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It is to be a steady practice all the time keeping in view

1. Our own worthiness and trying to improve the same
2. Thorough grasp of the subject or means of sadhana which cannot be got by simply reading occasionally the books of Masters ISRC and more importantly get spoiled in the understanding due to study/reading of extraneous books and
3. Firm faith in the Master as the only means of deliverance from the cycle of births.

Regularity is the crux of sadhana and then only we will be in tune with nature.

I request you to kindly keep Your restlessness to reach the goal constant.

In our efforts to practice or do sadhana it might not be proper to seek help of the Master as effort we must do ourselves. The results are a different question which is decided by Him only. Surrender does not and shall not mean surrender of efforts.

When we know our lapses we put in our renewed efforts more vigorously and that stands well in our sadhana.

Studies are very important and sadhana is to be done without affecting studies so long as we are in college/school.

The control of sensuousness is not something that can be achieved without pranahuti and the meditation on points A and B and more than anything else His grace is required.

Awareness of one’s own smallness while looking at the Sky is enough reason to progress in sadhana.

For a man who is very busy there is always time to meditate and do sadhana. It is not want of time but only our sloth that does not permit us to attend to our spiritual needs.

But please note that one has to learn to be grateful to Master for the moments of Nothingness and Void that is granted to us during meditation, that is the intimation of the Divine that He is with us. On this only sadhana should revolve.

Irrevocable determination is the only way to progress in the path. Master is ever willing to help us, but that cannot and should not be the reason for taking sadhana easy.

It is necessary that sadhana has to be assiduously practiced. That does not mean we should always be doing the same. Balanced life is the goal of life. All our spiritual and material efforts should be such as to assist us in reaching that condition.

It is good you feel peaceful and calm during meditation. This alone is the main motivating factor in sadhana.

Master used to tell me that women have lot of responsibilities and it may not be possible for them to sadhana strictly as prescribed but they should always remember Him in everything they do and think.

I feel that Sadhana is not for knowledge, but for wisdom to live in total harmony with Nature of which we are but a part.
Discrimination to study and learn is required in sadhana and it is not necessary to spoon feed every aspect.


1. After coming back from Hyderabad, I had slipped in my sadhana a little bit, I am not sure how it happened but it did.
After an intense exposure to the spiritual atmosphere, it generally happens we tend to take some less interest in sadhana. This was our experience whenever we went to Master/Basant Celebrations etc., and came back. So there is nothing special for you to worry about.

2. Also in last 2-3 weeks there has been a lot of pressure from work side, that has affected my Sadhana schedule and I have had to adjust the timings of my meditation.
If you understand that sadhana does not mean just the meditations and cleaning sessions and following the ten commandments of the Master is the path then your work itself becomes worship. Do not treat work independently of your sadhana.

3. There is extreme impatience at times to reach Master bordering on despondence.
When he is within you and radiating where else are you going to reach. It is always the task of undoing our creation and allowing him to express- that is sadhana.