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God alone is in fact the real Guide or Guru and we all get light from Him alone

133.Are you a Guru for example?

I do not think like that. I think myself to be only one of the associates of my own association.

134.But I think that many people regard you as the Guru or the Master?

Well, they will have to use some word when referring to me. They prefix this word which I do not like.

135.Some say the Guru is inside.

I will tell you. God is the only Guru. All the others are working under His guidance and directions. Really speaking if a man says he is a Guru, he is not fit to train others in spirituality. Such a person is really usurping the position of God.

1. If fortunately, you happen to find one whose association promotes in you a feeling of peace and calmness and the restlessness of mind seems to be silenced by his effect, you must understand that he has transcended the limit of senses and that he can be a fit person to help you in the Solution of your stress of life by the exercise of his inner powers. By connecting yourself with him with love and devotion you also yourself begin to transform accordingly.

2. The proper sort of training, if the Guru is perfect, is that the teacher should generate among his disciples that sort of smell which leads them to the garden. A man is not fit to impart spiritual training unless and until he has developed the capacity of fomenting in his disciples that superior force which is all and all.

3. The selection of a worthy guide is no doubt a difficult job, and slightest error in this connection may be disastrous. From my life experience, I may give you an easy way. When you happen to be in contact with such a one, try to judge whether or not, his association promotes in you a feeling of calmness, silencing the vritties for the time being atleast. If it is so, the man is really fit to help you along in the solution of your life problem

4. You say that the learned teachers of religion induce you to worship Devatas. My reply to it is already there. No practical man shall ever suggest it to others. The learned has only read the books while the practical man has tasted the spirit of books. There is thus a vast difference between the two. He alone who has travelled successfully on the path can guide you along safely. These learned teachers of religion are more like the sign-posts by the road side to indicate the direction of the road leading to various places. That is all the purpose they can possibly serve.

5. The real cry of the pangful heart of a true seeker brings the Master to his door. For making one-self deserving one must have his goal and his present position clearly in his view.

6. It is the practical life that is worth having,or reading and writing are of no avail. Love, faith, devotion and self-confidence win the race. The society of one free from all bondages amounts much. If you are bound to one pillar and your disciple to another, how can you release him ? If you are really in-quest of God then please seek always the adept in this science. Neophytes are dangerous.