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There have been numerous saints, sages and teachers in the world who did something or the other for the upliftment of the people. They spread the light among people in general but they were all like candles lighted up at times at particular places to give light to the people near about. They did good to the people who thereby improved spiritually. But the Divine lamp gets lit to light up the whole world at one time on rare occasions only, when God so ordains it.

It has already come down and is aglow all around, but few seem to be really eager for it. The enshrouding darkness has completely engulfed the world so heavily that the glimmer of this Divine Light is yet beyond their view. This is a natural phenomenon which has come into action several times before in the period of the world's existence. Whenever evil reaches its climax, some such Divine Soul does come down into the world to dispel the clouds of darkness and to spread light all through.

The Light is already lit. Only devoted hearts are required to gain it and be profited. Do you expect a repetition of such an occasion in the near future? Can such a Personality come down again and again? Can you match it with any of the personalities who had come down previously for a similar purpose? Was such a one in existence in the form of an incarnation? Certainly not. The capacities and the capabilities of every such being differed in accordance with the conditions at the time. This is one of the rarest occasions, for such is the Divine Will. The Personality now come down for Nature's work surpasses all previous ones in respect of potentiality and the scope of Nature's work entrusted to him. The world of today is in need of such a personality. It was Nature's demand and so it has come into being. But few seem to be coming forward to avail of it in full, though for His own part He is ever for giving you all the highest life. Let God's Will be done. This may be a surprising disclosure. From amongst all the saints and sages of eminence of the past it is only my special privilege to have one of mine in that capacity, for which some of the credit may go to me as well.

This is the time for you all to join together to make the most of the opportunity. Nature, with her hand outstretched, is eager today to take you in her lap. Divine grace is flowing with full force. Such a time as it is today may not be repeated again during the course of thousands of years. Those who miss it now may not have it again for ages, until the time of the advent of the next Divine Personality into the world. That may perhaps be the time when liberation or realisation may again be easy. But it may not even then be up to the extent it is today, because only the constructive programme and not the destructive one may then be in force. Even a little sacrifice today may count much in bringing forth the greatest results. The Divine current is already aflow. May all be up with at least as much of sacrifice as might enable them to get up to the shore of the Infinite Ocean where they might be able to breathe in the cool refreshing air of the Divine.

This is all due to the Infinite grace of the Divine Personality in existence today in this unhappy world. Do you expect a repetition of the time in the near future? Shall such easy approaches up to the farthest limit ever be possible at a mere glance as it is today? It may however be your good fortune that alongside with his primary function related with Nature's work he is also devoting himself to your spiritual training. Those who do not take these promising features into account may have subsequently to lament for the loss when he is gone from this material world.

As for myself I can only say that with a rent-up heart I have plunged down deep into the Infinite, not knowing what to do or where to go. May He carry me wherever He likes. Everything rests upon Him alone. But as a general rule one having a plunge in must rise again above the surface once at least, and so did I, but only to find myself being carried away by the silent waves, where, I do not know. On and on I do go, not knowing the end.

I pour this out to you without reserve, only with the purpose of exciting in you a similar fire of madness as I am burning in, but he alone whom God Himself pulls up may be successful in the pursuit. But to my greatest regret I find that though all my downpour in this respect is meeting with high appreciation from the people, they do not lend their thought in the least to what they are to do themselves. Still I am every ready to serve them as best as I can.

We must all join hands in making the best of the opportunity that has so fortunately fallen to our lot this day, though complete success is no doubt destined for him alone whom God has ordained. But the labour never goes in vain. It brings forth its own fruits to set the Divine flow in motion. But persistent labour often becomes a difficult job for many. The reason is simply a lack of interest and craving. Some of them make their own self a sort of showroom; others convert their hearts into a caravan sarai to admit all passers by. Every one is quite sure that he has to give up his body some day, still he remains devoted to it beyond due limits, and often at the cost of other necessary things. I do not mean to induce you to neglect it altogether, for that too is a great sin. What I really mean is that due care and proper nourishment of the body must necessarily be looked to but in accordance with fair need and necessity, so that it may be fully capable of discharging its due duties towards God and self as well as others.

Every one must be prepared to meet his end. That means he must attain the highest spiritual level as early as possible so that he may not have to regret when his end comes. Devotion and constant remembrance are the only surest means thereof. God- realisation is not at all a difficult task provided one diverts his attention to it in the real sense, with faith and confidence, resigning himself completely to His will. It can be very easily accomplished if one attends to the due discharge of one's worldly duties taking everything in the sense of God's command.

Self-dissolution is the only course for a pursuer of the Divine path. He must pursue it with persistence. Love and devotion are of course the main features thereof. One having dissolved himself embarks on an eternal existence, the Real life worth having and the very object of life. This can more easily be attained during the life-time of the master than after him, because his power remains aflow all the time during his life. After that, as they say, rarely may there be a few among the whole host of moths that might be capable of immolating themselves in the dead flame.

During my great master's lifetime devotees clustered round him like moths round a flame. It was so because the candle was alight. They went on making progress on the path, but after him the situation changed. There were then few amongst them who could burn themselves with their own internal fire over the flame that had gone out. This was possible only to one who had absorbed into himself sufficient light to keep himself aglow with, and to consume his very being in it. Such a one is for all to imitate, so that they may not remain lacking in that inner heat to consume themselves with afterwards.

I have never seen one who, having firmly resolved to reach the ocean of bliss, might have remained short of it. When you have the proper means at your disposal, there is no reason why you cannot win. I find people hankering after seeing the light in their heart, but that is to no purpose at all, for that light is far heavier than the real bliss one craves for. An abhyasi should not try to see the light, but to suppose that it is there. I may say that it is so much repelling to me that I try to be away from it. Light is in fact only a shadow of Reality, and not Reality itself. We have to gain true Reality, of which light is only material exposition. It is felt during the course of abhyas but we ignore it as superfluous. In fact we have finally to arrive there where there is neither light nor darkness.

I have a keen desire to pull up everyone near-most to the Centre, and to start his swimming in the region, unfolding the point which might help them to secure mastery over nature so as to work with it. But that is purely a Divine gift, destined only for him whom He wills. Every particle of the human body possesses immense force and the entire universe is closely connected with it. Every point of the spinal column is full with the greatest power. But no heed has so far been paid to it. People are all crying for kundalini alone, hankering madly after its awakening. Every particle in the composition of the kernel of the various brain cells has its own powerful force which surpasses that of the kundalini. But nobody has yet tried to utilise it for the good of humanity. My view may not be acceptable to most of the Jnanis, and even if I demonstrate it to them they may not be sensitive enough to realise it. A time may however come, as it must, when people will understand and realise it. Let people create in themselves a keen interest for the attainment of that higher most state for no price whatsoever But the response seems to be very poor. It is perhaps due to some of my own shortcomings. If however none comes forward to have it of me, I may drop it off at large, to be picked up by anyone who may be capable of doing so. I may assure you that I am over-flooded with that feeling but I keep it under restraint lest it flow out by itself. The out-flow can however be effected in a moment by touching only one of Nature's knots, but that is not the Divine will at this time.



You say that you want to inter-commune with the Special Personality in existence today. Well, I have already given you the method. Sit in meditation for some time praying sincerely to God for it. The physical form of the Personality may come to your view. If you want to see him with your physical eyes it can also be possible if you are keenly eager to trace Him out. But intercommuning with Him can be possible only after sufficient advancement. For an answer to your question as to where you should seek for Him, I would only say, just above yourself! Or else seek Him at the highest level up to which the stream of your thought can flow. In a fit of emotion you might as well say, `Please show Him to me'. What I have to say to it is that my thought is, and has ever been, inclined towards it, and I am trying to make the manifestation of the Personality, with all its effects, possible to you.



Some say if you take up the path of Yoga you will be faced with serious afflictions and difficulties throughout your life. That is the view of the weak and the superstitious people, and must never be accepted on practical grounds. Besides, if it happens to be so at all, what harm can there be if, by undergoing afflictions for a life, one is likely to be saved from the miseries of all the subsequent lives? So please do what seems to be appealing to you, using your own discretion, or else rely upon the experience of a practical man.



I do believe in the theory of avatars and Lord Ram Chandra was one of them. He was of immense help during his own regime, but with the advent of Lord Krishna, the regime of Lord Rama was over. It is now the regime of Lord Krishna which is to continue till the next avatar comes into the world. This is the phenomenon of Nature which I bring to light for your understanding.

For myself I can say that gods as they are were there even before I had submitted myself to my master. But none of them ever felt inclined to pull me up. It was my master alone who picked me up to help me in the pursuit. Whom should I now be indebted to, to the gods or to my great master?

As a matter of fact gods are the various powers of Nature, set up to work out her designs. In that respect they are therefore like the different parts of a machine. The avatars too have generally induced people to worship God, and if one adheres to them he must follow their advice in the literal sense. Singing of hymns in praise of gods may promote the feeling of bhakti and may thus be useful to some extent, but they can never be helpful to you in the solution of your real problem. It would therefore be better if during leisure hours you rest your thought on the ‘all-pervasiveness of God' and try to remain in that thought so long as you have time. This may serve a double purpose, of constant remembrance and of a happy pastime as well. This is for every one to follow in all seriousness.

Man, as a part of the manifestation like all other beings, was subject to the effect of the root-force, and so are the avatars. The difference between an ordinary man and an avatar is that man is enclosed within numerous sheaths while an avatar is free from most of them. They have the Divine within their perception, while a man is deprived of it. Thus though the origin of man and the avatar is the same, the avatar is in closer contact with the Divine. Everything he stands in need of comes to him from the eternal store. He receives Divine commands to guide him in his work, which are popularly known as Divine inspirations, Devavani.

For a man too it is quite possible to receive Divine commands but only when he has attained a similar state of elevation. The origin of man is similar to that of the universe. It was what is known as Kshobh (Primary stir) which stimulated motion and activity. The reflection of Kshobh exists in man as well as in other beings. If it is not there then no activity could be possible. In man this reflection of Kshobh is known as mind or manas, which is an indispensable factor of existence. In the lower region or Pind Desh it is known as the Pindi mind, while in the Brahmanda Mandal it is known as the Brahmanda mind. At higher levels it goes on becoming further refined. The condition at each level differs from those at the others, and they may be innumerable. Now since avatars possess activity, the possession of mind or manas is necessary for them also. But theirs is purer and more balanced, and their actions are strictly in accordance with the Divine will. It is wrong to presume that avatars do not possess mind or manas.

The avatars come down for a definite purpose, endowed with all the necessary power required for the accomplishment of the work allotted to them. In other words that may serve as the samskara which brought them down into the world. The power withdraws after their work is finished. This may be sufficient as an answer to your query about the theory of bhoga for avatars.

Strictly speaking, it is we who have set up the creation by providing the material which formed its basis. In it the function of God was but nominal, except for the primary stroke of will which stirred up action (Kshobh). The actual root of all things in existence was matter which existed in essence-form, just in the same way as the root of all machinery is the iron ore under the earth. The stroke of will was full of high velocity, which is still there and shall continue till the end. In this respect the beginning and the end of creation are like the two extremities of the same velocity. The middle space comprising the real force was the main instrument for bringing into existence the entire structure of the universe. It possesses immense power and gives out shocks like those of an electric current. The middle portion serves as the centre. A little below there is the chief activating force which serves as the cause. There is also another point, where something like an animating force exists in proper moderation. I put it as only a few millimetres distance because of its being observed from a great distance. But if one takes a closer view of it after getting out of his body-limitations, the distance would then appear to him as unlimited. The higher we go above the central point the dimmer becomes the force, and this serves to indicate our closer proximity with the Real. The dim force is that which falls to man's lot while the stronger force at the central point falls to the lot of the avatars, who are fully charged with the condition of the point. Lord Krishna as an avatar had come down from the sphere of the central point, while Lord Ram Chandra came from that of the other end. For this reason he had more of human synonymity in him. He presents to us an ideal life as one must try to have as a man.

Regarding the present Personality at work today, so far as my reading goes I can say that he comes down from the region beyond the central point, and hence is in possession of highly potential powers, though to our outer view they might appear to be dim or subdued. None of the avatars who have so far come down to the earth had ever been bestowed with the power of the Root. I reveal this on the basis of my reading of Nature through the grace of God, who alone is the real knower of things.


Shri Aurobindo has talked so much about the Supermind which he claimed he was bringing down upon the Earth. But as a matter of fact it always comes down upon the earth when some superior force in the form of a Special Personality is in existence in the world. It is not actually the supramental that works by itself for the changing of the character of the world, but a still stronger power of the subtlest nature which I might, for the sake of understanding, call as Super-supramental, which is above the level of sattva, rajas and tamas. Higher above there is a still greater force which is used, and can be utilised, by the Personality who comes down for the special work of Nature.


There is every hope for the betterment of India and the world at large. The Personality working for the change of the world has almost finished his work. It is coming very slowly to the earth in material form because if it is brought into full swing, the Personality may have to depart immediately as his work will be over.

Regarding troubles of the world, nobody having material form is free. Even our avatars were not free from troubles. We must bring about the end of the troubles we get from birth to birth. If we compare ourselves with those in trouble, I am sure we will find that our pangs are in lesser degree, because there is something reigning inside which does not give rise to the seriousness of it.



Dear brother, I do not consider that the Special Personality can do everything, like bringing each and everybody on the path of righteousness. Even Shri Krishnaji Maharaj could not rectify the brain of Duryodhana, and there were many such people. And finally, he had to bring about the battle of Mahabharata. Even now it is possible that wars and bloodshed may rise to such an extent that a very large portion of the world may become devoid of population. Only those who were the devotees of Shri Krishnaji Maharaj could get benefit from him. Therefore, Shri X cannot be correct in saying that the Special Personality himself shall turn the people towards spirituality. Your suggestion that we may get benefited by the Special Personality is extremely sound.


A saint, even at his highest approach, cannot wash off humanity because in that case life will be extinct. This limitation will always remain, and it will play one part or the other. This is the secret of Nature.



The Divine Lamp gets lit to light up the whole world at one time, on rare occasions, when God so ordains it. It has already come down and is aglow all around. Only devoted hearts are required to gain it and be profited. Nature with her hands outstretched, is eager today to take you in her lap. Divine grace is flowing with full force. Such a time as it is today may not be repeated again during the course of thousands of years. Even a little sacrifice today may count much in bringing forth the greatest result. May all be up with at least as much of sacrifice as might enable them to get up to the shore of infinite ocean where they might be able to breathe in the cool refreshing air of the Divine. It is your good fortune that along side, his primary function, the Divine personality in existence today in this unhappy world, and working for the change from the end of the year 1944, is also devoting himself to your spiritual training. Those who do not take these promising features into account may have subsequently to lament for the loss when He is gone from this material world.