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Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness


In the service of the eternally present supreme personality Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj, Shahjahanpur. U.P.

1. When and Why Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness was Started?

The Institute was started in august 1991 to propagate the system of RAJAYOGA advocated by Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P India in its purity of content and practice.

To spread the message of the Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj, by way of educating people into the simple and natural and a new way of life through his modified Raja Yoga.

To develop the Divine Resource in all the human beings so that Peace and Harmony in life is achieved naturally.

To assist evaluating the individuals practicing the new way of life.

To enable the individuals practicing the system achieve a reasonable level of efficiency in all their walks of life and lead a holistic life style through counseling and personal monitoring on aone to one basis.

2.What are the objectives of ISRC?

To Promote universal Harmony.

To promote fraternity.

To enable individual growth in all aspects of life.

To realise the meaning of human existence.

3.What are the prerequisites to join to the system?

Willingness to yield to Master

Willingness to participate in the divine endeavor

Willingness to grow and transform

Willingness to spare sometime to God

4.What is that I have to practice regularly for Spiritual development?

Meditation for one hour in the morning before sunrise

Attend to process of cleaning for about half an hour in the evening

Offer prayer to Master for the betterment of others

Offer prayer to Master at Bed-Time.

5.What is uniqueness of your system?

Pranahuti or transmission is the most unique feature of the system of Rajayoga of Sri Ram Chandra.

Connecting to the ultimate from the beginning

Continuous support of Master

Easy and simple to practice; All around Happiness

Development of Holistic approach

6.What is the difference between your system from that of others?

Our system

Other systems

Does not need long hours of practice

Has continuous support of Master

Everyone including grihastha can practice

Sadhana upto God Realisation Within one life.

Realisation is to become a real man.

The ultimate state of human achievement is to be devotee of God and in His company perform the tasks of life optimally.

Require long hours of practice

No support of Master after initiation.

Only select few can practice

It takes more than one life to achieve this goal of God Realisation

Vague words of Realisation using the words of Ultimate, Brahman etc.

Most of the time it is a state where we do not bother about anything in life

7. What are the key Benefits I get by joining to your system?

Greater harmony in all walks of life

All round happiness and peace not only to oneself but all around

A life of contentment and total dedication to the cause of humanity in general

What I want is that all of you rise as sun of Spirituality !

But how is it possible? And when that is possible?

When you orbit in such a way as your movement be direct.

How to find this orbit ?How to move direct?

By keeping the destination in full view.

How to remember the destination?

By becoming one with it.

And when can a person be one with that?

When you lose yourself.

And how to lose oneself?

By bearing no other thought in the heart than that.

And how is that possible ?

By Practice.

How practice is possible ?

Through love and interest.

How love and interest can be cultivated?

Through determination.

How determination is possible?

When we grid our loins to sacrifice our pleasures and to shake off idleness.