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117.What is the power of Mantras?

In Ramchandra's Rajayoga we do not advocate Mantra recitation.

118.But do they have any power?

Well, it is said mantras have power because many people have taught this. But in my own opinion, meditation alone can lead to the real goal. The real way of mantra yoga is to meditate on the meaning of the mantra. That is what the Veda Sutra says. Otherwise there is no use. If you are just reciting a mantra without meditation on the meaning, it may still have some effect, but not much. In my opinion you may also repeat your own name over and over again-that also becomes a mantra.

119.What about the Mantra? Do you advise any Mantra?

Normally I do not give any mantra, but if it is necessary I may do so. But so far I have not found it necessary to do so. You should read the Patanjali Sutras about the Mantra. I think it is the thirty second Sutra or some thing like that. He clearly states that the Mantra, if taken should be taken up only with the bhava of the meaning.

120.I have been doing Mantra mediation. It is better or is your method better?

It all depends on your experience. If you find you are improving in your method then continue it. If not, search for another method.

121.What about the Kundalini? Does it play anypart in your Yoga?

The Kundalini power, if awakened,is useful for work in the higher worlds. Not every one is given work in higher worlds. So this power is not necessary for all. There may be just one or two persons for such higher work. Also, it is not at all necessary for spiritual progress.