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Religion is only a preliminary stage for preparing a man for his march on the path of freedom .In fact, spirituality begins where religion ends

127.What is religion?

Certain dogmas collected at one place is religion.

128.What is the difference between religion and spirituality?

It is the difference between the stool and polish.

129.What is the value of Philosophic studies?

Philosophy gives happiness without; but I give happiness within. And by talking of philosophy, I also give happiness without. So look here, I give happiness both within and without.

130.With whom can you compare God?

God cannot be known by comparison. Since there is nothing that can be compared to Him,He can be known only through contrast.

131.What are the main obstacles in the path of realisation?

There are three aspects

1.We try but there is no attempt.

2.We try too many things at the same time

3.We do not have confidence in ourselves.

132.What is philosophy, yoga and realisation?

Philosophy is the way of thinking , yoga is the way of doing and realisation is the way of undoing.