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The use of Original Power of Thought in the form of human will for the refinement of the individual soul to enable it to ascend the steep and slippery path of realization of the subtlest Essence of Identity.

48.Master what is the best time for cleaning?

The appropriate time is when the day's work is over.

49.What is the aim of cleaning and what do you do in this process?

It will help you in purging your mind and will make you receptive of the efficacious influence of our Great Master. In the evening again sit in the same posture (as for meditation), at least for half an hour and think that the complexities the network of your previous thoughts and grossness or solidity in your constitution are all melting away or evaporating in the form of smoke, from your back.

50.What is special about the cleaning?

Spiritual training starts with inner cleaning or the purification of "Chakras" which is the most essential factor in spiritual advancement. Thus the right type of training in spirituality begins with the inner cleaning which if neglected will lead to abuse of power acquired through yogic means. While practicing these methods one should not force his mind too much but only sit in a natural way. This process of cleaning is to be repeated for about 5 minutes before Meditational practice in the morning as well.