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1. Was not feeling much progress, so didn't send the report.
Many times many changes that occur in us are not visible even as we do not see the growth of the plant every day. But always there is progress in our condition. We should maintain our diary and note the apparently insignificant changes also.

2. How to know the condition?
The thoughts after the meditation generally give us a clue of the condition of the aspirant. DONOT TRY TO NOTE THE THOUGHTS, AS THEY OCCUR IN YOU, - BE UNMINDFUL OF THEM.

3. Can I judge my progress? (I am feeling calmness all through out but is that all, I don't have any expectations.)
The linkage between the commandments and the progress in the path is suggested in the book Practice and Efficacy of Rajayoga. You can evaluate yourself by studying the book Path of Grace also. Your trainer also can help you by examining your diary and giving sittings. Taking the help of another brother is the essence of this system of PAM.

4. How do I ensure that I am not doing the sadhana ritualistically?
How do we know we are sincere? We know it in our hearts. This should answer whether you are practicing sincerely or ritualistically. Ritualistic practice is for the sake of others. We should evaluate ourselves in our sadhana regularly and that is done by seeing for ourselves how well we are practicing the Ten Commandments.

More on Self Evaluation

Assessment of an abhyasi cannot be considered as condemning him to that condition only. We should asses and then work for the betterment.
I think the idea that we can know the spiritual condition of the other person just like that is wrong, Every one has his karma and is bound by it and unless they reveal or open up themselves by trusting the other person, their condition no one I presume can read others condition. Rev. Babuji stressed the need for the regular writing of the diaries.
In evaluation you must not be too critical about yourself and your efforts. Be fair to yourself and you will find that in fact you are doing better than you think. The commandments enable us to develop proper attitudes in life leading to a balanced living. So keep a vigil about your following the commandments. Of course these follow as we progress in spirituality.
Diary writing increases our sensitivity to the various feelings. Feelings are the language of Divinity. It is necessary that we develop proficiency in the language.
Writing diary I found recently enhances our vocabulary of feelings.
Practice should lead to progress and this can be evaluated with reference to the Ten Commandments. I am of course disappointed sadhakas tend to evaluate with reference to abstract notions of Vedanta and what they consider as Vedanta and Yoga and not in practical terms. That way the Masters' desire cannot be fulfilled.
The condition experienced in meditation and dreams is not what we feel in our day-to-day life. This most of the time we ignore saying that they belong to different realms and continue to be satisfied or try to be satisfied by such rationalisations. But the fact is that unless the external and internal are the same to most extent we cannot claim to have reached any high spiritual condition, Though we are fully aware of this we try to fool ourselves with all sorts of explanations and logic's that seem to satisfy us for the moment.