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The ultimate cause of creation is no doubt what we call the Centre. Let the philosophers come forward to explain it through reason and argument, but that will never be the correct basis. The correct understanding of it can be acquired only through practical experience and direct perception by a person of calibre who is swimming in the ‘dreary waste' of the Infinite, and this can be the special privilege of only rare personalities like my master. Nobody has yet tried to trace the root of the existence of God.

Well, before creation there was only ‘space' all over. The being of God was a later development and it took some time for its appearance. We see space as endless and eternal, so we conclude God as well to be eternal. Time followed after God had come into being. Thus space served as a mother for the creation of God, and time was the negative state of it. Everything must thus have its end in endlessness. Motion was also there in everything, however dim or invisible it might be. One might as well question, ‘Who created space then?' The only possible answer can be that the need for the creation of God and of the universe came to be the cause of the existence of space. It is and shall ever be, and is therefore eternal. Why not then worship space instead? There is definitely a hint about it in the Rig Veda, but the mystery remains unsolved for want of precise clarification. If one develops within himself the state of akasa, he has then reached the highest point which corresponds to the final state of negation which everyone must duly aspire for. The solution is no doubt wonderful and at the same time perfectly correct too. Akasa or space is the Absolute. It is not composed of particles nor is there any action in it. It is perfectly pure and unalloyed. It is of course very difficult to bring it home to the minds of everyone. The theory may not correspond with the easy chair philosophy of the West. It may fairly be treated as a fresh supplement to the Vedas.

Akasa is space while avakasa is time both widely different from each other. Time, the creation of space, may be taken as the grosser state of akasa. As a matter of fact the universe is the manifestation of time or avakasa, and God that of akasa or space. The inner circle led to the creation of God and the outer one to the creation of the universe. The intervening portion is the Duration. If the outer covering gets dissolved, along with the intermediary portion, as it happens at the time of Maha Pralaya, only akasa or space remains. That is to say that the identity transforms into akasa, or in other words the Identity itself is akasa.



When the soul put on the clothing of body, then alone its reverse form appeared in the form of covering. That is, all this thing became a rope which had come in its own form having developed many knots. Dear brother, along with the soul we have revived its reverse form in the beginning itself. Have you not seen that the flare is doubled by the union of fire and water; and that if the air enters in it, then it begins even to flash, and the flare too grows proportionately? What is this flare? These are different actions of Prakriti which are created on the force of soul. Now in these things, that is the play of earth, air, water and fire which came before the vision, the vision never went towards That which was the Real Thing. Just imagine. What was it that created in them, due to wrong use, a condition in which the Real Thing whose action was behind the veil did not come up before the vision? Nor could it be understood as to why That had to do such action whose result was destruction. The cause of the action was that the Real Thing, along with that Will (of creating the world), got mixed up with the will of self to create the world. Now, the thought of multiplicity (that is, the creation of Srishti) is the reverse of oneness, or these two things are opposite to one another in a way. In other words, this other thing which is said to have been made out of the effect of the Will is grosser than its Original. But both these things came so closely joined together that these jointly accelerated the thought — the thought of the Creation of srishti; and similarly their action was also similar to that which happens by the union of fire and water.

We brought soul from Nature in which there was mixed Consciousness also, and this consciousness was the effect of that Will of self due to which the forms got manifested. Now the effect of our will is that we also made the things with us conscious by giving them power by our thought. What was there before? The same which is different from soul. The quality of soul is peace, and the quality of body, which is the reverse of soul, is the reverse of peace. But its makers are we alone, and this is our own doing. Now the flare alone, as explained above, which is created due to this karma of ours is Ashanti — trouble and pain. If ever we get the ability to stop giving power to that thing, then its condition will be just like the plants which are not given water. Now, how is this possible? If we divert our thought which is now turned towards materialism and the body towards the soul, then these things which are created in the form of troubles due to our actions will gradually fade out, and the effect which is created due to turning the vision towards the soul will influence that also. Gradually by purification its condition will be such that the flare will begin to vanish, and its condition will be that which is due to the conscious diverting of the Consciousness towards the soul, which it had from Will and Life.

The Creation came into being. Immediately after the advent of Consciousness we became just like a weak patient who is given the tonic, as a result of which he starts more indulgence, and due to that indulgence again begins to suffer on the death-bed. There was nothing wrong in the tonic given, but the fault lay in its wrong and improper use, and the pain took such shape that the necessity of medicine began to be felt acutely. I say again that if there were no disease none would have remembered the health which was in the beginning. Only the patient can value health with regard. By getting liberation from this alone the symptoms of health are created.

You will ask how the things which are called troubles, or the reverse of the Original, get power. The answer is that the power of Consciousness or chaitanya shakti makes them powerful in proportion to our paying attention to them, and gradually so much force is created that that thing appears to over-power us or our thought. The same is the case with bhakti (devotion) or worship. If we divert our attention towards the Original, towards God, then, because God Himself is Power, the power begins to come in bhakti also. Then this other power, namely the power of God, begins to descend, and the undesirable things automatically begin to grow weak. Since these things are under us, we give them power. And because that thing is under God, it receives power from There. What is the purport? If we turn our interest towards God in the real sense, then all these things fade out in the end, and gradually the result will be that condition which Lord Krishna has described. What is that condition? Man begins to feel himself actionless and this condition, when it grows and reaches a high level, stops the formation of impressions or sanskaras. And if one ever stepped into this condition and went on further, then what remains? One part of it will be what is called the state of liberation in one's lifetime called jeevan-mokshagati. What a word which people are trying to prove in many ways! But dear brother, what a light and easy thing it is! And be assured, to attain this alone is very easy. An easy thing is always attained quite automatically or easily.

The thing is so easy that, if tried, it can very easily be achieved by multitudes. The way of achieving this condition has generally been told by folk who really do not know the path, nor have they ever tried through somebody who had really entered this kind of sphere in life. They seek the remedy with the persons who are fresh enough merely to speak always on the subject. They are moved greatly by the people who speak extempore on the platform. The real thing is in the innocent hearts of the persons who have mastered Nature, so to say. Rarely will people find this thing. Why? Because they do not try to gain the simple thing by a simple method. May the day dawn when the people may taste this nectar of real life unattainable even for devatas. People are busy thinking always of their own tales. Sit in loneliness for some time, and think of God with at least as much power as you have bestowed to your own difficulties. What then? It is as easy to realise your own God as it is to realise the worldly things in crude form.


As regards ‘Identity' I may say that it can better be presumed to be something like a fine idea which subsequently develops into thought. It is very difficult to convey its exact sense. One may however take it to mean that which brings into our cognizance the Consciousness of the Origin; or as a slightly grosser form of the original consciousness; or, in other words, as Reality garbed in a somewhat grosser covering. The grosser form strikes in our heart an idea that there must be something beyond which serves as a cause to bring it into being. One might thereby be led to the conclusion that that too, in its turn, must have a cause of its own. The sequence of cause and effect may thus continue till one might come up to the point where the sequence too gets out of our Consciousness. Logically one might as well say that even this must have a cause. But then it is all beyond human comprehension. Suffice it to say that at its finest level it is denoted as Identity. Every embodied soul must have an identity which, at higher levels, is finer and subtler. The subtler the identity, the more powerful shall the person be in life.

Some are of the opinion that avatars do not have an identity. I do not agree with them since if they had no identity they could not have worked bodily for the accomplishment of the task allotted to them. For their work they stand in need of a physical body which admits of growth and development, so the ‘identity' is absolutely essential for them as it is for anyone else.

Identity remains in existence till the time of Maha Pralaya when it loses its individuality or identity and merges into one common identity which later serves as the cause of the next creation. Thus it is the individuality that ends and not the Identity. It is so because of the dormant action at the Root or the Centre where the difference between ‘being' and ‘non being' is but nominal.


Perfect calmness prevailed before creation came into action. Even power or force lay frozen at its origin. The time for the change however came. Motion got awakened and set things into action resulting in the formation of forms and shapes in accordance with the will of Nature. At the root of all this there was something which we might call as active force. But that too must have a base for itself without which it cannot have its action, and it was the Ultimate. Thus we come to the conclusion that Creation was the result of motion, and the motion was that of the Base.



In answer to your question as to whether Divine grace is the same creative force which brought the universe into being, or something of a lower order, or whether it is something like ether or any other like thing, I may say that if it is exclusively the creative force how shall one account for the dissolution? Is there some other force for that? In this way, are there two forces at work? I do not think so. If however we take it to be only the creative force as you say, we must then go on growing and increasing every moment. What will be the result in that case? We shall all along be in diversity and the very idea of Unity will be quite out of our view. I fail to understand what difficulty faces you if you take it to be something of highest value and greatly advantageous to you for your ultimate purpose.

It is definite that everyone gets a share of it in proportion to his capacity and worth.



There is Trinity in everything, even in the minutest particle. Every nucleus has all these three attributes in it, which resemble the functions of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. That is, one has the power of creation in it, the other the power of growth and development, and the third the power of destruction. There is proper adjustment in the functions of each. One can thereby trace out the effects of these by examining the actions and counteractions of each.


“Reality is not a thing to be perceived through physical organs or senses but can only be realized in the inner most core of the heart”.



As a rule the very idea of God brings with it the concept of highest potentiality, and we hold by it in order to develop the same potentiality within us. This is no doubt quite natural and at the same time essential too. The difference also is brought to our understanding by methods of comparison and contrast. We can never rise above self, unless we take into view something greater and more powerful which indirectly becomes the focus of our attention. If a seeker on the path of spirituality wipes off the idea of highest potency of God, he shall never be able to push himself towards it. So it becomes essential to have that view, but only for such time till he becomes conscious of what there may be at its root. The Base, wherefrom the power starts, has no activity at all. Had there been activity there the things coming out would have been in a shattered state and creation, as we have it today, would never have come into being. If one peeps into the absolute state of God, having these facts in view, he will find there a supra-active Centre, quite akin to zero-ness. A man may be strongest if he is a co-sharer of the ‘Forceless Force', which is there at the Origin. The supra-active Centre of every activity is always inactive. This is the axiom of Nature and is applicable in all spheres.



Manas or mind, which is the vital force in man, has been vaguely represented in many different ways; but that it controls all thoughts, emotions, and impulses, is commonly accepted by all. It is generally treated as adversely opposed to the true nature of the being because of its unrestrained diversion, mostly towards evil. But that is not due to its real character but to the effect of wrong training. As a matter of fact, the mind(manas) in its regulated and balanced state is the only instrument that can solve the problem of existence.



Different views have been put forth regarding the origin of manas. Its subtlest existence can be traced as far back as the time of Creation, when it appeared in its absolute state in the form of stir or stimulus. In that primal state it was closely akin to the Root-Force which worked for bringing the Creation into being. I have cleared this point in the `Efficacy of Rajayoga' (second edition, footnote on page 2) which runs thus:—

“The theory related to the origin of the human mind as expounded in this book stands on quite rational grounds. The primary stir, brought into action by the dormant will of God, led to the cause of existence. The stir set into motion the latent powers, and the process of Creation and animation started in every being in the form of the chief active force. In man it came to be known as the mind, at the root of which there is the same dormant will just as it was in the stir. Thus the human mind is closely identical with the Root-Force or the original stir, which it is part of. As such, the functions of both are also closely similar.”

The manas or mind is thus a component factor in bringing the universe to its present material form, and Kshobh or stir which falls immediately next to the absolute is the mind or manas, the purpose of which as put forth in religion was Creation. The idea of creation was incorporated with it, but as a rule the two opposites always go together combined. The processes of evolution and involution work simultaneously. Where there is generative growth, the disruptive action of the reverse tendencies lie dormant within. Naturally it resulted into two types of force; the one which brings things into existence is the positive force, and the other is the negative force. If we want to secure our return to the Origin after dissolving our existence we have necessarily to make ourselves negative. This is the only process for that.

It is wonderful to find that everything in Nature is round, so as to form a circuit for the flow of power. The positive force revolves alongside the negative in order to effect generative growth through the medium of heat caused by the action, in accordance with the divine will. The process of creation took about one hundred and twenty thousand years as revealed to me in a state of super Consciousness. The creation thus came into being and the heat caused by motion became the base for the formation of forms and shapes. It exists in us too and is the basis of the whole structure. If somehow we bring this heat to a state of moderation, it becomes almost identical with the original current. The idea of rousing up the internal fire which has brought us to be present level of Consciousness, as put forth by certain religious teachers, is a wrong interpretation. As a matter of fact the heat or fire is to be cooled down so that its creative effects may be removed.

The origin of time can also be traced as far back as the point wherefrom the creation came into being. The period covered by Kshobh to come into action is Time. In its absolute state it is a power which can be utilised by yogis of calibre. It is not that the sages of yore knew nothing about it. They never gave it out as such, although they did utilise it on occasions for constructive purposes. It is a very high attainment. One who achieves it also secures conquest over space. The supramental (or the Super-Mind) so much talked about by Shri Aurobindo is, as a matter of fact, always present on earth when the Divine force in the form of Special Personality is in existence. Really, it is not that supramental which is required for the thorough change of the character of the world, but a stronger force, the super-supramental as one might call it, which is the subtlest, and hence the most powerful. It is a highly potentialised force which is far above the qualities of Sat, Raj and Tam. Higher above, there is a still greater force which only a yogi of calibre who comes for the special work of Nature can utilise. In my opinion unless a person is able to utilise the divine powers, he has not even peeped into Divinity.

The current which descended for bringing the Creation into being was in its absolute state. Our individual mind has been the lowest end of it. Now, if we are able to develop synonymity between both the ends, we reach a state beyond which there is but Absolute. I had once tried that, with greatest caution of course, for experience's sake upon one of the highly advanced associates for only about half a minute, and also only to the extent that the vrittis of his lower mind were impelled towards the original source. The result was that the effect weighed so heavily upon his heart that I could, with great difficulty, regulate it in about a month and a half.

The current, which descended in the being of man, had traveled through space, on account of its propensity, and went on changing because it had come down effecting actions. It formed a centre as every action normally does. This centre is known as the Chit-Lake. It came down creating everything necessary for its purpose. Thus the causes that helped the process of creation began to gather. Chit-Lake is a place where everything remains inclined downwards, with no tendency to rise upwards unless his own or the Master's power becomes instrumental in this respect. When that is got over it resumes an upward tendency.

Now, the thing which had entered into our being created dim vibrations causing a gentle force which descends into the Vishuddhi-Chakra (Pharyngeal plexus) through the particles. This Chakra, often known by diverse names, is the meeting place of the Pinda (Microcosm) and the Brahmanda (Macrocosm) regions and is the seat of Maya. Immense power is located there. A man gets into dreams when his thought comes in touch with this region. The centre of fire lies close by. The Deepak Raga, one of the six kinds of the old classical ragas, which when sung sets the dead candle ablaze, is chanted from this point. When it comes down into the heart from this point it brings with it the state of Maya, but the condition lying ahead is also present in it in a dormant state. It now divides into three branches. The middle one proceeds a little downwards and forms into a sort of knot at the place where point ‘A' is located. The other two go towards the right and the left. On the left it enters into the lower region of the heart. If miracle working capacity is to be developed, one may get himself attached with that part of the current which is saturated with the Mayavic condition. I may however reveal that mere meditation can develop miracles provided it is devoid of the thought of the Divine or of Divine attainments. This is only a hint which I do not mean to clarify further. The Bhagavat Purana too gives methods for developing miracles by the process of meditation, but it concludes with the words of Lord Vishnu stating, ‘Those who want to have Me through devotion get me as well as miracles'. And this is a bare fact. I do not take up the topic how fire, air and other elements came into being since it has been sufficiently dealt with in the scriptures.

Now, if we try to force our passage upwards through the medium of the current which has brought us down, it would be a very hard job for the abhyasi. We therefore take up a different course, proceeding first side ways to point number 2 and then to points number 3, 4, and 5 successively. In this way, we utilise the sub-powers lying at the points and become stronger for the enterprise. After crossing the Vishuddhi Chakra sphere our path is straightened since we get filled up with power and the process of divinisation commences. By divinisation I mean that all senses and faculties are harmonized, assuming their original state, and are merged in the Real. The final state of divinisation comes when every atom of the body becomes one with the Real state — the Ultimate.



The world is a living image of God in which his power is working all through. The huge workshop of Nature is fitted with all the necessary equipment needed for the work. The power is running from the centre to keep the machines in motion. There is a separate set of machines for each type of work. The power is rolling on but without any awareness of its intention, purpose or events, giving out finally the prescribed results in a routine way. It does not mind an intrusion, obstruction or accident that might happen to come in the way from any outside cause, or by the effect of defective working of any of its parts. For efficient working of the machinery it is therefore essential that all its parts are in order and that none of them is loose or defective. For this, there are subordinate functionaries at work in the capacity of maistris, supervisors and controllers. Their duty is to look to the proper regulation and adjustment of the activities of the individual parts. Who may these functionaries be? One might say that they must be gods and goddesses. Certainly not! Gods and goddesses are in fact the various powers of Nature, like the different parts of the machine. They go on with their set routine of work irrespective of every thing else, and they have not the capacity to go even an inch beyond. The real functionary at the root is the ‘man'. It is he who has to look to the proper regulation of Nature's machinery, and to maintain the right functioning of its parts. This may be surprising to some but it is a fact beyond doubt.

Man is Nature's instrument. He possesses immense power, and has also the implements required for the utilisation of that power. That wonderful implement is the mind, and it is exclusively the possession of man. Even gods who are thought to be the objects of worship do not have mind. The animals however are said to be possessing mind, but it is of a different nature. It is, so to say, in an inert state in comparison with man's mind which is full of life and activity. The mind owes its origin to the first `stir' which came into effect by the will of God to bring the creation into existence. Such being the true nature of the human mind, it is highly discreditable on the part of these pseudo mahatmas to rail against it in the bitterest terms, proclaiming it as the worst enemy of man. They do not take in to consideration its real value and merit.

In fact, it is the only instrument for bringing things into action. It is the same Divine force which descended down in the form of Kshobh. It is the same power, in a miniature form, which has now brought into existence the tiny creation of man. It is the same power which is in action at the root of everything. Now, whose power is it? Is it of God, or of man? The answer is simple. It is definitely of man because God possesses no mind. If He had it, He would also have been subject to the effect of sanskaras. It must therefore be the human mind that works at the root. Now, about man's mind we hear a good deal about its evils, but all that may be with reference to its present state of degeneration. Really, we have spoiled the mind so much that its true nature seems to be almost lost, and it has therefore become a source of constant trouble to us. As such, instead of helping the proper working of Nature's machinery it serves only as an obstruction or impediment. Thus we arrive at the conclusion that mind, which is generally thought to be the cause of all evil, is also the only cure for it if handled properly.

Almost the whole world believes that, at times when the world has gone down into utter degradation, special personalities in the form of saints, prophets, avatars or incarnations come down to the earth to free it from the evil influence caused by the misdirected trend of the human mind. Thus Nature's work can be accomplished only through the medium of some super-human personality appearing in human form, because he is in possession of the mind which is the only instrument to bring things into action. But the mind he possesses is in its absolute state, almost akin to the Divine Power in the form of kshobh.

As a matter of fact, ‘mind' and ‘maya' are the only two things upon which the entire working of Nature's machinery rests, but they are so grossly misrepresented by the neophytes. They do not know that these are the two main factors which enable us to secure approach up to the Divine. Actually human existence has, for its one end, the Mind, and for the other the maya. Both linked together serve as a barge for our journey to the shore of the Ocean of Reality. People may wonder to hear me talk of the ocean, whereas every one has so far been led to think of remaining merged in Reality for ever. This is the point which is not sufficiently cleared even in the scriptures. Reality may be represented as a sphere which one has to pass through during the course of his march. After landing on the other side, we have to march on still. How far? None can determine it precisely. The very word `shore' brings to our mind the idea of a vast expanse for which the shore is only a marginal line. How far this sphere extends is beyond imagination. We have been sailing so far through the ocean, but while on the barge we had a very pleasant journey, enjoying the cool morning breeze and the refreshing effect of water. This seemed to be so tempting that every one would like to have such a pleasure trip. It offered him a sort of satisfaction, emotional joy and in a way something like peace of mind, and it came to be known as anandam.

We have now disembarked upon the dreary shore. The freshness of the water is gone. There is no pleasant breeze, nor are there ripples, exciting emotion. There is no charm, no attraction, no enjoyment, nothing but a dreary waste, devoid of every thing. That is also a source of anandam, but of a different type. In order to differentiate it from the previous one I may call it as anandam — Absolute. It is constant, unchanging and real, without any rise or pitch.

Proceeding on through this infinite expanse, one must in due course arrive at a point which is the point of man's origin, and which has been unattainable even to avatars. The real state of anandam is then brought to light and this, being beyond words, cannot be expressed in any way. It can only be realised and experienced in a practical way. One having reached up to it feels himself lost. But that, being the secret of Nature, is revealed only to him who is one with Nature.

Now, one on the path proceeds along, utilising all the resources at his disposal. He possesses mind and the indriyas which are to be devoted to service. Service may be taken as the stepping stone towards devotion. But it is by no means all and sufficient. Service refers to the action of the physical body including the indriyas. But there is the mind as well in the background, and the same thing must also be there in it. One might say that the actions of the body are all subject to the activity of the mind. So, when the body is engaged in service the mind must also be with it. That is not my sense; I mean that if it is actuated by the feeling of love and sympathy, the action shall be alright, otherwise it shall only be formal and associated with some selfish motive. In that case the result will be quite the reverse. Our primary motive is to develop devotion and for that service is only a means. We serve in the real sense only when our motive is sincere and honest. It carries with it a sense of duty as well as of love, the two being inseparable from each other.

There may be others who, though they do not seem to be active for the service, have in their heart tender feeling for others. That may also be good, to some extent at least, though they can be said to be walking only with one leg. I do not mean to refer to those higher souls who are firmly established in the Divine, and entertain in their heart no thought but of Him. Such souls may be rare, very rare indeed, and there remains nothing in them undone by way of duty. They, with a heart rent asunder with the intensity of love, are themselves unaware of it, and are not in a position to decide what to do or not. But after having attained that final stage they have also to revert to it, though in a somewhat different way. Their services at the time are beyond conscious knowledge, and the idea of service too seems to be out of the mind. The whole action becomes automatic and spontaneous without any conscious thought or effort.

For the attainment of that highest stage it is necessary for one to make the voice of his heart audible at the Base. How can it be accomplished? The simple answer would be to secure as much nearness as possible. How can that be attained? For that there is nothing but practice and abhyas. The only effective way to attach one's self firmly to the abhyas is to link himself with the Unlimited or, in other words, with one who, having linked himself with the Unlimited, has attained the state of perfection. When you have linked yourself thus it means the great personality has taken you into the bosom of his heart. Your effort towards going deep into it means you have taken up the path towards the Ultimate. That is what the word surrender conveys, and this is the only surest path for the attainment of complete perfection. So long as you do a thing and know that you are doing it, it is not the right course, and you are away from the level of surrender, because the feeling of ego is also there. Surrender is free from any conscious idea of ego. Everything there goes on in an automatic way according to the need of the moment without any previous or after thought.

But greatest precaution is to be observed in this respect. Surrender to one who is not up to the mark, or has not reached up to the final limit of perfection, is highly detrimental to our ultimate purpose. But at the same time, it is very difficult to judge and decide whether one is really so or not. That is a matter of luck which is subject to the effects of sanskaras. Prayer can also be of help in this respect, for thereby alone can you create ripples in waves of Nature. The reaction of it shall be automatic, and the solution will come by itself.



Whatever has come down or descended got expanded. Whatever was seen or felt, the condition became like that of a vessel full of water which, when it spills over, goes on increasing in area. And then there were our rishis to catch this overflow and their attention was also towards it since it was the beginning of the time. No sanskaras were found in them till then. The thing came into their awareness exactly as it flashed. Of course, it did happen that somebody's attention turned towards that solid thing which had assumed a greater volume, and another's view fell over that which was like a current in which there was less overflow. What can that solid thing be? Those things which were essential for the needs of everybody. Hence they went into them and left the subtler things for the subtler seers. Of course, the needs are there of Fire, Water and Air. They have to work from time to time according to their speed. The seers took up these things only, and created such a turn in their inner condition that they gave a movement to them from the very place where there was the effect of the thick current. Hence, Agni, Vayu, etc., were given the impulse from that very place with which they were connected, and where there was the required effect of that thick current. In my humble opinion that view at first reached the elements in which there was the power of spirit. Therefore, you may observe that only such mantras were written in the beginning with which we may get those results which are essential to maintain and keep our life, which is also an essential thing.

After a long lapse of time, after being occupied with the elements, it was felt that the thought had remained fixed upon it after continuously dwelling on it. Further, they again started to ponder over that Original current which would be called spirituality. The result of this is the Upanishads and this is the result of their right thinking. Now, will you not conclude from this that the form of evolution has been maintained in this, and this became the history of intellectual exertion?

The above is just an introduction and expression of an unlearned one and the result of his mental ruminations (the sediment of his ripened thought). Now I come to the main issue.

Veda is really that condition which was before the time of the creation of the Universe. May God give you the bliss of that condition. You too shall have it. Therefore it is quite true that the Vedas came in to existence at the time of the creation of the Universe. They have been shaped into the form of books. It is as if the conditions have been given a dress. What was existing then? The same churning condition and the creation of the atom. The thing which constituted the atom was the result of the activities of the churning. In other words, this is connected with that thing which is the result of this churning. Now, whatever might be the result, and it took many other forms, their mental standing did remain in their origin (source). And whatever that condition was, it should be definitely called as scientific because it never happened that the combination of oxygen and hydrogen would not produce water. I call that thing alone scientific which always produces the same result, whoever experiments with it. Now, whatever might have been the result, when the view fell over its originality it brought out the knowledge of its origin. Now, the Vedic rishis, taking the dim sound created by the churning of these currents as the basis, remained in search of That whose sound this was. Therefore, in the Rig Veda, whatever I have heard being read from some of its beginning portions, this very sound or shabda is utilised. In other words this was the key to reveal the Real Thing. Now, when they have found the key and the Real Thing began to get revealed, the whole thing took another turn. That is, a new chapter opened up for the spiritual purpose, and the flight of the thought began to get still more intensified. When they got the inkling of Reality through the shabda, the Rishis resolved to dive still deeper into it. And when they dived into it and caught hold of that part of the thread (link), the first lesson which they understood was the emotion of “ekoham bahusyam” (the One becoming many). But this was the worldliness of the Real Thing, that is the lower thought. Now the thought jumped still further and they caught the upper thread. They became aware that this was the resounding created due to the motions of the currents; and that there is something even beyond this. The search still continued and went above this thought of “ekoham bahusyam”; and such kind of worldliness was left out now. In other words the gross form of that Real Thing, which was before our view in the beginning, became hidden and our jump commenced beyond it. Then what happened? The idea of duality which contained the suspicion as to what extent it can be also began to bubble up, weighed the self, and deeply pondered over it. By pondering deeply they got the thought that it was only due to the human nature that we have been weighing ourselves. When we understood this completely, our nature and thought got attached with that Real Thing which is embedded in us. It was as if the thought began to swim in that current. They went on further and got an inkling that all this, which was the result of churning, is cream but not the Reality. Now the steps went on further. This is the approach of the middle part which has been described above. Progressing still further the fragrance of Bliss began to be felt. Now a question may arise as to how it was felt when the thought had become one with it. The only answer is that the same cream was the solid state of the very particles which we have grasped in our thought. The state of Bliss did come, we also stayed there, and we felt it too; and concluded that this is the very thing which was being sought for. Some people remained there, and the remaining went even further than this condition of Sacchidananda. And proceeding on, such a state engulfed them that they got stuck up in non-duality. Vedas are most probably silent beyond this, because they have described it as the indescribable (Anirvachaniya), and declared ‘neti, neti'. ‘Not this, not this'.

Now the same question of science comes once again. I think I have given the reply to some extent. But if you want still more we should say that we are on the path, and we have made ourselves such that we are in conformity with the Reality. Then it can be definitely said that Reality alone is in our view. Nay! we ourselves have become such. We have become the abode of the Real Knowledge. Nay! now we ourselves have become the knowledge. The remark of `X' that they are truer than the mathematical symbols can be correct when we get dissolved in it, and the very thing comes before the view which is right. Whoever goes on the path, the same thing comes before him. Now you may think that there are poetical points in it, where there is the possibility of exaggeration also. Yes, dear brother, it helps the thought to pick up by constructing its surroundings in order to show the Real Thing. I am also often obliged to take work from it. For example, I shall write a couplet:—

The lover is weak and the beloved is very delicate (tender).

Let somebody raise the veil.

Now if you ponder over the meaning of this, it will be proved that the Lover and Beloved are both inactive, which is the real condition; that is, That condition which is the Reality is expressed thus.

Our theory is that man was perfect when he was first born. Hence it is evident that these knots have been formed by men alone, which are a hindrance for the view to be taken to the Source. His activity has formed a world within himself. The reason is that the Workman had sent us pure and crystal-clear. And it is the mark of the best workman. The responsibility for the dirt and dust which has come over is upon us alone. We have ourselves formed the sanskaras (impressions), which have become coverings upon coverings and succeeded in covering us up like the silkworm in the cocoon. Having come out of the Ocean of Reality we were Reality alone from top to toe. Now because our primary condition was like that, our vision could straight away see that without any obstruction, and it had the knowledge of That, the form of which can be considered as the Vedas. The language of Sanskrit is said to be more natural. The reason is that it was the beginning. And, in order to converse and to understand mutually, they moved the tongue in accordance with what they felt. If you deeply ponder over the alphabet of Sanskrit you shall find the rise and fall in it in the form of natural vibration. And in that language, they have written by feeling every vibration: and they started to call it Sanskrit (Divine). Revelation has come to them in no particular language. Divine revelations come even now but mostly, and correctly, to those who have regained their original condition and have got the connection with the Original Source. And it always comes in the language which one knows. It strikes the mind and he becomes aware (feels) through the words which he has learnt. Swami Vivekanandaji has written that the Revelations occur mostly in poetry. It does not happen so, at least in the case of a real seeker who should not lose the Reality by getting entangled in the surroundings. Surroundings point to the Thing, which is connected with it, just like the smoke points out the fire of which it is the smoke.



Dear Brother, you have written correctly that you are unable to understand the reality of a matter. If life is breathed into a doll of sugar, it cannot understand its reality. The meaning is that having continuously lived in matter we have lost our own matter, i.e. Reality. This alone is the hindrance. Nature really does not want to keep anything in mystery from the devotee, because mystery can be called as complicated, and where ever there is complexity it can be called nothing but maya. Nature is an open book. But we have inverted our vision to such an extent that we never look to it. And dear brother, to put it crudely, it can be said that our skill has become topsy-turvy. Reality is manifested when we stand opposite to it. That is, if we think of matter, we creep towards spirit also. Then we can have some idea of the Reality by weighing both. Now, I must rather expose the scientists, of course without including you in the class. People have told me, or the thought has come to me, that the scientists have worked to such an extent as to make a slave of the power of matter of man. Now, what can be further than this from the aim of yoga, which is to have command over Nature? But, dear brother, even the ordinary circus people have shown wonderful feats by controlling a wild beast like a tiger. The things of science can be overcome by other neutralising things, but it is not at all possible to overcome this ferocious quality by any acid. Hence, this circus artist is far superior to the scientist. Dear Brother, it is due to the development of the human brain that control can be had over the power of matter, but the work, or the development of the spiritual brain, is something else where the energy of matter does not work. This has got Divine Wisdom, whereas that has got human wisdom.

Your thought is correct that man is, by nature, a philosopher; and there are proofs for it. Soon after a child is born, and he begins to see a little, a sort of wonder comes to him, which is the essence of all material and spiritual science. Some people indulge in enjoying the fruits while others start counting trees. But the basis of all these is wonder. The scientists get involved in the complexity of matter, and the seeker, leaving this, comes to that image of which all these are images. When we know the effect of Arsenic, we conclude that everything in which it is mingled becomes poison, or else we consider everything mixed with it as a poisonous thing. Now, this poison alone helps the things to become poisonous, because it is this very property of Arsenic which is impregnated in every fibre of the thing with which it is mingled. Energy is working in matter in the same way. This example will solve your question as to how the spirit is considered as the state of “with all” and “without all”. During the spiritual progress, the abhyasi also gets such a condition where even matter does not remain after the maha pralaya , because if anything remains, the maha pralaya will become a misnomer. I do not consider matter to be eternal. The self alone is eternal, and if it is the cause of all, then a time comes when nothing remains except That. Hence, it is proved that matter was formed at the time of creation of the Universe. What was this matter? They were the churning actions which could form the solid thing. What a nice philosophy is contained in the saying that everything appears as round. The reason is that when That Great Architect willed to create the universe and used the energy, the actions started in a round way in order to establish a circuit so that the energy could work. Even as when you transmit, your energy also works in a circuit so that the abhyasi may be affected. And we sit for meditation making a circle of the satsanghis, because this too may help us. Now when this very energy got concentrated, it came to be called as solid, or matter, due to the force of the action. Now you have to remove this very solidity from the abhyasi, so that he may become spirit from top to toe. Moulana Rumi, who was a king as well as a Saint, and who was the disciple of Shams e Tabrez, has said:

“He was free Himself and was arrested by Himself only.”

This is really the description of the oneness of existence, which I do not believe. I am a believer in oneness of the manifestation. Nevertheless, this throws sufficient light on the fact that energy took a different turn.

You have written that there should be some method to acquire complete control of this materiality or spirituality. When a factory is working the energy comes from the engine and rotates its every part. Now, if you want to control it and try to hold one wheel, the result will be that your hand will be crushed to pieces. You can never control it in that way. If you want to stop that machine, then get control over the source from where the energy is being supplied. Then the machine will stop. Now it is evident that in order to have control over the materiality, you should have control over spirituality (Consciousness), and all of us do the same thing. You already know the methods of acquiring control over the spirituality, for which the practice and satsangh are absolutely essential. Nevertheless, I mention something: in order to have control over spirituality, you have to enter that which is the cause of spirituality (Consciousness). Now, how to gain it? When we turn towards it in such a manner as to get charged by its purity and freshness, our environment will get changed, and naturalness will be created. And whatever you wish will begin to happen. Dear brother, go on floating. The source will definitely be reached. Or, if the inclination becomes so intense that the river itself pours itself into you, then there will no longer be the necessity for any abhyas.



I feel like writing a puzzle: Whom does God love more? Him who has seen Him once and yet remains apart from Him! I wish to write a line or two on this. When did we part from God? When we took up the present form, the human body, leaving the Source. When we started from such a Big Source and have come down to the astral plane which is far below it, we took our abode in the cage of the elements. We should also maintain its remembrance so that we may remain within the sphere of devotion, and understand our present condition which is elemental. The place in which we now are is miles away from God with regard to Divine qualities. It means that the idea of God and man should be maintained even after Realisation. In short, do not throw away the human etiquette after Realisation.



All the powers residing in the absolute are present in man because his thought force comprised of the particles that were present at the time of the main stir, but since they possess an invert tendency their working took a different course and the faculties possessed by him began to be utilised in a reverse way. Therefore, a steadfast seeker can never be led away by the flow of irrelevant thought. He remains firm on the path holding fast to his sadhana. He is prompted by an intense longing and always remains in search of better means to speed up his progress. While intensifying his craving (Lagan) he must at the same time be as submissive to his guide as a school boy is to the teacher. Greatness lies in humility and meekness. So every abhyasi should develop meekness. One rises to prominence only when he thinks himself to be humble and low. Humility brings forth what arrogance cannot. As I could discover after a life's experience, the greatest obstruction on the path of spirituality is offered by our feelings of partiality and prejudice, which may be roughly assumed as a type of ahamkara. One must, therefore never part with this noble virtue of meekness and humility. God belongs to no caste, creed or society. Hence, there must be no difference between man and man. Pride and arrogance have therefore too be eschewed, and if one does not heed this virtue, he is swerving away from the path of duty or dharma and even of spirituality.