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1. What is Spirituality?
A state of perfect tranquility and moderation in complete harmony with nature

2. Can the recitation or hearing of Gita lead to moksha?
None has ever so far become like Arjuna by hearing the Gita for years together.The reason is that those who recite it to others are not inwardly as they really ought to be, on account of which no effect is produced upon the hearers.The reciter must have a practical approach up to the conditions related therein and should possess a strong will and the spiritual force necessary for making his voice vibrant so as to carry the effect of the sound right to the hearts of the hearers through the process of transmission.Then alone can its recitation be useful to the hearers.

3. What do you mean by virtuous conduct? Is virtuous conduct necessary in spirituality?
Virtuous conduct is quite essential for spirituality. Virtuous conduct does not mean that we should only mould our external life so as to rouse sympathy and love in others, but it is a wide term which includes all our actions. Virtuous conduct means that our life should be one with Nature which is always peaceful and maintains equilibrium.

4. Master, How to overcome arrogance?
Pride or arrogance constitutes an additional link in the existing chain of egoism. As a safe-guard against this grossest evil, one should, therefore keep himself directly in touch with God, through sincere prayer.

5. Master, Is it right to act in self defense?
We must never harm others but we must be right in self-defense of person and property.

6. What is the greatest evil in spiritual life?
Prejudice is the greatest evil, rather the deadliest poison to spiritual life.

7. I am not sure but I thought I read somewhere (in Rev. Babuji’s autobiography) that it is our duty to protect our belongings and there is nothing wrong if you have to lift a sword in that situation.
Yes, he did write so. That was a reference to Chisti swords. There are two basic sufi spiritual orders called Chisthi order and Naxabandi order. To accept everything as just and correct is the way of yielding and that is the core of Naxabandi order. Chisti order permits usage of swords to defend oneself in the name of the Lord. As a representative of both the orders he wrote so; but ours is essentially similar to Naxabandi order as you might see from the lives of the Masters.

8. Is killing of cat by the birds justifiable(In the story: The blind vulture, the cat and the birds)? Does it go against the commandment “Be not revengeful”.
It is a very funny question. Preservation of self and progeny is a basic drive of all animals including human. Further it is one of the basic laws of life. It is for persons who strive to live at a higher level than human the concept of accepting everything as a divine gift has meaning. That is the presumption behind this - that there is a life to live and a value to live for. Preserving life is a fundamental duty and even suicide is considered as sin only. Survival of the fittest is the law in the animal kingdom. Sage Vishnu sarma was teaching idiots and was not addressing a sanguine student population. I do not know whether I answered anything at all but that is what I thought I can say.