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Fickle-mindedness has become part and parcel of our life, because we have directed the individual mind towards that course. The case was not so when we came first into the world. The surroundings, environment, and our habits caused their own effect with the result that we got completely spoiled But as a matter of fact we alone are responsible for all this. Therefore it now rests upon us to bring it round again to the proper course. It is for this alone that we practise meditation to relieve the mind of its wandering tendency.



I may reveal to you that I have diverted your individual mind upwards i.e., towards God, as is the process usual under this system. You may possibly feel some of its reflection accidentally or when you look to it during meditation or at other times. God alone knows what I have been planning for you. When you come to me next, may God grant that I find you sufficiently advanced to enable me to make your relationship with me deeper and stronger. I am also preparing you for securing a closer connection with the main reservoir of Grace.



Your question as to whether the mahatmas have their mind shattered or destroyed is a peculiar one. I believe only a made-up thing can be shattered. A made-up thing is that which is covered over with grosser layers. If a building is demolished the floor remains unaffected thereby. Now judge for yourself whether a mind is really destroyed or only transformed. I shall call it as regulation of mind which means only the removing of the structure built upon it. But if one likes to dispense with it altogether, he must then necessarily get himself relieved of the root-force which is the basis of existence —kshobh, No activity can be possible without mind. Nothing in Nature loses its existence; only the form and function are changed from time to time. Every man possesses intelligence. One can use it for a right cause while another uses it for a wicked one. At higher stages of advancement the indriyas, having been regulated and balanced, assume a purified state and their actions become dormant. One then does not remain the doer of things and consequently the formation of samskaras stops. This can be easily attained if one follows the right type of abhyas under proper guidance.



I was thinking in my leisure time how nice it would be if somehow a process is known by which man, abandoning his animal qualities, becomes man in the real sense. When I looked all around in myself, as well as in creation, I saw two dynamos — one, the dynamo of individual creation, and the other the dynamo of the universal creation. I have left the second dynamo untouched at present as I know that only the special personality has the power to make use of it. There is also the fear that every ordinary Mahatma cannot even think of this. There are two or three persons in our samstha at present who can use it. But I do not want to give them any clue in the matter as I have to give them special power to stay there, lest this life should become merged with that.

Now I take up the dynamo of individual creation. I have been able to solve this by my master's grace. He has given a solution which is very good; and whatever I have thought over it is also correct. My master has also accepted it. There is no danger in this solution. It is a very effective tool. The experimenter has to be very alert. I have taken up two cases for observation. But it is to be seen whether only one experiment is enough for the whole life time, or they have to be repeated several times after a certain interval. Those to whom I have transmitted are showing signs of change, but what sort of change it would be can be found out only when the thing is in view. This process can be called as the ‘nuclear method'.



The heart is the field for the action of the mind. Mind is always as it is. It is the heart which, as the field of action of the mind, is to be set right.


Confusion is the result of theoretical philosophy. When one resorts to philosophy he is lost in confusion. There is no confusion at all in Reality.

It is very difficult to explain God because there is nothing to compare Him with. We are therefore compelled to take up the method of contrast.



It is not every evil that proceeds from the mind but also every good. In the spiritual field the helm is our strong determination which helps us to steer on to the destination. There may certainly be countless whirls at places but the strength of our will and confidence helps us to overcome all of them and proceed on straight to the destination. Now since our eye is fixed on spirituality, we take up the ideal which is the highest and which can be nothing but that associated directly with the Absolute.



The only way to divert the restless tendencies of mind is to fix our eyes on the very real thing. One must go on reducing the activities, shaking off all superfluities that have entered into his being, for the purpose of shattering his individual network and assuming the purest state, one has finally to acquire.