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1. Why is the prayer in English language? Was it in any other language and translated to English.
Prayer is in English language. Rev Babuji Maharaj wrote that the 'Prayer' has come to Him in English in a state of super Consciousness. It is not translated to English from another language but the vice-versa is a fact that it was translated from English into some other languages.

2. What is the relationship between prayer and meditation?
Prayer is begging and meditation is having.

3. Is there any prayer in the system which can help us get rid off physical diseases?
No, the prayer in the system is addressed to the Supreme Master and nothing short of Oneness with Him is sought for.

4. I seem to somewhat understand now if I am correct, what the feeling is in your expression "Pray (beg) that you pray (be submissive) and continue to pray (constant remembrance) so that prayer (yielding) may continue"
All these states show that the yatra in knots 3 and 4 is being repeated and that is required to move into the realms beyond Brahmand. I find that there is some activity in the knot 7. I request you to kindly attend to the cleaning of Chit lake- this is best done by constant remembrance of the Master along with recalling into memory his great qualities of Compassion, forgiving nature and intimacy which you feel.