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1. What is religion?
Certain dogmas collected at one place is religion.

2. What is the difference between religion and spirituality?
It is the difference between the wooden stool and polish.

3. Is God inside us?
God is inside everything, but the real question is, are you inside God?

4. God is very cruel because He sees us suffering but does nothing to remove our Miseries?
When energy came down from below the centre, creation was the result. When it left the centre and came out of it things here began to form. The mind we brought with us began to weave us and we came into that physical form, as we are now. It is our own work that we do not apply the mind correctly, and so misery, is the result. Therefore, we are responsible for all the sufferings and miseries. That is why I have said that the proper use of all faculties is saintliness. Why did this thought to do good and bad things arise in our mind? Because the energy in us cannot remain without action. Since the original showers came out of the centre and traveled some distance, the environment was changed and a little impurity in the mind was the result. Still we get help from the Central force. Where there is poison in the body, fever is the result. Why it happens is because the Real Force which is working in us wants to throw out the unwanted. I am telling you all these things but I do not know if they are correct. I have only studied in the University where there is no A,B,C and D.