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You have made a very find point in attempting to derive the word anna from the root ann to breathe.

The grammarians have sometimes failed to grasp the real significance of words from the point of view of nature, and development of Reality, due to their over-emphasis on symbols and preoccupation with language.

I saw a peculiar dream on the night of 30th March. What I remember I place before you. It may explain your meaning of Anna. Somehow I got the wound of a dagger in the neck and died. I was thrown into the river. There was no breath and no beating in the heart, but I was conscious of what had happened. A man, knowing that I was assassinated by somebody, wanted to report the incident to the police. So he examined me thoroughly. He examined the pulse, which had stopped, and he also found that the beating of the heart had ceased, but I was aware of all this although there was no breath. Then life began to creep in again, the beating of the pulse commenced, and the heart resumed its function. Afterwards I got up from sleep and began to muse over it. I came to the conclusion that Consciousness was there although the breath and other things were not there, and the body was lying lifeless. It goes to show that consciousness is the root cause of life. I think this was the vision shown to me to solve the mystery of breath.