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1. Is it necessary to have a goal in life?
You remove the goal in football or hockey. The play becomes meaningless.

2. What is the goal of life?
To be a perfect human being

3. What is the purpose of human existence?
The purpose is only realisation or to realise one's own nature which is Divine.

4. Should we aim for Peace or Realisation?
Everyone wants peace. That means Realisation is not the aim. In that case, one may get peace but not realisation. But if realisation is the aim, peace will automatically follow.

5. What is meant by Realisation?
You know what you are, but you do not know what He is. When you know, or feel in yourself, what He is, that is Realisation. It is really a dumb state which is beyond expression. Really it is a tasteless state, unchanging and constant. There is no charm, no attraction and no anandam in the popular sense of the word. It can more appropriately be described as "Sang-e-benamak" (i.e. a lump of salt from which saltishness has been taken away). One having attained the state of Realisation develops an unfailing will in the spiritual sphere.

6. What are the main obstacles in the path of realisation?
There are three aspects 1.We try but there is no attempt.2.We try too many things at the same time3.We do not have confidence in ourselves.

7. What is conception of the man who has attained all the spiritual developments?
Balance. One cannot become God for there can be no two administrators of the world.

8. Where to seek the Master, the God?
Seek in you, and you will find yourself - The Master is there. But when? Only when you are not there.

9. What is the difference between knowledge and realisation?
Knowledge is only an achievement of brains whereas realisation is the awakening of soul and hence far-beyond its scope.

10. My Goal is complete oneness with Babuji Maharaj
Goal is always the Nothingness in us and not the nothing. Secondly Rev. Babuji being the goal is only to ensure our identicality with his extreme state of nothingness. Being more clear enables us to lift ourselves from emotional realms.

11. Though I don’t know what my goal is, at least I can feel what I am getting out of it. Perhaps they are all freebies, which in turn are building a strong desire for forever happiness, calmness and I believe that is only possible by being ‘oneness with The God’.
Philosophies apart. The only meaningful goal we can have is to lead a happy life even as God wants us to. For this there is a necessity to know what makes us feel happy. This knowing leads to the fact that we need to know Divinity. This is what Master means when he says ‘it is our primary duty to realize God’. You have come to the point in a different way and that is good. After having known this it is your duty to realize the same with all sincerity and devotion to Him.

12. Sir, could you please kindly clarify what is nothingness?
If I can clarify ‘nothingness’ do you think it will be ‘nothingness’. God is nothingness; and that is what the Vedic doctrine said when used the words ‘Neti. Neti.’ For describing the ultimate condition. It is nothing of what we know. May be if you read some of my articles on the concepts of silence etc., you get some idea about this. But we do feel ‘nothingness’ during meditation when even everything is void. Wait and experience for your self.

More on Goal

1. There is no change in my Goal and it is complete oneness with Babuji Maharaj.
It is good to think so. As my revered father puts it, see manual, the condition of the Master has to be in our centre of devotion. Nothingness and nothing short of nothingness is our goal. - sentiments alright.

2. What is Realisation?
Please do note realisation means making something actual in our life and cannot be confused as vedantins do with the merger in an imaginary Brahman. Brahma gati is the truth. Brahman as a person is an illusion. These are matters of experience.
As a matter of fact one of the means other than that of Karma, Jnana, Bhakti and Prapatti yogas is the understanding of the real nature of the Avatar or the Supreme Personality. One who knows this gets to be one with Him and attains the state of Realisation.
Goal clarity is if I may suggest is to become Suns of Spirituality which for me is more practical way of looking at the subject of Realisation even as Master has put it.