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Paris Declaration


Message at Paris France in August 1982

We are all one. Natural Path is for integration. When we have studied the pros and cons of the system, we hope to read the real sense of discipline necessary. Both sides are visible but there is some flaw and that can be easily removed provided we have the Mission in the heart and not in mind alone and that people are having. What remains is the thought to be manifested before the general view. There are many curvatures coming in the way as obstacles like bubbles in the water which can be removed very easily because power is working behind you, of which we have the least knowledge.

Co-operation is the life of coming events also but if they are wavering they will be wasting power.

We are united in the common cause keeping towards proper order the good of man and humanity.

Keeping the ideal that service is better than served, the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur, is there to serve the humanity in which we are all going to be woven in uniform pattern and discipline.