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1. What is mature thinking?
Have one Goal, one Master and one method.

2. What is the difference between thought and intuition?
The developed stage of idea is thought, and thought, when it crosses its boundary, becomes intuition.

3. How do thoughts arise?
Our mind has come from the Big Mind or Divine Mind, and therefore however much it may have become spoilt, purity is always present in it. This purity, because of its connections with the Divine Mind, does not wish to take on any impurity upon itself. The impurities are thus being constantly thrown off outside, and these thrown out impurities assume the form of thoughts and are experienced by us as such.

4. When we are in a thoughtless condition, can there be feelings?
I am telling you it is not possible to be in a totally thoughtless condition, life would not be there. All that is necessary is to change the nature of our thought. Once a man came to me and asked me that I should make him thoughtless. I agreed in a humorous way but I told him that I would do it on one condition. If he would put me in a thoughtful condition then I would put him in a thoughtless condition.