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Reality and Realisation


Realisation is only the transformation of the inner being to its nature of balanced state

76. Who is god?

One who comes out of Himself?

77. Is God inside us?

God is inside everything, but the real question is, are you inside God?

78. How God can be defined?

If all the adjectives of the world are withdrawn, whatever left, is God. If in anger you abuse God, you can do that as much as you can.

79. Why has God created this world where there are so many troubles and miseries?

If energy does not manifest itself for millions of years it will solidify and lose itself, and God would have been no more. So, in order to preserve His life, He sent forth the energy and creation was the result.

80. God is very cruel because He sees us suffering but does nothing to remove our Miseries?

When energy came down from below the centre, creation was the result. When it left the centre and came out of it things here began to form. The mind we brought with us began to weave us and we came into that physical form, as we are now. It is our own work that we do not apply the mind correctly, and so misery, is the result. Therefore, we are responsible for all the sufferings and miseries. That is why I have said that the proper use of all faculties is saintliness. Why did this thought to do good and bad things arise in our mind? Because the energy in us cannot remain without action. Since the original showers came out of the centre and traveled some distance, the environment was changed and a little impurity in the mind was the result. Still we get help from the Central force. Where there is poison in the body, fever is the result. Why it happens is because the Real Force which is working in us wants to throw out the unwanted. I am telling you all these things but I do not know if they are correct. I have only studied in the University where there is no A,B,C and D.

81. What is meant by Realisation?

You know what you are, but you do not know what He is. When you know, or feel in yourself, what He is, that is Realisation.

It is really a dumb state which is beyond expression. Really it is a tasteless state - unchanging and constant. There is no charm, no attraction and no anandam in the popular sense of the word. It can more appropriately be described as "Sang-e-benamak" (i.e. a lump of salt from which saltishness has been taken away). One having attained the state of Realisation develops an unfailing will in the spiritual sphere.

82. What is the difference between knowledge and realisation?

Knowledge is only an achievement of brains whereas realisation is the awakening of soul and hence far-beyond its scope.

83. What is reality?

Reality is baseless base.

84. What is this state of Reality?

I am placing before you all my research in this regard. At the beginning of this creation there was a stir, a motion. This motion was the basis of creation, and it was the 'Sacred thing' sacred next only to God. The same thing appeared in the form of human mind. Above it there is that Reality which I have called 'centre' in the "Efficacy of Rajayoga". You may now think how we have spoiled this sacred thing. When we take this sacred thing, mind to its real position, every thing directed by it will be true.

1. The real study is that by which we realise the Unchangeable; and that is realised neither by reading nor by believing nor by reasoning but by super conscious perception. Even if it is gained in a thorough state, one still requires to go on and on in order to reach the shore of the ocean. Tasting the breeze for some time he will further push himself inside the infinite ocean gaining thereby and tasting thereby the real state of everlasting peace and happiness.

2. A perfect human being is he who knows everything present in nature or in all that it has made, remaining all the time ignorant of his knowledge. He must know all branches of knowledge and sciences. If anybody asks from him about any of these, he should start telling him of what he wants to know, in a natural way.

3. The State of realisation is really a dumb state which is beyond expression. Feeling or observing of luminosity within or without is not realisation at all. It is not in fact that we are finally proceeding to, but to where there is neither darkness nor light.

4. In fact deliverance from pain and sorrow is the main pursuit of man's life. Mahatma Gandhi is said to have once remarked that "The way to realisation lies through Jail". If we take the world to be a prison house the sentence fits in quite appropriately in the spiritual sense also. In utter despair people often wish for the end of the life. But in my opinion it shall be far better under such circumstances to pray to God to bestow a life which might be parallel to death.

5. Three Obstacles in the path of Realization:

1) We try but there is no attempt.

2) There are too many things we try at a time.

3) We do not have confidence in ourselves.

6. Man's ultimate aim is the realisation of God and all his activities have to be guided by the ultimate aim of the vision of God. Religions are different roads leading to the same point. They were all God-given and were suitable for the people to whom these religions were revealed. They guided the people according to their own experiences. But as time passed on, the spirit of the teachings of these great men was neglected. The rituals are made into fetish and instruments for proving the superiority of one's religion over the other. Hence we have to discard the chaff from the grain.


1. God is the knower of all things and one who is absorbed in Him must also be the knower (with due regard to human limitation). But though limitations are broken by the Master still the sense of humanity is not lost and the instinct remains throughout because if the instinct is absorbed the man will leave the body at once. So in that state he looks both upwards and downwards as the situation demands.

2. God is subtlest. In order to go up to him one must become equally subtle. One cannot become God for there can be no two Administrators in the world. In Ramchandra's Rajayoga we do not try for anything. We only attach ourselves with God and detachment, and everything else follow automatically.

3. God is one and only one, so we must take only the one to realise that one alone. The idea of Trinity will definitely lead you to births and re-births. It was the time, no doubt, for you to have been with the remembrance of Shri Rama or Shri Laxmana or Shri Anjaneya because you had not the proper path in sight and thus you must be thankful to them for helping you to come up to the right path, leading direct to realisation. They have done their work already and now it is up to you to find out and follow them.

4. I also believe in the theory of Avataras. Shri Ram Chandraji is one of them. He could, no doubt, be of help during his regime. But with the advent of Lord Krishna, the regime of Shri Rama is over. It is now the regime of Lord Krishna that continues because nobody has yet come after him as Avatara. So in this respect we are all connected with Him now. This is the phenomenon of nature which I have brought to light for your understanding.

5. Automatic working is one of the qualities of God. When aspirant loses all knowledge about this fact, then he is in its true condition.

6. Absorbing in Reality means that the man should not feel anything in him. He loses the feeling of body, mind and soul etc. This is the condition of Real God.

7. Divinity is slender and very thin. To reach it through words is not easy task.

8. There are many methods of loving God and many 'Bhavas' are resorted to, e.g. (Pitru Bhav) Paternal Sentiment, (Sakhya Bhav) friendly sentiment etc., In my opinion there can be no other relation better than that of the beloved. If we think ourselves to be lovers and Him the beloved, and proceed with the same sentiment, the result will be that God himself will become the lover and we the beloved in the long run.