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Babuji -The Special Personality


Lord Krishna as an Avatar has come down from the sphere of the central point while Lord Rama came from that of the other end. The present personality at work today, comes down the central point, hence in possession of the highly potential powers

14.Have you come into this life out of compulsion or of your own will?

Midway between the two.

15.Master, are you happy?

Really speaking I have never tested the effect of happiness. I cannot remember if I was ever happy ofcourse I can define happiness. One who is happy under all circumstances is happy. But I am telling you one thing, Happiness is heavier than tranquility. I think pain is nearer to God. That is my idea. Of course I may be wrong. But look here, some times when I am in great pain I also groan ah, ah, but there is some peculiar enjoyment in it also.

16.You are working so much upon us for so long, and we in our own small way, are also working hard to co-operate with you. Is there no way by which you can complete the work say in an hour, so that all work for you and us is saved?

In this respect Lalaji has said that the perfection can be given in the time a teardrop comes out of the eye; but the nervous system will be shattered. If I do something immediately, and of course it can be done, then the persons will not experience any thing and so will not appreciate what has been given to him.

17.Master, you wrote 'Reality at Dawn' many years ago. This is also the case with your other books such as "Efficacy of RajaYoga" and "Commentary on Ten Commandments". Will you be reviewing these some time? Perhaps some of the points raised by you in those books are not valid any more.

I am telling you, these books were not written for today or for one year, or even for hundred years. What is written there is for all time. They are for the future. That is why even though they are simple, many people find it very difficult to understand them.

18.How can that be Master? If they are simple, should they not be easy to understand?

I will give you the example of the Vedas. It is my idea that when they were written by the Rishis in ancient times, few people could understand them. Today it is so easy to know their meaning. Similarly with Ramchandra's Rajayoga teachings, they are for the future. The persons of the future will understand them easily.

19.I want to know everything. How to do it?

There is a Persian couplet where a Saint says "All that I have known is that I know nothing".

20.What are you, Master?

I am a treasure house with no doors. You come and loot me but very few undertake the charm of looting. I wish you to rob me of all that I have and in return give me that which you posses as yours. I am not a speaker - I am a silencer.

21.Babuji ,What is your wish?

My heart is full with intense love for all my fellow beings. I never feel satisfied with my services to them. How eagerly I wish every one to come up to my level of approach, because so far it is within my power to help them up to it. What may be after I am gone from this world, I can say nothing precisely. The bountiful riches bestowed to me by my Divine Master, can never have been possessed even by greatest monarchs. Nothing of the world can be a match to it. I have no desire to take it along with me when I go but to transfer it to somebody just as my Master has done.

22.Where to find the Master ,Babuji?

A brief sketch of the Life of Sri Ramchandraji

His Holiness Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj was born on 30 April in the year 1899 at Shahjahanpur, in a respectable kayastha family. His father was Raj Bahadur Sri Badri Prasad, Pleader and I Class Honorary Magistrate at Shahjahanpur, and was a great scholar.

Even from childhood Sri Ramchandraji showed no interest in temporal affairs including eating food. Nor his interest in learning anything but superficial. He was poor in studies and was least interested about it. But when he was sixteen he had developed a taste for philosophy, literature and geography. He was good at games, particularly Hockey, Football, and riding, all of which he gave up later in his teens itself. All these years he was yearning for realisation and was developing a thirst for Reality.

It was a very happy day when he arrived at the feet of Sri Ramchandraji of Fatehgarh, (U.P.), one of the most renowned Saints of India and who may well be called an Avatar, who brought into use the old and forgotten method of Transmission used by Yogis several thousand years back, on 3 June 1922. He commenced his spiritual training of abhyas under his guidance and gave up the practice of pranayama which he was doing for over 7 years then.

After his matriculation he joined the Court and retired in 1954 after 30 years of service. Through out his life he was never worried about promotions or for any favours from his officers. He was preparing himself and doing certain activities for the Divine work, which was waiting for him.

His spiritual experiences are beyond the normal comprehension of ordinary men. His experiences are simple, perfect and one with the vedic seers and probably of a higher order. In 1924 he felt that God is pervading over everything like broad day light.

It was on 14 August, 1931 that his Guru entered Maha Samadhi and on 15 he felt that his Guru has transmitted him everything of His. It was a state of complete mergence of His Guru into him. On October 12 of 1932 he received further transmissions from His Master which he was not able to bear fully and he was overfull with Divine Energy. It was by the grace of his Guru that he later in 1944 was blessed with the vision of the light that Moses saw and also Sri Krishna's Virat Svarupa. Sri Ramchandra Mission was founded in 1944 by him to carry out the mission of his Master.

His work now is that of training the men who are eager to solve their problem of life, once and for all through a simple and unostentatious way. This he does ably by the method of transmission and without much pomp and show. He does not believe that sanyasa is in any way better than grihasta life for purposes of realisation and feels that the difficulties one feels at home with his parents, children, wife and friends form better ground for tapas rather the so called renunciation or running to forests. Spirituality is a fruit that can be had or rather should be had by one and all and it is not only for a privileged few. God is simple and can be arrived at through simple means easily.

Sri Ramchandraji may well be considered to be about the greatest spiritual leader and teacher suited to bring about spiritual transformation of man to day.

The Final Point of approach where every kind of Force, Power, Activity or even Stimulus disappears and a man enters a state of complete Negation, Nothingness or Zero is the Goal of Life.

23.Where to seek the Master, the God?

Seek in you, and you will find yourself - The Master is there. But when? Only when you are not there.

24.Is peace the goal of life and is it realization?

Everyone wants peace. That means Realisation is not the aim. In that case, one may get peace but not realisation. But if realisation is the aim, peace will automatically follow.

25.Is it necessary to have a goal in life?

You remove the goal in football or hockey. The play becomes meaningless.

26.What is conception of the man who has attained all the spiritual developments?

Balance. One cannot become God for there can be no two administrators of the world.

27.What is the goal of life?

To be a perfect human being, that is the goal.

28.What is the purpose of a human being, of human existence?

The purpose is only realisation or to realise one's own nature which is Divine.

29.What is life?

Well, there are so many definitions, but I tell you my own definition. "Life in Life is the Real Life"

30.What is wisdom?

It is a proper utilisation of the power of God.

31.Master! Could you tell us a few more things about the real goal?

a. I am lost with the Goal