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1. Who is the Guru?
God is the only Guru. All the others are working under His guidance and directions. Really speaking if a man says he is a Guru, he is not fit to train others in spirituality. Such a person is really usurping the position of God.

2. Are you a Guru for example?
I do not think like that. I think myself to be only one of the associates of my own association.

3. But I think that many people regard you as the Guru or the Master?
Well, they will have to use some word when referring to me. They prefix this word which I do not like.

4. Whom to think as Master-the absolute or Rev. Babuji.
Master means always the Ultimate God and it is not the same as 1. Ultimate (Philosophical idea) 2. Absolute (Mathematical idea) 3. Purusha (a Samkhyan idea). Master has no form or name and beyond both. However aspirants in this path address Rev. Babuji as Master even as Sage Patanjali called the Guru as Ishwara in his aphorism Eeeshawara Pranidhana.) Since we receive our Pranahuti from the source of Rev.Babuji Maharaj we tend to call him as Master.

5. I am feeling so grateful for all the help from my trainer and you Sir, towards my Sadhana.
Distinguishing between the trainers and guides and Masters is basic Aviveka. You should be aware of the method and procedure of the techniques of transmission and I do not understand why this problem of differentiation. Please read the Manual well.