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The easiest and surest means to achieve the goal is to surrender to the Great Master. It is a lively link connecting the mortal with the Immortal

54. What is faith?

Faith, in true sense, is a lively link connecting the mortal with the immortal.

55. How does it come?

It is no doubt effected through the medium of the Master who is Himself connected with the immortal.

56. How to have faith, or develop it in oneself?

Really speaking, faith is not necessary. What we have to do is to trust in someone and begin. And then if you find you are progressing, Faith will automatically develop. Now I will tell you, people speak so much of conscience. Conscience should guide us but we guide our conscience as we choose. Now what is conscience? It is really of four levels,the manas, the buddhi, chit and ego. Where these are balanced and merge into the one original thought, then that is the real conscience.

57. Speaking of faith, is it a gift or is it an act of will?

Both things are right.

58. Is faith necessary for meditation?

Faith is really the foundation of entire structure of spirituality. Faith in reality, faith in the right course you have adopted for realisation. Faith in the worthy Master whom you have submitted to,this is the rock upon which you must build your edifice of spirituality if you really aim at success.