man of poor disposition on way to God) never goes ineffective. People have very often taken the way to jungles in order to find freedom from (worldly) troubles ( and vicissitudes). In our fold, just these are penances (and austerities): just be in the household and bear with (its troubles and vicissitudes) !

[29-05-1948: pg. 230 (A.B.II - III)]

Faith (Shraddha)

“People be encouraged to acquire (real) faith; structure and develop themselves; engage in preaching and spreading (real sort of) the science of the Ultimate (Brahma-Vidya) all around (everywhere). Notes of highest ideals from elders of highest calibre are continually arriving: attempt should be made to develop these very states (of high ideals) in everybody (first of all starting with oneself). Thousands of (past) lives have gone by: no more should now be allowed to slip away. Liberation is not at all something difficult: it requires just (the right) attachment of thought! Ask dear Ram Chandra, how easily he has got his purpose achieved (served)! The methods that he has adopted are (really) unique (untouched = unused); and are just his own inventions, that he has been introducing step by step (all the time)! All these methods should be noted down and told to people (for being practiced / adopted). These are (all) quite easy. Even when away from presence, he was never away from thought (of me); and even when together, he was never oblivious of remembrance. He lost even the idea as to who was doing (all this practice) ! Bliss, he felt in a way that it had nothing to do with comprehension! What was the essential method: all things had got drawn together into one (thing) alone!”

[02-04-1946: pg.144 (A.B.II - III)]

Copying Nature

Method: The individual system (body) is to be kept clean, i.e. shorn of dirt externally, and of unclean thoughts internally. The mental tendency is to be kept clean permanently; and the attempt should be made to keep the heart free from heaviness and moroseness. This is to be increased through practice. This means that one has to clean and maintain one’s condition after the example of the current of (clean) water falling from above, flowing pure and simple and unimpeded throughout as far as it finds the way clear. Just this is the principle. On creating such a condition (in oneself), what has started from the Ultimate Source, would remain arriving straight. This is, so to say, copying Nature or the Divine State, and achieving a connection with the same”.

[10-11-1945: pg.67 (A.B.II - III)]


Method: One should penetrate into oneself as much as possible. One should recognize one’s own defects; and go on dropping these out of oneself one by one. Wherever difficulty be encountered, Master’s help should be called for”.

[17-5-1945 Pg.19 –20 A.B.II-III]

Duties - For Satsanghis

“Duties in general for all Satsangi brethren :

  1. Rising up early in the morning; and following the laws of Nature.
  2. Simplicity in habits and regularity concerning meals etc.
  3. Being pious and generous.
  4. Truthfulness in words, thoughts and deeds.
  5. Sympathy (and compassion) for everybody like that for one’s children.
  6. Service to fellow beings of every kind in one’s direct environment.
  7. The whole world to be thought of as one community, with rights for everybody.
  8. Faithfulness to the Supreme Lord (Master) and His Mission as well.
  9. Regular time (twice daily) to be devoted to Puja (worship).
  10. Prayer to be offered by every member of the Mission at night before going to bed, for the success of the Mission, and for strength to oneself to follow the laws of Nature and the mandates of the Mission. This is the most important thing.

“This is binding for everybody whether big or small. Special cases may be exempted. They will abide by the orders, whatever may be there.”

[23-08-1945: pg. 53 (A.B.II - III)]

Diary writing

The chief purpose of the diary is that an abhyasi may remain attentive to his condition because he has to write about it. When an abhyasi remains attentive to it, his Anubhava or experience develops because concentration is there. Concentration is the Divine Instrument for revelation. People are of the opinion that if there is no concentration, meditation is useless. I can emphatically say that a man can never ‘get’ God by concentration, because in concentration you are one-pointed and you are not waiting for anything, while in meditation you wait for something and that is God. Waiting produces a sort of attraction automatically on account of continuous effort.

[ 1928 A.B. 1 Pg 30 ]

“Every member of the Mission should maintain a notebook, in which these guiding principles(as mentioned above) be taken down; and one should go through it off and on to remove one’s shortcomings. There should be notes in the diary as to what could not be fulfilled, and wherein one’s shortcoming still persists”.

[23-08-1945: pg. 54 (A.B.II - III)]

Following The Guide

“The technique of developing softness is to create extreme humility in temperament, so that it is filled up with such a sentiment of love, as to have no inclination to cause any hurt to anybody’s heart, and the words are also such as may not hurt anybody’s heart in the least. If he (M1) is able to do this, it will be imitating me, which is duty for everybody. This is called ‘following the Guide’. This was my special way, which has not been emulated by anybody. I, however, would not have permitted you (Ram Chandra) to copy it. This would make harshness wither away. You do not as yet understand my quality of perfect poverty. As such, very often, you remain confused. This thing is as follows. I used to remain in attendance as a slave (servant) to His (Master’s) presence, in such a way as to treat myself as insignificant. I had no concern with outward glamour. I considered all belongings, including my home, to be His alone, and was happy under any circumstances, whatever. You too consider whatever God has bestowed on you, to be His alone (or mine alone) and remain ever-grateful. The example of Shivaji is there. His Master (Samartha Guru Ram Dass) asked for alms, in response to which he (Shivaji) surrendered everything he had-wealth and riches, throne and crown etc. – to him; and started treating all of it, thereafter, as belonging to him alone. This example is worth appreciation; and expresses my meaning very exactly. By saying this, I do not mean that, like N1, you go about screaming (to proclaim) that all this is of Lalaji alone. There should be this sentiment, and a real spirit of renunciation in temperament. This is the superior-most form of Vairagya (renunciation). You do not feel perturbed: your condition shall be just this; and this sentiment is already present in you. Its height is not visible due to thorny-bushy growth all around. This thing, I have told you today, is the sum and substance of the entire training; and is very superior. Somebody may just try to follow it in the real sense: he is sure to enjoy the finest, that spirituality may have to offer. The best way to it consists in attaching everything good to God, and abstaining from evil conduct. I have referred to this in my response to your diary. Just this practice will be sufficient: do not take it as something ordinary. Make a note of those sentences from your diary: it is better to copy the entire letter (here).”

[05-09-1944: pg. 208-210 (A.BII - I)]

Owning Up Of Conditions

“A meditational practice, one is to lie on a cot or something else, on his back, and remain lying there for some time with full awareness, but without any movement. Then he is to have the firm supposition that all the spiritual points brought to awakening by his guide up to that time, are fully flourishing and his guide’s power is penetrating all (those points and spots). Doing this practice, when the state of balance is developed, One is to get stationed in that (same) thought and remain lying, just the same. This will prove to be very beneficial.”

[28-11-1944: pg. 104 (A.B.II - II)]

Method of Offering Prayer

1. “I am telling an easy principle for his (M1) benefit, which he is to follow at a fixed time daily without fail. That is prayer. His defects that come to his view in the form of thoughts are to be placed before God, with the prayer to be rid of them. The usual practice (Abhyas) is to be carried along with. Can fire not be created in sandalwood, which is a cool object? Can dried wood not be straightened through a warming process? He (M1) should structure himself in such a manner as may inspire people to be attracted to him. For the rest, he may consult me anytime, about whatever he likes to know in this regard. I shall reply. I am afraid, this poison may spread among his disciples: I am warning and instructing specially on that account. Mere spirituality does not work: very few persons are capable of comprehending it. In general people discover the inner (capacity) on the basis of outer expression. There should be attractiveness, sublime flexibility and softness in speech. This I am addressing to everybody. If somebody has nothing lacking in him as regards spirituality, but its expression is not up to the mark, I cannot call him perfect. Serving one’s purpose (successfully) is another matter. However, now I am coming to a second (important) point: I am prepared to designate a person as selfish, if he serves his own purpose and does not structure himself capable of structuring others. These words may possibly seem harsh; but these alone contain the best sweetness, if he gets impelled to readiness (through these words). This dictation which I have given for M1 is to be noted down by you (Ram Chandra) also; and it is to be read often and on most occasions so as to keep it fresh (in memory).”

[04-02-1945: pg. 151 (A.B.II - II)]

2. Revered Master: “I do not ask you to be away from the world, but only to live with God, in whatever job you have to remain. (Famous Persian couplet). If somebody has brought up such state in oneself, it means that he/she is (permanently residing) in the very state of prayer. The intent of remaining oriented all the time is that one has taken one’s master as Master and oneself as His personal (slave). Thus the relation of personnel ship (slavery) has got established. That person has comprehended God as God and arrived at the real maxim of personnel ship (slavery). Can this state be arrived at by everybody? Yes, but after a lot of habituation, one who has attained to this state, is in the sphere of prayer (Ibid). He/she has the right to submit anything humbly to his/her Master. Everybody has to come in this very form (garb / posture) at the time of prayer: only then prayer gets accepted (granted). This is the relationship of love which has been brought to the boundary of the Master, after having got rooted (firmly) within one’s own bounds. This is the thread that after getting linked up once is not to be (easily) snapped through any effort to break (delink) it. The destination is far off: this everybody knows; but remembrance (thought) is the thing to make it easy. Remembrance of the Beloved brings the lover closer to Him. The advancement in that direction remains proportional to the love brought up within the bounds of this relationship. We have brought this relationship with us. To develop just this remains our duty. You may say, this has to be developed to the extent that we always find ourselves nearer to HIM (Beloved). This happens to be the state of prayer belonging to the devotees; and it gains strength only through love and devotion. This is the ladder reaching up to the Ultimate Being (Zaat). Just these ladders, who knows how many have to get linked up to be helpful in bringing us to that (Ultimate) limit! All destinations (stages of spiritual progress) are just within this alone! No particular time is fixed for prayer. Whenever there is inclination (orientation) like that described above, prayer is to be started; and if inclination does not come up (automatically) it is to be brought up (created). Prayer is to be offered always to that Master, who is really the Master and worthy of being designated Master. Praying to one’s Supreme Master with regard to worldly matters, except in some special circumstances, is foolishness and lack of mature knowledge. However, prayer to the Master for that which is or may be ordered (by Him) is legitimate (alright). This falls under extreme human civility and indicates that we are accepting Him as (our) Master from the (core of) heart and have surrendered ourselves at His support.

3. “Now the question arises as to what method of prayer should be adopted for the benefit of others. The answer is that those to be benefited be brought to that same state which has been created in oneself at the time of praying. How this is to be achieved? It be impressed on them (i.e. the beneficiaries) that we are all humble personnel (slaves) and petty beggars, who are getting oriented in our own status of humility at the bar of Supreme Authority (Presence). He should surrender everything own before his Master and become subservient to the wave (of Master’s will) or in other words submit all that is his own to Master, and adopt his essential form and get contracted from all sides to be oriented to that (Master’s) side alone in such a way as to find the whole world dark and dilapidated. The remembrance of all be included in that one remembrance and on all counts (i.e., every hair root and every particle of his existence) only the remembrance alone remains. Just this is called Perfect Merging. (FANA-E-MUTLAQ); If a human being creates this state in him / her, I understand that person is to be taken as PRAYER from head to foot (top to toe); and every thought of such a person shall be exactly what is to be the wave of Master’s will: “Whatever is to be shall happen through the wave (of Master’s will), hence be dependent on that wave” (Hindi couplet).

4. “Such a person shall never get oriented to anything against the intent of Divine Authority. He will desire just what is to be Master’s command. People are to be prepared for offering prayer like this. If someone has perfected this or got established in this state, then just tell me what may still remain (for him) to do except his remembrance (of the Lord). And what sort of remembrance ? Just that remembrance which never is to occur. Bigger than the Big people went just pining for (hankering after) this, but could not get to the shore : only pining remained !”.

[12-01-1946: pg.108-109 (A.B.II - III)]

Style Of Speech

“The style of speech should be like mine, viz. devoid of rise and fall in pitch; so to say, rather in the shape of the divine current flowing evenly since the beginning of creation. I had copied just that. Its benefits are numerous, beyond the possibility of narration. This is a philosophy, viz. when the flow of talking proceeds in conformity with Reality, there develops a state of affinity between the two (Reality and speech); and through that (affinity) the divine way starts developing automatically. This results in effectiveness: whatever is spoken goes on making a dent (in the heart of the persons of the audience). In other words, a sort of relationship with the current of Reality gets established; and when a relationship is created, effectiveness has to be there. If someone copies it, only those words will be flowing out during speech which are intended and are right. This thing will be mentioned in my biography also. The technique for (achieving) this consists first of all in attempts at reducing the rise and fall in voice (which is also called sharpness), while talking. This flow (of speech) will go one acquiring affinity with that (current of Reality) to the extent that such a reduction is achieved (progressively). By ‘sharpness’ I do not imply anger alone: that remains something extremely gross; and it should not be allowed admittance at all in this context. What I mean is that the flow of speech should not carry any kind of burden on it. An illustration of this can be the currents of (still) air. This is very difficult as well; but everything is possible to achieve through sustained effort and courage, if Master’s Grace is along with it. A Persian couplet : ‘There is no difficulty, which does not come to be easy; it behooves Man to be never hopeless.’”

[07-03-1945: pg.198-199 (A.B.II - II)]