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Transmission(For Transformation) “Transmission is the utilization of Divine Force for the transformation of man. Man, as the thinkers say, is a social animal. That means animality is there. He becomes a super animal, and from super-animality to man, and then from man to man-behind-man. This is the transformation. Tendencies of the mind are changed, and he begins to do everything in proper order. He begins to learn the proper use of the faculties. Mind becomes disciplined and, ultimately, comes to Divine order. Transmission brings about such a result. It is the instrument we sue for this end. By transmission Divinity comes peeping in at every stage of development and finally end in Divinisation .”

[5-7-1928 (A.B Vol. 1)]

Method Of Training
“The new method is like this: First of all the points of the organic region be all cleaned through force of will. Then the points and areas of the cosmic region up to where the aspirant is to be taken, be cleaned. Thereafter the points of the organic region be opened in the natural way; and just like that the points ahead of that (in the cosmic region and beyond) be opened in the natural way. If transmission is oriented to both at one and the same time, the perfection of the organic region will also be achieved, and the stages ahead of that too will be getting perfected side by side. (The application of this) method, however, certainly need celibacy (Brahmacharya); and the brain (mind) must be sufficiently strong.

“The second technique that can be used consists in opening points and stages in accordance with the stage of the strength of an aspirant’s heart and brain. But this estimate cannot be there in every person. As such, everybody should not start using this (technique). It will remain in his (Ram Chandra) lot alone.”

[26-10-1944: pg.44-45(A.B.II - II)]

Method Of Awakening
Revered Master’s dictation continued: “Here is a wonderful invention. The heart has a connection with every point. It is the way that takes (the aspirant) up to the highest point (Dhura). In view of this thought, dear Ram Chandra has brought about a tremendous invention. All difficulties are now made easy. The apprehension for a fall has diminished. Holds and hurdles have been got rid of. The method is this: While transmitting to the heart, the thought be taken that the cosmic or para cosmic region is being brought to awakening. The reach of the heart being up to the highest limit, the sublimity of whatever point (or region) be taken in thought, shall blossom, and the path will be clear. For example if the thought for opening cosmic region be taken, the thought shall reach up to that limit, shedding lights on all points below it; and this will keep the path always clear. This is the method which every trainer should write on the first page (of his manual notebook). This method can take (the aspirant) up to the highest point; and the method for ahead of that, which is my invention, shall be (kept) confidential. He (Ram Chandra) has comprehended it; but I have not allowed it to be perfectly revealed, so that he may not express it (to all and sundry). It is a method which can be helpful in opening every point fully. The person, using it, must form a restrictive thought in his/her heart, so that the awakening beyond the (fixed) point does not occur. It will help up to the limit of approach of the trainer. Whatever structurization of dear Ram Chandra has taken place is the fruit of not only my work but of his labour. (Pause) I had (acquired a special) efficiency, viz. I used to carry over work from the wakeful to the dreaming (state of consciousness) for completion. (This is to say that whatever work I was not able to complete during my wakefulness, I used to complete it in the dreaming state).”

[30-10-1944: pg.58-59(A.B.II - II)]

Method Of Control
“Dear Ram Chandra has suggested one method to me, which is extremely fine: it has brought the solution of many problems concerning lack and excess of transmission. Every Qutub or a person of a higher state should take the thought (firmly) that whatever has been bestowed beyond (an aspirant’s) capacity is transferred to dear Ram Chandra; and if it has been bestowed correctly, (then) it is being absorbed by and by in the aspirant. Both these thoughts should be there together. Every Qutub should try to increase sensitivity. “

[01-11-1944: pg.68(A.B.II - II)]

From The Point Of Heart
If a certain point is to be cleaned, give transmission from the same point. In making an aspirant pass through (cross) any stage, transmission has to be given from (the point of ) the heart.”

[17-09-1944: pg.240-241 (A.B.II - I)]

“When someone is seated before one (preceptor) for transmission, he/she should first clean the heart (of the aspirant), and then all the points be cleaned a little, to the extent that the materialistic defects which may be obstructing the practice, be removed. My intention is not to clean to the extent of all the points being brought to full blooming, but only to that of the removal of the dirt and dust on the way. Thereafter a light current of the aspirant’s brain be directed to his/her heart; and this current, after being cleaned to some extent, be connected to the causal body of the aspirant. Then, the trainer should introduce in seed form into the aspirant’s causal body, what may be desired to be penetrated in the aspirant; and the cavities of the causal body are made deep enough (to contain what is introduced in seed form into it). The effect develops out the cause. As such, what is present in the seed form in the causal body, descends in the form of fruition to be undergone. But I have to say again that all this is not a job for an ordinary person.”

Counteracting Method – Of Ill Effects
“The method for counteracting this method is also there. If somebody adopts the above-mentioned method out of shamelessness, or sensuous greed or with the intention of getting oneself worshipped (by others), and the effect of this practice on someone be desired to be removed, the counteracting process is as following: The causal body of the (spoilt) aspirant be connected to the causal body of the cosmic region or the superior world (Brahmanda), after cleaning the way (to the cosmic region); and then the plan for the removal for the particular defect be drawn out in the subtler cosmic world. In case the person concerned has an approach up to the cosmic level then the still higher level is to be taken for counteraction. Everyone cannot have an approach up to there.”

[10-02-1945: pg.163-164(A.B.II - II)]

For Improving Character
“This method consists in taking the subtle body of the other person (the aspirant) in one’s thought; and let the particles of the body (of the aspirant) remain intact. By taking in thought, I mean transmitting (to the aspirant), whatever moral characteristics the trainer requires to be in the aspirant, be entered into him. This, however, is not to be attempted to accomplish in the very first sitting: it should be done on receiving light for doing it, from within”.

[08-6-1945: Pg. 28 A.B. II VOL. III]

Method Of Connection – For Best Results
The connection of the person, to whom the best and unparalleled training be intended, should be established with one’s own heart; and that connection as included in one’s own connection of thought, be given a dive in the Real Storehouse (Asal Bhandar). If a higher condition be intended to be brought up, one’s own connection that is established with that person, be drawn upon one’s own heart; and the connection of that person be provided with a foothold there. Thus the spring of the Real Grace, whose connection has been brought up to there, will remain oozing up and the benefit of Real Grace will remain constantly available.

[10-6-1945: pg.28-30(A.B.II - III)]

Method Of Yatra
“He (Ram Chandra) has improved upon the method; and it is just a little thing, viz. the connection be established where the Master’s state be prevailing. Here, Master does not mean I but the person who is using this method. I myself was aware of this thing; and I have used this method in the case of dear Ram Chandra. Then, he had written to me in his diary that he felt the current of Master coming on his heart all the twenty four hours. Applying this last extreme method is generally to be prohibited, unless the person using this method has tallied his thought with me. (Pause) He has effected more improvement, viz. in case of some plexus being intended to be awakened or filled with Grace, the current of one’s own thought together with the current of the thought of the person on whom the method is to be applied, be brought up to the particular plexus; and then leaving him there, one’s own thought be brought back from there”.

[10-06-1945: pg.30-31(A.B.II - III)]

To A New Entrant
Question: “How transmission is to be made to a new entrant?”[Pujya Babuji] Answer: “Make your current thin, and mark out the point on the heart, so that the whole wave of the ocean may not rush in. Make the current more thick in proportion to the need.”[Rev.Lalaji]

[22-05-1944: pg.19 (A.B.II - I)]

Method To Exclude
“If somebody is transmitting, and requires to exclude some person from receiving it, then this can be achieved by having an imaginary wall between oneself and the person to be excluded.”

[06-06-1944: pg.33 (A.B.II - I)]

Satsang – Procedure Of :
“Minds of all be drawn together like ropes and established at one place. If this place is transmitted to with a firm will, minds of most people will be seen to come to the state of suspension; and being spared from this effect is impossible for anybody. The effect will be sharp in proportion to the sharpness of the single-directed transmission at the point fixed by one’s own firm will. This is the first stage of this transmission. Now starts the second part: These minds which have been drawn like ropes and established at one place, if connected upwards, there will be subtle effect on the thoughts of the large crowd; and if this current be connected to the still higher current, and such a connection be lost into the Ultimate Being (Zaat), and the power be got oriented there from, then in case the person transmitting possesses command, there will be possible danger of minds getting shattered. If an opportunity for applying this method be there, the person, endowed by Providence with such power, should refrain from getting oriented with full force of his/ her status and will. It can be utilized to the extent of need.”

[03-01-1946: pg.89 (A.B.II - III)]

Sensitivity – Development Of
When increasing the sensitivity of somebody is desired, first of all a firm thought is to be fixed up that a glimmering star of imperience (sensitivity) gets entrenched in that person’s heart, and its brightness of sensitivity be enhanced by the stroke of one’s own will, so that the state of the star would appear to be brilliant. That brilliance may then be lightly spread over the heart of the person concerned, all around; and the connection of that star be established with the brain. For a few days this should be cared for off and on, so that it would acquire a permanent shape. If it (sensitivity) is intended to be sharpened more, the firm thought of the sun rather than the star be fixed upon. I, however, do not permit this except in a very special circumstance, which is hard to be estimated except by the person whose connection with me or elder sages of yore has got established so deeply that light and permission in this regard be obtained. This thing (condition) is available only in the incarnate beings: as such it is, in general, strictly prohibited. The thought of the moon should never be fixed upon: that reduces warmth and produces dullness (grossness). Much precaution and a correct estimate are needed in fixing upon the thought of the sun as well. I strictly prohibit the use of any of these practices, unless permission be obtained from me. For this practice (I mean the one concerning the star), the essential special requirement is that sensualities of the person applying this practice should have come to the sleeping state; and the person most suited in this context will be the one who has acquired permanence of this state, and in whose case sensualities be found absent even when thought of, and do not come up to experience in any way. For the rest, very special people who may be able to bring their sensualities to the sleeping state of whatever period of time, may practise this method on others only during that period of time. Even then, I forbid use of this method”.

[09-05-1945: pg.13-14 (A.B.II -III)]

Sensuality – Control Of
“This is a transmission of an entirely new variety (technique) that has struck his thought. This technique consists of orienting one’s lost sensualities on the sensualities of the other one to whom transmission is directed. However, before applying this new technique, sensualities of the person to whom transmission is to be directed have to be got cleansed. Give currency to this method; and dear Ram Chandra is to be treated as the inventor of it”.

[05-05-1945: pg. 12 (A.B.II - III)]

Special Transmission Techniques
If someone is able to merge himself in the state, present at the back of the quiet-disturbing desire of the Ultimate Being, and then transmit, the effect will be terrific. However, this method cannot be applied by everybody. (Pause) He (Ram Chandra) just now effected more improvement in this method, viz. that first of all the darkness of the atoms involved in that disquietening desire, present in man, be snatched off; and then the brightness, which may also be designated as a kind of matter, be drawn away, but keeping the shape of the structure intact all along. The third stage, which is still better, and needs to be mentioned, just struck his (Ram Chandra) thought. That consists in removing even the effect of brightness (contained for quite a long period in the atoms), which they (atoms) have consequently absorbed. Now Purity is there, at which point sages and seers are unable to arrive. Even after practising worship and prayer for ages, that point still remains far off. Through these methods the aspirant finds his / her first step reaching at the very spot which remains so difficult to arrive at. What has been praised in the hymns of the Vedas and other scriptures, and has been described as worthy of being transcended, gets clear (attainable) even in the very first transmission. What is that point? The most blessed Sufi saints under Islam, have designated it as the region of Purity of Piety (Aalam-e-Qudsa); and in our own (Hindu) scriptures this is known as the undifferentiated state (Avyakta Gati) or the condition devoid of phenomenal illusiveness (Maya-rahit Dasha). If these methods are applied, the knots of Maya start to be shattered just to begin with. (Pause) This method never struck the thought of anybody thus far. This has made all difficulties easily melt away; and the trainer is saved a lot of labour. If this method is adopted for continuous practice, the condition that was available to my fortune, can be easily attained.

Special Instruction: Transmission of the third stage should be administered much later. There is general permission for the first; and for the second (permission is granted) only to special ones.

Order: The mind these days is becoming very restless; and it is being provided with a climate accordingly. As such the modulations (Vrittis) of consciousness (Chitta), i.e. mental tendencies fail to acquire peace. I, therefore, order that those among my progeny, who are capable, should first of all exercise control just over these (Chitta-Vrittis). In general, for those, devoid of proper understanding as to how much force is to be applied at which points or what practices are to be adopted through these methods, I will require them to take up the sublimity of the heart only; but remain cleaning every point, as hitherto (usual)”.

[12-5-1945 Pg. 16-17 A.B. II-III]

Universal Love-Development Of
“Universal love is there where all identities seem to become nonentities, and Oneness alone appears to be pervading. When this state is developed, and someone likes to enhance it, then he/she should include oneself in it, and then adopt it to oneself. Before this, if someone tries to enhance the condition, then, suppose he/she creates love for ten persons, there remain twenty more to be loved. If one may like to sharpen the former condition, one is to conceive the state (in which one has included oneself) as love and love alone.”

[30-06-1944: pg.44-45 (A.B.II - I)]

Ganga – Jamuni Transmission
“A new kind of transmission will start with dear Ram Chandra, which is to be designated as ‘Ganga Jamuni’ i.e. a combination of my and Lord Krishna’s transmission.” [Revered Lalaji Saheb belonged to Fatehgarh in the district Farrukhabad of Uttar Pradesh – northern state - of India, which is at the bank of river Ganges, while Lord Krishna’s place of birth and chief activity is Mathura (and its vicinity) in the same state of India, situated at the banks of the river Jamuna. As such the combination of the names of these two sacred rivers is designated as ‘Ganga Jamuni’.]

[25-10-1944: pg. 43-44 (A.B.II - II)]

“By designating ‘Ganga-Jamuni’ transmission, my purpose is also that both of these elements will proceed together; or you may say that my and His (Lord Krishna) current, will remain mixed up, and the whole world will be lighted with you. Its appreciation shall reach people after your physical veiling.”

[29-10-1944: pg. 54 (A.B.II - II)]