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1. What is the philosophy of ISRC?

ISRC is a purely spiritual organization.

  1. It encourages the development of constructive individual development.
  2. It is motivated by unselfish service to humanity.
  3. It enables the individual to find out the narrow path of self effort and individual responsibility for spiritual development.
  4. It appeals to reason and common sense and encourages verification through direct personal experience.
  5. It supports the spiritual prosperity of the individual through cooperation and
    sharing of resources.
  6. It holds out the vision of continuous progress through self effort and support of the Master.
  7. It encourages free discussion and rational explanations.
  8. It makes its instructions and teachings of the Master available to all worthy persons.
  9. It claims no authority but that of an appeal to reason and logic.
  10. It encourages the examination of many diverse points of view and makes an effort to find a synthesis among them.

2. What are the Basic Principles of system?

The system presents an easy and natural path for the attainment of the ultimate under the spiritual training, the action of the senses is regulated in a natural way to bring them to their original state. The lower vrittis are subjected to the control of the higher centres of super consciousness. Hence their perverse action is stopped. The higher centres, in their turn, come under the charge of the Divine centres and in this way the whole system begins to get Divinised. All changes in man's being are brought about in a most natural way through the process of Transmission. The Regulation of Mind is the job of the master and not of the abhyasi himself. When the individual mind is brought to the state of Cosmic Mind, the manas assumes its real form and begins to give proper guidance. If somehow we turn the mind's downward trend towards the Base it will become quite calm and peaceful. It is only the help of one of Dynamic Personality that can turn it towards the Base.

3. How can this system be compared to other systems?

Other systems are like toys in the hands of children. Sat-chit-anand is matter and we have to go beyond that. The true cry should come from the heart and Master shall come to the seeker's door. "One cannot see his own eye; similarly I cannot see the ' I '. So one must avoid ' I ' in all terms and refer ' Him ' in form of ' His ' at all levels. This is the uniqueness of our system. Transmission is the utilization of Divine power for the transformation of man. Meditation is the instrument of knowing. This is the opposite of concentration; Concentration is the result of meditation. One always seeks to go into Samadhi; instead one should go with Divine consciousness. Concentration is an instrument to find something that you have lost whereas meditation is to find the real. Reality is Reality which can be known by looking at the Real.

4. Can this be done by anybody in Grihasta Life?

Yes, it is for grihasta generally. Others can reap benefits by practicing it.

5. Are there any food restrictions? I take non-vegetarian food regularly. By taking up this system do I have to forego that?

Yes, Non vegetarian, drinking alcohol and smoking are not encouraged. They are not conducive to spiritual life. Food is an important aspect in life. Sattvik food promotes purity and subtlety. Non vegetarian food promotes sloth, indolence and grossness. Hence, it is prudent to give up the habit if one is serious about the goal. Rev. Babuji Maharaj exhorts " Meat eating is not good for spirituality ". 8th Commandment has to be studied and practiced to see the effect of food on our sadhana. Better one practices the sadhana assiduously under the guidance of the trainer not minding these things initially.

6. Does Physical exercises in anyway help us in this system? (Hatha Yoga type)

In no way except that physical exercises are likely to improve the physical health of the person.

7. Some say that if you take up Yoga, you may be faced with afflictions and calamities?

This is the view of the ignorant and weak minded persons alone which must never be accepted on practical grounds. Besides, as for myself I(Pujya Babuji Maharaj) would say that if even the whole life is to be sacrificed for its sake, it is not much because thereby we shall be saved from hundreds of rebirths entailed with all miseries and sorrows.

8. By practicing this system regularly, How will I perform in my day to day activities viz, job, etc. Will the performance increase?

It is the experience of many that after the commencement of regular practice there is a progressive improvement in the performance of one's duties either at job or at home. The system gradually enables one to achieve growing levels of perfection as was explained in the Bhagawat Gita by Lord Krishna 'Yogah Karmasu Kausalam'

9. Why is the age limit above 18?
It is tentative age limit that is kept for the simple reason that some degree of maturity and understanding dawns on the person.

10. What kids under 18 should do?

They can resort to the prayer.

11. Is there any punishment if the abhyasis leave the system?

No punishment. I am (Pujya Babuji Maharaj) telling you one thing only co-operation is necessary. Here much sacrifice is not needed.

12. I have been following another Guru for some time and he has given me a mantra. Can I follow that and also follow your practice?

There cannot be two channels. One may interfere with the other. You may stop one and practice the other for sometime and then decide which one you want to follow. I (Pujya Babuji Maharaj) can't understand why people are reluctant to change the Guru. A Guru is taken for one's own spiritual progress. If he can't give you what you want, then you should seek for another person, of course, you should be respectful towards him but you should tell him that since he cannot give you what you want you are going to another person.

13. I have been doing Mantra meditation. It is better or is your method better?

It all depends on your experience. If you find you are improving in your method then continue it. If not, search for another method.

14. Should we have to stop all other pujas and stop going temple if we take up the practice?

No, Rev. Babuji regarding worship in temples says "We are to think of the Divine which is all pervading and not the form of the idol. I never objected to anybody going to temples and worship God there", Rev Babuji advised to meditate on the idea behind the idol which it represents when one has to go to temple for some reason or the other.

15. Sir, we would request you to kindly guide us how people working in shifts follow our Meditational Practices i.e. timings of Morning Meditation, Evening cleaning, 9 PM prayer and bedtime prayer.

The problem of persons who work on shifts has always been there and every one works out his solution. However every one gets up at a certain time after about 6 to 8 hours of sleep. In case the person concerned is getting up much later than the Sun rise, he should naturally attend to nature calls and then do morning meditation, after doing B point meditation. There is some time a person goes to bed and he should do the prayer before going to bed. 9 p.m.prayer is 9 p.m. prayer and it is for about 15 mts only and this can be done by any person in any place if he cannot do it at home in a specified place of prayer. Regarding attending to Cleaning a person can do it according to ones convenience if it is not possible on certain evenings because of shift timings. More than anything else when will is there these practices can be easily done. Further spirituality is not RIGIDITY but essentially flexibility and moderation. Of course this does not mean we can do anything we want according to our convenience. In unavoidable circumstances we should be liberal and take the spirit of instruction of the Master rather than the letter.